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  1. It'll either be Canada or the US with their gridiron football venues.
  2. How does Cricket feel that deserve an Olympic spot when it's not as popular outside of the British Commonwealth? Edit.
  3. With Oscar disgraced, South Africa has only one true legit global icon, although that icon has seen his health be an issue in recent years. It will be a sad day both in South Africa and globally when the country's best known figure passes away.
  4. I am a resident of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and Dallas has a much better shot at being one of host cities for a USA 2026 FIFA World Cup than a 2024 Summer Olympics, most likely because there's already a ready made venue in place (Jerry World). In fact I will be shocked if Dallas doesn't make the cut for USA FIFA 2026 should the USA bid again (which I think they will)
  5. http://usainbolt.com/2013/02/usain-bolt-to-run-150m-race-on-copacabana-beach/
  6. Barring much bigger news, this should occupy much of the TV time in South Africa.
  7. All of the coverage on Oscar will be a side note in South Africa if Mandela dies while Oscar is on trial.
  8. Baseball isn't going to happen. IBAF wants professionals to play Olympic Baseball. That will only happen when hell freezes over. Basketball, Tennis and Hockey have the best athletes in the world playing in the Olympics. The same would not happen in baseball. Heck, when baseball was in the Olympics the last time, the United States, Japan, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Canada (to name a few) were without their best baseball players. Basketball has names like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Pau Gasol all compete in the Olympics. Olympic Tennis has names like Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Victoria Azerenka, all of whom are major names. Ice Hockey has names like Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechin (to name two among a large number of NHL players in the Olympics). If baseball does return, expect Team USA to fill their roster with Affiliated Minor Leaguers and Indy League ball players, like it was the last time baseball had the Olympics. Likewise many of the Latin Countries such as Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela would fill their rosters with guys playing in their winter leagues. Major League Baseball has been against their players playing in the Olympics. It is why they created the World Baseball Classic. It's not going to change anytime soon. There will not ever be Major League Baseball Players in the Olympics. It's not going to be different this time around. Baseball's removal is not about it being "North American" centric. To me, baseball's removal from the Olympics has everything to do with the fact that the best baseball players in the world do not compete in the Olympics. To think otherwise is quite delusional. If basketball and hockey can have the best players in the world in the Olympics, baseball should to. However, Major League Baseball refuses to disrupt their season for the Olympics. It was the downfall of baseball in the Olympics and it will be the major negative when they make their pitch to return to the Olympics. No Major Leaguers = No Olympic baseball. It's that simple.
  9. There also would not be any white elephants in the USA bid after the WC.
  10. In Boston, TD Garden would most likely be used for gymnastics or basketball. After the games it goes back to being the home of the Boston Celtics of the NBA and the Boston Bruins of the NHL, meaning 82 dates would be used. After the games, San Fran would use the basketball arena to try to bring the Golden State Warriors to town from neighboring Oakland. None of the arenas that would be used for sports like basketball, gymnastics or indoor volleyball would be white elephants.
  11. Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports had an interesting tweet:
  12. So how long will the 2015 Pan Am Games cause the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto FC to be wandering nomads?
  13. Does the 2015 Women's World Cup affect future CFL expansion? Moncton is one of the host cities and I would think expansion of the stadium is necessary.
  14. Durban over Cape Town? What would be the reason behind Durban over Cape Town if South Africa bids.
  15. They would use the Olympic Stadium in all likelyhood to try to lure an MLS team to the area post Olympics.
  16. The Texas-Oklahoma series at the Cotton Bowl expires after the 2015 season. At that time, it could either move to Cowboys Stadium or become a home and home series (Austin and Norman) so that would not be a concern in 2024.
  17. Is converting Toronto Olympic Stadium to a new baseball stadium for the Blue Jays an option after the 2024 Olympics if Toronto becomes the host city?
  18. One thing is for certain: - Any North American bid for 2024 will not have a "white elephant" for a stadium after the Olympic games. Tulsa could use the Olympic stadium as a new football stadium for the University of Tulsa. Los Angeles could use their Olympic stadium either to lure the NFL back (if the proposed Farmers Field by AEG doesn't happen) or a new stadium for USC or UCLA or even a new stadium for MLS Chivas USA. Dallas would probably turn their Olympic Stadium (unless it's the Cotton Bowl or Cowboys Stadium) into another high school football stadium. In Canada, Toronto could easily use their Olympic Stadium for three things: remove the track and use the stadium to bring an NFL team north of the Border, convert it to a new baseball stadium for the Blue Jays or downgrade the seating and make it the home of the Toronto Argonauts.
  19. Plus the Cotton Bowl can go back to its regular intentions (since Texas vs. Oklahoma is going to be there for a long time).
  20. The main issue with the Dallas bid is mostly political. Dallas politicians are known best for their constant bickering, resulting in numerous delays and scrapping of projects, one of which was Cowboys Stadium. When the Cowboys were looking at building a new stadium, they were looking at Fair Park and placing a new stadium where the Cotton Bowl was. Instead, Dallas wasn't interested and the Cowboys went to Arlington. There's also the much delayed Trinity River project, which is no where near completion. The only thing that has been completed along the Trinity River has been the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Now whether or not an Olympic bid will revive the project remains to be seen, but it's unlikely. Another issue is that the venues needed for the Olympics are spread out. The Cotton Bowl (Track and Field if lower level is removed) and American Airlines Center (basketball, gymnastics and possibly swimming) are located in Dallas. Unfortunately, football (soccer) would probably be played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. There's also Allen Eagle Stadium in Allen, Texas that could be used for field hockey, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington that could be used for beach volleyball or for baseball/softball, FC Dallas Stadium in Frisco that could be used for football prelims and the Dr. Pepper Star Center in Frisco for boxing or wrestling. That may be an issue. There are also other venue issues as well. DART light rail is limited. It does not connect all of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. There's also the issue of neverending road construction that has been going on it seems like since the Athens Olympics.
  21. In order for Track and Field to work in the Cotton Bowl, the lower level of seats would have to be removed based on the stadium configuration: And even then it's a bit iffy. As for Cowboys Stadium, Jerry Jones has said that Cowboys Stadium could be used for swimming. I don't know if that's feasible, but it's possible.
  22. Until the government (City Council and County Commissioners) stop acting like whiny school children, a Dallas bid will never be taken seriously.
  23. A June Olympics means that there will be no professionals playing Olympic basketball, well at least none playing in the NBA as I don't know about the European Schedule.
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