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  1. waits for Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to blame the protests on the United States.
  2. the Tahitians were just happy to be at an international stage.
  3. I find it interesting that a territory (Tahiti) within a territory (French Polynesia) is a member of FIFA.
  4. Durban wants to be forever remembered as "the First African Olympic City." Cape Town and Johannesburg are the global cites like the ones you just mentioned. Pretoria is the capital.
  5. One thing is for certain: there will be a tribute to Nelson Mandela of some kind during the Opening ceremonies.
  6. The Olympics are usually about seeing the best athletes in the world competing. The fact that Baseball/Softball made it this far is not surprising, but they will not beat Wrestling for an Olympic spot, although it may be an issue if a Baseball loving nation like Japan wins the 2020 bid followed up by an American bid in 2024. Olympic Basketball, Olympic Tennis and Olympic Ice Hockey have millionaire pro athletes playing each other. If you saw Spain vs. USA in the finals of Men's Basketball, you saw at least 20 NBA players in the game (all of the Team USA Players plus about 6 or 7 Spaniards). The Men's Medalists in Tennis were Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Juan Martin del Potro. Federer and Murray are two of the best in the World. The Women's Tennis Medalists were Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azerenka, three of the best female tennis players in the world. Ice Hockey would be filled with NHL players (the gold medal game in Vancouver was basically the Canadian NHLers vs. the American NHLers). Olympic Baseball would be like Olympic football: devoid of the best players in the world. That alone will prevent baseball from an Olympic return. If Baseball does return, The United States, Venezuela, The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico would have to fill their rosters with minor leaguers, leading to dominance by the Cubans and Japanese (who would use players from their pro Nippon League). If baseball returns to the Olympics and The United States somehow hosts in 2024, nobody is going to watch and the baseball stadium in that host city could be near empty, especially if you have a Team USA filled with has beens or nobodies.
  7. Just because Durban isn't as globally known as Cape Town or Johannesburg doesn't make it ugly.
  8. Plus, Anguilla would not be grandfathered in like many of the other territories competing in the Olympics that feature Americans (American Samoa, Guam, Marshall Islands, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands), British (Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands), Dutch (Aruba), New Zealand (Cook Islands) and China (Hong Kong) as well as partially recognized entities such as Chinese Tapei and Palestine. Kosovo is not likely to join the Olympic movement, at least not until after South Sudan joins (once they get their Olympic Committee up and running). Kosovo's status in the Olympics will only change if they become independent.
  9. But they are not eligible for the European Games correct?
  10. I find it interesting that Kazakhstan is UEFA in Football and yet in all other sports they are considered Asian. And of course, except for The Vatican and Kosovo, all European countries will be represented at the European Games.
  11. odd, I could have sworn that the Bird's Nest will be the home venue for the 2015 IAAF World Championships. Oh you meant the baseball stadium.
  12. Also, lets not forgot that Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Israel and Turkey are also participants in the Eurovision Song Contest.
  13. And yet, Azerbaijan (as well as Georgia, Armenia, Israel and Turkey) is considered as Europe in sports. Plus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Turkey have varying degrees of interest in joining the EU.
  14. Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia (as well as Turkey) straddle between Europe and Asia. But when it comes to sports, all are European. All four (along with Israel and Kazakhstan) are UEFA members and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Israel are members of the EAA and compete at the European Championships.
  15. Usain Bolt in Brazil is better than Lindsay Lohan in Brazil. A million times better.
  16. http://www.cfl.ca/article/cfl-and-tsn-announce-new-broadcast-deal
  17. Will the US dominate this form of basketball?
  18. So this might be the last Commonwealth Games where Scotland is a part of Britain?
  19. The outcome of independence referendum in New Caledonia in 2014 and whether or not they become the newest members of the United Nations and if they aren't yet ready to make their Olympic debuts with their own Olympic committees. Also, South Sudan may not still be ready in 2016.
  20. I think we will see "Independent Olympic Athletes" again in Rio 2016.
  21. Getting ready for Independence, Scotland opens an office in Rio: http://www.sdi.co.uk/news/2013/03/scotland-opens-base-for-brazilian-operations.aspx Also University of Edinburgh opens office in Sao Paulo: http://www.scotsman.com/edinburgh-evening-news/latest-news/edinburgh-university-opens-brazil-office-1-2829777
  22. The three athletes from Curacao are going to have to become Dutch if they want to compete for world championships though. Example, Liemarvin Bonecavia cannot compete at the IAAF World Championships in Moscow later this year unless he competes for the Netherlands. I think we could see Independent athletes again in Rio 2016, depending on the validity of independence referendums in Scotland, Catalonia and New Caledonia in 2014.
  23. I was confused about the Independent Olympic Athletes during the opening ceremony: - three of the athletes were from Curacao, which is a Dutch territory. So why did they not represent the Netherlands? When the Antilles dissolved, Curacao's top athlete Churandy Martina switched to the Netherlands and yet those three did not.
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