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  1. I would think that the Afrikaner population would have hid Nazis fleeing from the fall of Berlin due to racist ideologies being similar. But I heard that wasn't the case.
  2. I heard many of the Americans who knew Mandela well say that he had a strong admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement.
  3. Hopefully with this (fairly new) administration in Dallas City Hall, they can actually get along with the County Commissioners office and with each other. That was a major problem a decade ago. Unfortunately, the always divisive John Wiley Price is still one of the County Commissioners. He does not get along with anybody. Also, there is no way that Jerry Jones isn't going to allow his stadium to not be the main site for a Dallas Olympics. He will want his stadium to host the ceremonies as well as the soccer games, possible basketball and swimming and others. His stadium will not play second fiddle to the Cotton Bowl in a Dallas Olympics.
  4. He had a lot of support in America from the very same people who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  5. Also, Dallas could run into a quandry on where to have the track and field events. They have few options. They can try and see if AT&T Stadium can host track and field (which I don't think it could, although I could easily see it host swimming), they can try and see if they can remove 20,000 to 30,000 seats in the Cotton Bowl and try to force fit a track in there or build a track stadium from scratch. Or they can see if The University of Texas in Arlington is willing to expand their small stadium by 30,000 as they have the only main track and field event in the area.
  6. I wasn't serious. However, if Dallas feels that they have a shot, they have to speed up on construction and infrastructure projects. You won't go 10 miles without seeing road construction that has been going on since the first Dubya Bush term. And the facilities are spread out. The opening ceremonies, soccer games and (if it returns to the Olympics) baseball would be in Arlington, Texas. Basketball would be in Dallas and there would be Olympic sports in Frisco and Fort Worth.
  7. Dallas will be eliminated from the list when the USOC has to travel on I-635.
  8. Nah. USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, The Dominican Republic, Mexico and (to a lesser degree) The Netherlands and Panama would fill their rosters up with minor leaguers, Winter Leaguers and college baseball players.
  9. Sadly for Americans, we have to hear that no talent hack Ryan Secreast for NBC. What a massive tool he is.
  10. He's apparently a big deal in Brazil. He was in the Elite Squad movies. Elysium was his first English language movie and his first Hollywood movie.
  11. To all Brazilians here, have you ever heard Wagner Moura speak English if you have not seen Elysium? Well here it is:
  12. The 2026 World Cup is a better option. It's more spread out and none of the venues of a US World Cup would ever be white elephants.
  13. Yes, Dallas will announce that all road construction will be completed by 2024. And the Trinity River Project will be completed by 2050.
  14. How do they get the full support of Major League Baseball when they have said that none of their players will play in the Olympics?
  15. Various quotes from President Obama today about Sochi 2014: http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/obama-rejects-boycott-olympics-russia-19919957
  16. Neither can anybody else in America, except Fox and NBC.
  17. That hack is everywhere. Next thing you know, he'll replace Bob Costas as the face of NBC Sports, even though he probably knows next to nothing about sports.
  18. At least the foreigners don't have to listen to Ryan Seacrest during the Olympics. We Americans sadly, have to listen to that hack.
  19. So Graham actually complains about something else rather than beat everyone to death with Benghazi all of the time?
  20. Teaser for Rio 2: http://collider.com/rio-2-sequel-trailer/
  21. No sport is truly clean, but Track and Field is one of the sports where being clean seems to be a rare thing. I don't know how they do drug testing in sports like Tennis, Football, Gymnastics or any of the Winter sports outside of Hockey but I would assume that they too have drug testing.
  22. Why am I not surprised that there's a Team Guam in FIFA.
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