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  1. The last thing the US needs is another singing show. We already have too many as is.
  2. Women's Triple Jump: Gold- Ekaterina Koneva, Russia Silver- Olha Saladuha, Ukraine Bronze- Kimberly Williams, Jamaica Women's Shot Put: Gold- Valerie Adams, New Zealand Silver- Christina Schwanitz, Germany China- Lijiao Gong, China
  3. Men's Pole Vault: Gold- Konstadinos Filippidis, Greece Silver- Malte Mohr, Germany Bronze- Jan Kudlička, Czech Republic Looks like they fixed it after the Moroccan got DQ'ed.
  4. Men's Heptathlon: Gold- Ashton Eaton, USA Silver- Andrei Krauchanka, Belarus Bronze- Thomas Van der Plaetsen, Belgium
  5. Women's High Jump: Gold- Maria Kuchinka, Russia Silver- Kamilia Licwinko, Poland Bronze- Ruth Beitia, Spain Women's 400 Meters: Gold- Francena McCorory, USA Silver- Kalise Spencer, Jamaica Bronze- Shaunae Miller, Bahamas Men's Long Jump: Gold- Mauro de Silva, Brazil Silver- Jinzhe Li, China Bronze- Michel Torneus, Sweden Men's 1500 Meters: Gold- Ayanleh Souleiman, Djibouti Silver- Aman Wote, Eithiopia Bronze- Abdalaati Iguider, Morocco Men's 400 Meters: Gold- Pavel Maslak, Poland Silver- Chris Brown, Bahamas Bronze- Kyle Clemons, USA Women's 60 Meter Hurdles: Gold- Nia Ali, USA Silver- Sally Pearson, Australia Bronze- Tiffany Porter, Great Britain Men's 60 Meters: Gold- Richard Kilty, Great Britain Silver- Marvin Bracy, USA Bronze- Femi Ogunode, Qatar
  6. Men's Shotput: Gold: Ryan Whiting, USA Silver: David Storl, Germany Bronze: Tomas Walsh, New Zealand Women's 1500 Meters: Gold: Abeba Aregawi, Sweden Silver: AXUMAWIT EMBAYE, Ethiopia Bronze: Rababe Arafi, Morocco Women's Heptathlon: Gold: Nadine Broersen, Netherlands SIlver: Brianne Theisen Eaton, Canada Bronze: Alina Fodorova, Ukraine
  7. I hope Lupita Nyong'o becomes a big star. It's been said that she's fielding offers right now, so it'll be interesting to see what roles she will take in the future.
  8. Thank god that Ryan Seacrest wasn't involved, although sadly he'll be in Rio.
  9. All the IBAF is doing is trying to convince Major League Baseball to have their players play in the Olympics. This is one of the things the IBAF has likely proposed.
  10. Matt Lauer is back tonight. Costas is day to day. If I was NBC, I'd shut him down the rest of the Olympics. He will be back to full strength the next time he's seen on NBC, which will be during the NFL season if he doesn't come back.
  11. Any American city that bids automatically takes them out of the running to host an IAAF World Championships in Track and Field.
  12. I wonder what kind of Mandela tribute they will have at the opening ceremonies?
  13. With Bobsled coming up soon, I wonder how many times NBC will mention the failures of Lolo Jones in the last two Summer Olympics?
  14. Well, NBC does do a good job of interviewing foreign athletes.
  15. As an Asian American, I'm rooting for JR Celski.
  16. Any African American/Black athlete not named Shani Davis.
  17. When he's not covering golf, Dan Hicks is one of their best announcers. I think he's doing skiing for NBC. NBC is doing something a bit different this year as they have added Cris Collinsworth (who's background is in NFL Football) and track analyst Ato Boldon to the team. Collinsworth covered the Beijing Olympics and did a good job at it. At least Costas doesn't have to worry about being a part of the worst NFL Pregame show ever until September. The Olympics and Baseball are his thing.
  18. The BBC is lucky, they don't have Ryan Secreast.
  19. Don't worry, I'm sure Putin will blame the West for Sochi's problems.
  20. Ah yes, the Winter Olympics, also known in Ice Hockey as "The International Tournament of NHL All Stars."
  21. Sigh...the last thing the world needs is more Pitbull.
  22. Lupita Nyong'o is better off not winning. Since Halle Berry won her Oscar, three Black women have won Oscars: Jennifer Hudson in 2007, Monique in 2010 and Octavia Spencer in 2012. Hudson and Monique have not done anything of any relevance since then and the very early release of Fruitvale Station took Spencer out of the running. She's the only cast member on 12 Years a Slave where we don't know what her future is going to be. This is her first movie. Had the role of Patsey gone to a familiar veteran actress like Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek) or Rosario Dawson (Sin City) and that vet actress received similar buzz, no doubt we would see that actress again. In a few years, she'll either be a highly acclaimed actress who is a regular at these award shows or she will be like Monique and Jennifer Hudson and disappear from relevancy. I like her, I just don't know what her future holds. I would not be at all surprised if Jennifer Lawrence wins back-to-back making her the youngest two time Oscar Winner.
  23. The Tea Party does have something very much in common with Russia: - They hate non-whites. Well, not all Russians.
  24. Mandela was militant yes, but so was this man, Malcolm X: And yet he is liked by a lot of African Americans as a symbol of their struggle. Plus, Madiba had strong admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and the American Civil Rights movement.
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