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  1. 7 hours ago, Hansfromdenmark said:

    I think the virus is over before the games. BUT, there are a lot of qualifications event that are cancelled... Many athletes don´t have the normal opportunities to qualify. I think that is the main concern right now. And as other are saying, China is on there way out of it. There are stille 4 months to the games. Is a one og 2 month delay a possibility? All sports in the world are postponed anyway... 

    I think it gets pushed back a year.

  2. One of the reasons I watch the Olympics is to see athletes who we don't see all that often compete, however, that doesn't happen with all Olympic sports, most notably Olympic Basketball.  Without the NHL this year playing Olympic Hockey, Olympic Basketball will likely continue to be an international tournament of NBA players heading into Tokyo (although the NHL could come back in 4 years).  Does watching Olympic Basketball hurt your Olympic watching experience? Does it help?  Do you not care?  I have a friend who watches a lot of the NBA but watches the Olympics to see athletes we don't see all that often.  He doesn't watch Men's Olympic Basketball because he sees those guys 82-100 games a year. 

    I understand why Olympic Basketball does this though.  This is the biggest tournament for basketball there is and it may be the second most popular team sport behind soccer/football.  I recall stories from one Olympics (London I think) where the USA Men's Basketball Team visited the Olympic Village only to get mobbed by the crowd, which were other Olympians. 

  3. Track and Field is one of the lesser sports in America these days.  Think about it.  If there's a male athlete who runs really fast on the track, but also plays another sport very well, he'll go more towards that other sport.  Outside of the diehards, how many people knew that Willie Gault and Bob Hayes were track stars?  Plus, there have been a ton of NFL players who ran track in high school or even college that chose to play in the NFL. 

    If there was a US born male athlete who had Justin Gatlin's speed, but also had the football skills of a Deion Sanders or Jerry Rice, which sport do you think the athlete would go to?  Track and Field, where even if he's successful, nobody will know who he is?  Or the NFL, where he has a chance to become a major star if everything goes his way?  He'd likely take the latter.

    Track and Field is so irrelevant in the United States, Allyson Felix should have been a household name in America with all of the medals she has won.  Look at Simone Biles.  The Gymnast with 4 Olympic gold medals was on Dancing with the Stars this last season and has had commercial endorsements.  Serena Williams is one of the top female athletes in America, if not the world.  Plus there are a ton of stars in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.  The casual American sports fan will recognize names like LeBron James, Steph Curry, Cam Newton, Sidney Crosby, etc.  They don't know who Allyson Felix is.  Felix is a very beautiful woman, is reportedly super nice and super charming, wins a lot of medals and has marketability to be the face of the sport in America. 

    Perhaps it has a lot to do with the drug scandal that affected Team USA after the Sydney Olympics. 

  4. Simone Manuel wins silver in the 50 freestyle and gold in the 400 medley relay.  That's four medals, two individual medals.

    Looks like Team USA has a brand new star, and this one is an unexpected star too, with everyone thinking that the likes of Michael Phelps, Allyson Felix, Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas and Katie Ledecky coming out of the Olympics as we expected them to. 

    Nobody thought that Simone Manuel was going to medal, much less tie for the gold medal in the 100 Freestyle.

  5. Exactly, Obama still can legally run for president even if he was not born in the states. What's funny is that Ted Cruz is the Tea Party darling and in technicality he's a foreigner and is in the same boat as Obama.

    Also, McCain is a bit different. He was born when Panama Canal was still a US territory and he was born on a US Military base to US Military parents which means from birth he was as American as I am.

    Maybe for the US. You should try for France.

    Funny thing is that Cruz and Obama are like mirrors of each other but on opposite sides of the spectrum, but I think Cruz is a junior in the Senate.

    Either way he is apparently the most hated guy in Congress.

    If Cruz gets the Republican nod I'm leaving this country and moving to France...all hope is lost for American conservatism and for the this nations sanity.

    Cruz is the junior in the Senate. He was elected to fill the spot when Kay Bailey Hutchison retired and he defeated former Lt. Governor David Dewhurst for the Republican nomination.

  6. Hopefully Dallas has a plan on where to put Athletics.

    Because right now, I cannot imagine where track and field would be held. The only track and field venue in the area is University of Texas-Arlington's Maverick Stadium, but that only holds 15,000 and you would have to expand it by 20,000. I guess the only logical path would be to remove the lower section of the Cotton Bowl (the areas in blue).


    However, if the Cotton Bowl is used for Soccer, then well....athletics is out of luck.

    As for swimming? I read a long time ago that AT&T Stadium could accommodate Olympic Swimming.

    Not sure what the plan is for Athletics in Boston's bid.

  7. So I guess neither the United States nor Canada has a national hockey league either since.. oh wait, that's exactly what it's called! National Hockey League!

    And that's extremely ignorant to say that soccer is not a US thing. That argument has been used for years and it's becoming less and less true. Look at the number of soccer matches televised in this country, including ones played elsewhere. Soccer here will never be as big as football or baseball or basketball. It will never be as important to Americans as it is to the English or the Germans or the Brazilians. Doesn't mean it's not our thing.

    And with regard to the stadiums.. yes, most MLS teams play in stadiums designed for their teams that are smaller than their NFL counterparts. But they'd use NFL stadiums for a World Cup because they're bigger and there would be no trouble filling them. Which World Cup still holds the record for highest total attendnace? USA 1994. 4 World Cups since then failed to top that number and that's with 64 games total instead of 52. So tell me again how soccer isn't a US thing?

    Plus, unlike most countries, any US Bid would mean zero white elephant stadiums when the hosting is over with.

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