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  1. In my sig, replace the IOC with Sidney Crosby or Canada, and you know how the US reacted.
  2. RIP Juan Antonio Samaranch. July 17 1920 – April 21 2010. Most "Exceptional" IOC President.

  3. Despite the turmoil between the IOC and the USA, things can change between now and the elections, so i wouldn't say never...unless Canada wins another bid, then we'll have to wait longer.
  4. No. My groin is still hurting from the US loss to Canada, and that was already kicked by the IOC. Although in truth, i already miss the Olympics. I'm already physicked for London.
  5. Interesting proposal, but i think complex medal counts are pretty ridiculous, considering it's to solve those overall vs gold medal count debates, even though the IOC says it doesn't matter what you use (since the games are all about the athletes) and these counts these days are to brag about nationality these days. Well it didn't stop other countries from accusing the US media of "spinning" the medal count in their favor, even though the overall count is what the US has used for years. Although i think that is fueled by Anti-Americanism.
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