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  1. Hmm...unless the IOC still hates us by 2015, this bid can definitely be a pretty good contender. Lake Tahoe has plenty of adequate venues and experience in their hands and while though Reno is not the best of U.S. cities, especially when compared to Vegas, but the games can give Reno a better image and development. Personally, living in California, this is the most likely of the four potential bids that i can go to these games in person pending that i still live here by then, that i have enough money for tickets by the time (and possibly as well as a World Cup game or two if the U.S. gets it)
  2. In my sig, replace the IOC with Sidney Crosby or Canada, and you know how the US reacted.
  3. RIP Juan Antonio Samaranch. July 17 1920 – April 21 2010. Most "Exceptional" IOC President.

  4. No wonder that despite LA '84 and other successful American hostings, many Americans are still scared (censored)less about hosting the games.
  5. Yeah we know how Denver became "Jay Leno", but my point stays the same. Crazy things happen.
  6. Never say never. We've seen crazy and strange decisions from the IOC sometimes. The IOC picked games like Atlanta 1996 and Sochi 2014. Chicago got spurned Conan style. I guess this is what Baron is hoping for for Reno.
  7. The spurning by the IOC on the US in recent memory has many American Olympic fans, the USOC, and potential bid/organizing committee "grasping for their groins" so to speak, but time heals all wounds...whether it will happen by the 2022 elections is too be seen. All i know is that IOC and USOC relations need to improve their relations of course, and with the global rotation Canada or another North American country must not win a bid before the US does for any hope of another US Olympics, summer or winter. Here are my opinions for 2022: Denver could be a strong candidate...if it wasn't for the
  8. Despite the turmoil between the IOC and the USA, things can change between now and the elections, so i wouldn't say never...unless Canada wins another bid, then we'll have to wait longer.
  9. Agreed. Don't count anything out. Anything can happen between now and the vote. The IOC might still hate us, or they will want us to host again.
  10. No. My groin is still hurting from the US loss to Canada, and that was already kicked by the IOC. Although in truth, i already miss the Olympics. I'm already physicked for London.
  11. Interesting proposal, but i think complex medal counts are pretty ridiculous, considering it's to solve those overall vs gold medal count debates, even though the IOC says it doesn't matter what you use (since the games are all about the athletes) and these counts these days are to brag about nationality these days. Well it didn't stop other countries from accusing the US media of "spinning" the medal count in their favor, even though the overall count is what the US has used for years. Although i think that is fueled by Anti-Americanism.
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