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  1. Graz: Why not? I could imagine an interesting 3-cluster-Styrian bid with Graz, Schladming/Ramsau and Kreischberg. But Austria won't get one of the next 10 games anyway. NY: I just like this city. So I personally would prefer NYC games, but maybe you are right and another US city would have better chances, but please nth like Atlanta again... Anchorage: I don't think that the city is too small. It hast more inhabitants than Reno eg. And in my view Anchorage is a "winter city", I don't know if Reno is sth like that. I think Anchorage could be an interesting choise. Sth like Tromsö in Europe.
  2. Europe: SOG: Madrid - Copenhagen - Budapest WOG: Graz - Munich - Tromsø North America: SOG: New York - Toronto - San Francisco WOG: Denver - Quebec - Anchorage Latin America: SOG: Buenos Aires - Lima - Guadalajara WOG: - Africa: SOG: Cape Town - Cairo - Accra WOG: - Asia: SOG: Abu Dhabi - Tokyo - Shanghai WOG: Yamagata - Almaty - Zhangjiakou Oceania: SOG: Brisbane - Auckland - Sydney WOG: -
  3. I didn't put them in, I justed copied that from Wikipedia and seemingly they're interested in bidding. I've never said that Munich was a great bid. To be honest I didn't really like it because they wanted to built a new biathlon and cross-country venue instead of using one of those that already exist there like in Ruhpolding or in Oberstorf. And, no, it's not confirmed that they are bidding, but it is very likely. And they are favourite because Germany is one of the powerhouses in both winter and summer sports but hasn't host Olympics for 50 years. Germany is an economical superpower whic
  4. As just discussing about Östersund becomes extremely boring, let's change the topic... Let's discuss about Switzerland. They will probably bid and they could get a strong opponent of Munich. So what would you say, which city should they choose? According to wikipedia the following are interested: -Geneva -St. Moritz/Davos (St. Moritz hosted in 1928, 1948; bidded for 1936, 1960) -Valais (Sion already bidded for 1976, 2002, 2006) -Berne (already bidded for 2010)
  5. Well Pillan, please just call the mayor of Östersund and tell him why they should bid. And if you are lucky they will bid and i f you are luckier than lucky you will get the head of this bid and then you can tell the members of the IOC why your Östersund is so great and MUST host the games... btw if that really happens, just call me and tell me which venues must be built or decorated. I will do that for you, but only if you pay enough naturally...
  6. Austria... nope, don't thnik so... a bid would be a big surprise for me... Which city should/could bid? Salzburg? ... they won't bid for the next decades as I already explained in this thread. Innsbruck? ... already hosted 3 winter olympics (including this completley senseless youth games next winter), more than any other city, so do they really have a chance to host the games again in the next years? Klagenfurt? ... well, why not, they already bidded for 2006, but Carinthia is the Greece of Austria at the moment (although Rome and Madrid are also bidding for 2020 despite of financial prob
  7. Bach to the Sochi discussion: First of all it's completely senslsess to talk about on which continent Sochi is located because there is no rotation systeme like at FIFA world cup. So two consecutive olympics in Asia - why not... But as the Kuma–Manych Depression is the European-Asian border, Sochi is located in Asia (geographically speaking). And if you take the Caucasus as the border, you will find Sochi still in Asia as it is in the south of the Caucasus. Back to the 2022 olympics: I'm not sure if an American bid would be successful because we had the last North American games 2010 in Van
  8. No, Salzburg already announced not to bid again, before Munich was even considering bidding.
  9. Well, they needed much more money than originally thought. But now there is the suspicion that people like Wallner, Jungwirth, Radmann etc. took some of the money of the 2014 bid (as far as I know, there are no suspicion about the 2010 bid) because noone knows where all the money had gone. As a result Wallner and Jungwirth had to retire from the Austrian olympic comitee (but Wallner is still member of the IOC...^^). And there are still investigation against those people. That was also the main reason why Salzburg didn't bid for 2018. A few days ago I read an interesting interview with Fedor
  10. If you ask a geographer, he will tell you so. Ad Salzburg: I can tell you, Salzburg won't bid for the next 50 years. There a still investigations against Leo Wallner (former boss of the Austrian Olympic comitee), Heinz Jungwirth (former secretery general of the Austrian olympic comitee) and Fedor Radmann (head of the bid and at least the guy who brought the FIFA world cup to Germany together with Beckenbauer) because they had probably enriched themselves and "spent" a lot of money in the campaign and noone knows where the money has gone... That is why I think Austria won't bid for the next
  11. For 2022 I'm quite sure that Europe will make it. It's the very fist time that there are 3 consecutive winter games not held in Europe with Vancouver in NA and Sochi and PC in Asia (sure Sochi is part of Russia but nevertheless it is located on the Asian continent). And I just can't believe that the IOC can ignore the core market for 4 times. And there have never been 4 consecutive winter olympics not held in the Alps. And since Ibk 1976 we had the winter games: 4x NA 2x far East 2x Western Alps 1x Scandinavia 1x Balkan 1x Caucasus 0x Central and Eastern Alps I just can't imagine tha
  12. I absolutely agree. I can't really remember the 1994 games, but I heard that they were the greatest games ever. Vancouver was nice, but of course there was the luge accident, there were overdesigned venues like the sliding centre, the women's downhill or the snowboard- and skicross slope, there was the bad weather and I didn't like that Whistler was so far away from Vancouver. But these games were better than the Nagano, SLC and Torino Games. That means, the best games I can remember!
  13. Haha Razzoli wasn't a surprise for me. Before the race I said, Razzoli will win and everybody laughed at me... in the end I laughed!^^ But to be honest I only predicted that because Thomas Sykora, former Austrian slalom star and now expert for the Austrian television, already said that Razzoli is one of the topfavourites when he won the Zagreb slalom this year. Well winner: 1. Canada 2. Ice Hockey Tournament 3. Petra Majdic Loser: 1. Nodar Kumaritashvili 2. Russia 3. the sun (at the beginning and in the end it lost against the midmountain fog )
  14. Well, Russia was the biggest disappointment together with Finland and Italy. I don't thinkt that the Austrians or French disappointed. For the Austrians e.g. that were the third most successfull games. They only had a brilliant performance in 2006. But the Austrian alpine skiing team disappointed (particularly the men's team that couldn't win a medal). For instance in 2006 the Austrian alpine skiing team won 14 medals, the other Austrian athletes 9. Now the alpine skiing team won 4 medals and the others 12 which is the second highest number they have ever achieved (after Albertville 92 with 13
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