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  1. Yap, huge capital of a tiny country^^ sure Vienna is a city of culture with terrible sport facilities. As I said there are no useable venues for athletics or swimming. Not surprising that the Austrians went home from London without a single medal. Vienna is the most important place for summer sports in Austria, the rest is winter only. These Problems could have been solved with bidding for/hosting the olympics. But it's off the table anyway... I hope that they really build a swimming and an athletic centre after the discussion about the olympics, and maybe a modern multi-functional indoor aren
  2. Comparing Vienna with Tulsa or Nashville is a little bit strange because Vienna has nearly 2 mio. inhabitants and is bigger than Athens, Barcelona or Hamburg for example. And Vienna wouldn't be a good WOG host because the mountains are too far away (for example Schladming/Ramsau is nearly 3 hours away). But I agree that it would have been very difficult for Vienna to win that competition, so it's probably better to save the money and build both an aquatic centre and an athletic centre without bidding for the olympics. Vienna's mayor announced these plans today. At the moment swimmers and ath
  3. The first result of the referendum in Vienna will be published tomorrow because most of the voters voted via postal voting. But according to media reports it looks like there will be a clear no on the olympic question.
  4. It was the stupidest thing not to build a new stadium for Euro 2008. That was a one-time chance to get a modern multifunctional arena. But of course they did it Austrian-style and did not seize the opportunity. Now the stadium is too small and too old for any UEFA finals or to be a venue of Euro 2020, there is a track which doesn't suit modern standards and can't be used for any athletic competitions. Now there are maximum three Rapid Euroleague matches and four matches of the Austrian national football team and maybe one or two concerts per year and that's it. This stadium is just a mess. It
  5. So, there are only 6 days of your hope left, then you will know if Vienna will bid or not. Vienna's mayor announced a few days/weeks ago that there won't be a second referendum or anything if this referendum ends in favour of the olympics. That means that this referendum will decide if Vienna bids for 2028 or not. I'm still not sure which result I prefer. On the one hand I'm very curious what Vienna's plans will look like, on the other hand Vienna has no chance to win and get the games and it would probably more sensible for Austria to go for winter olympics.
  6. What's about Barcelona? Dropped out Swiss, supportless Norwegians, Precidency-dreaming Germans, Summer-dreaming Austrians and French, gun-shy Swedes and Americans, joint-bidding Ukrainians, Slovaks and Poles, Asian Chinese. Maybe the Spanish remain the only serious option...
  7. I agree, for Austria it would be much better to go for WOG but there will be the referendum on Vienna's plans next week and if the majority is for bidding, I'm quite sure Austria will concentrate on the Vienna 2028 bid. I thought that there's no chance that the Viennese vote in favour of the olympics but a recent poll said that 44% are for bidding, only 36% are against it, the rest is undecided. Only if the 2028 bid will be rejected, it could be possible (but not very likely) that Austria will go ahead with a last minute bid from Salzburg, Innsbruck or maybe Graz for 2022.
  8. Sweden already announced not to bid. I'd be surprised if France isn't going ahead with Paris 2024. Austria will probably concentrate on the Vienna 2028 bid if the referendum ends positively next weekend. So only Germany and Norway are left from the traditional countries. And both bids are quite unsure. It's a pity Graubünden rejected the bid...
  9. Today the city government officially announce that there will be a referendum from 7 March unti 9 March 2013. There will be 4 questions. Question #2: Should the city try to bid for the 2028 Summer Olympics? [ ] yes [ ] no So there probably won't be a Viennese bid for 2024, just for 2028 if the people decide for bidding.
  10. I just read a statement of the Counciller for sports, Christian Oxonitsch. He said, he could imagine competitions either at Lake Neusiedl or at Attersee. Attersee is very close to Traunsee in the Salzkammergut region.
  11. If the Sailing Federation allows olympic competetions at Lake Neusiedl pretty sure Vienna will go with it as it is very close. But if it is too shallow, Traunsee would be a great alternative. But I don't know if Traunsee isn't too small with a surface area of 24.5 km2.
  12. I always thought that Lake Neusiedl would be suitable. Yesterday I read that it is too shallow with a max. depth of just 2 meters. I don't know which depth is required for olympic competitions. In that article they claimed that the Traunsee in Upper Austria would be suitable. It's about 230 km to the west of Vienna. Gmunden is very close to the autobahn A1, so it would only take you 2,5 hours from Vienna to the Traunsee. Imho the Traunsee is much more beautiful than Lake Neusiedl.
  13. Well, it seems to be quite sure that the question about bidding for the Olympics will be one of 4 or 5 questions of a referendum in March (such referendums are very common in Vienna). The government will announce those questions on Friday. However I'm won't be surprised if the Viennese people vote against the Olympics, that would be typical Viennese. They rejected a similar project - hosting the Expo 95 - 20 years ago. The president of the OÖC said today, that he didn't know anything about the plans of Vienna until today, nevertheless he would support a Viennese bid. After the London gam
  14. I am very surprised what I just read in the news: Vienna is thinking about bidding for either the 2024 or 2028 summer olympics. Seemingly the government want to do a referendum in March. What do you think? Any chance for Vienna? source: http://www.wienerzeitung.at/nachrichten/wien/stadtleben/508057_Wien-ueberlegt-Bewerbung-fuer-Olympische-Spiele.html http://www.vienna.at/olympische-spiele-in-wien-sollen-thema-der-volksbefragung-werden/3433793
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