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  1. I don't see how you can hold the weather against the Organizing committee. It's just not something they can control. I could see people judging them based on how they reacted, but no more, no less. I thought they did a pretty good job all things considered. As for the death of the Georgian luger, yes it was his error and yes, the Olympic officials are at fault a bit, too. I think it's pretty clear he should have never been sliding in these games. It was their job to weed those guys out. While these are mostly amateur athletes, this isn't 'amateur hour', either. Only the best. So there's a measure of responsibility of which both both sides are accountable for. The thing I WOULD hold against the committee would be the ticket lines, the chain link fence at the cauldron, the cauldron not working. Those are things you can hold against them. The rest.. not so much. Again, if I were to compare this to a past winter olympics, I'd say that Salt Lake would probably be a reasonable one: Mostly a very good Olympic games with some obvious marks going against for stuff in the background. No more. no less. Lillehammer is still the standard bearer, IMO.
  2. Yeah to be honest, I thought this was probably the best Winter Olympics since Lillehammer. I think they set the bar so absurdly high during those games, that it's almost impossible to re-create. These games were funny, largely because they were so all over the place. They started off poorly, with the cauldron flop, the death, and the crappy weather, but I felt like they rebounded well large in part due to the fact that from a sheer action standpoint, they might have been the best games I've ever seen winter or summer. Just great competition, atmosphere, human interest stories, controversy.. they had everything you'd want. A lot of the venues were truly breathtaking as well. I enjoyed the ceremonies, but they weren't blow-away for me. Sure, the technology used was pretty cool, but they really didn't have the organic feel that past hosts have. Overall, a very good games, probably the best winter games since Lillehammer. The only one I'd compare to it since then would be Salt Lake, but I think I enjoyed these more. Torino was a pretty drab games and Nagano was probably the worst once I can remember. So who knows. That's my two cents though. Sorry for the double post... but here's a heavy 'second' to hoping the Winter Games go back to more intimate venues. That was always part of the appeal. These big city winter games don't have the charm that places like Lillehammer and Albertville did.
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