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  1. seals have left..? really? They've taken over the whole dock..SF tourism has suffered.
  2. Probably no more NHL in the Olympics after Vancouver 2010.
  3. True, San Fran is stunning. Vancouver has much more to offer though. How's the snow skiing? Nice bridge, seals ruined our trip to the bay. Next time I bring my .45. How are the rats allowed to take over the docks?
  4. I'm a USA guy but damn, you Canadians are comin' back with a vengeance! I love my red white & blue but if the U.S. doesn't win I'm all over Canada winning. It only makes sense to me. I love my neighbor to the north, why the hatred from you guys? Make no mistake, I'm USA when we're up against Canada but otherwise I root for Canada. I've seen many posts in other hockey forums saying if Russia beat Canada (which they didn't, yea!) they'd pull for Russia over the USA. What's up with that? As of this post I think Canada has the most gold medals, Germany & USA are right there. One of us has to beat Germany! USA v. Canada men's hockey, GO USA. Nice job hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics, I've enjoyed it a lot. Oh yeh, Bobsled, we're gonna win which should piss you off since you got all those training runs...lol. I hope you get silver though. I must admit, I was surprised Vancouver won the Olympics given their questionable weather. It stinks that weather wise things didn't work out better but it all worked out in the end. Vancouver is the most beautiful city in North America that I've seen as I've followed my Chicago Blackhawks there. I've also skied Whistler which is a very awesome place & I've skied all the best N.A. areas. Congratulations on a being good Olympic hosts. Hats off to Canada!
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