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  1. I was so glad Chris Cuthbert called it.... I figured they'd give it to Gord Miller who is absolutely horrid. I don't think it will ever touch the Henderson call, but it certainly will be up there. CBC were fools for ever letting Cuthbert go.
  2. Why did he get disqualified? I didn't see it. That's going to be a huge blow to him, wasn't he the favourite?
  3. It continues to be "America's Games" in terms of the athletic success. Even though Canada outshot the Americans, they made alot of mistakes and took alot of stupid penalties. Canada will play Germany, and if they win they will face Russia. Scary times ahead.
  4. I knew things would be tough when that skater beat the Track Record before the midway point of the competition. I was more than happy with Groves. She pushed hard for that Silver Medal. Christine Nesbitt also put in a gutsy performance, but I feel she should have been able to make the podium. Just wasn't a good weekend for Canadian Long Track (or short track for that matter) The biggest disappointment in speed skating for Canada at these games is clearly Denny Morrison.
  5. Own The Podium is clearly starting to fall by the wayside. Its unfortunate, but I think the expectations placed on this Canadian Olympic team were too high to begin with. At the start I said to myself I would be more than pleased if we were able to equal Torino's count of 24 or better. Its looking like there is a strong possibility they won't even make that now. Canada needed to win at those events this weekend where they were favoured and they didn't. Oh well, regardless I am still enjoying these games very much. Hello everyone, by the way
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