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  1. Golf will flop as an Olympic sport. When the PGA holds its only major international tournament, nobody cares as much here in the States even lets be honest. I don't see it going past London or 2016 at the most. As for NYC in 2024 or 2028, I know everyone was discussing how if Canada (or heck even Mexico) gets a bid in and accepted we're be out of the mix there obviously. But if the leadership in NYC is behind it, they should try again. As major markets go, you don't get any bigger than NYC on the East Coast time slot. But would NYC residents care as much as the rest of the nation? Something tells me YES. Come on. Its the home of the Yankees, Giants, diehard fans of even really bad teams like the Knicks So it goes without saying the city would be behind it. At least those that are sports fans perhaps. And with the new Meadowlands out of the way, there isn't much standing in the way of a new plan. Should other cities try too in the USOC's bids? Surely. I would love to see San Fran get in the mix. I would gladly make the treck across country to visit the city for the first time for that. But with that being said, the amount of displaced NYC residents - such as myself - that would flock back to the city would be tremendous. It would be the largest tourism attraction to the City for any reason in its long history.
  2. You know a game is good when nobody is talking about it on the internet! GO USA GO!
  3. 5 minutes from the puck drop and I have never seen this much coverage of hockey on ESPN, since, well ever. Come on TEAM USA!
  4. I concur. Yahoo! Sports blog "4th place medal" is reporting it will be Hamelin. However, I agree with Olympian2004, if she was offered it then she has every moral and medal right to carry the Canadian flag. Closing Ceremonies
  5. Is it acceptable to only want to hear Chris Collingsworth during the NFL season? Or perhaps not at all? I mean I'm not that familiar with the sports of the WOG, but I wouldn't sound so damn hokey about everything.
  6. if you haven't visited the "iTunes U" section of iTunes, you are missing out on an insane amount of free information about every topic imaginable. there is enough educational knowledge on there, you could put the tracks you listen to on your resume. Einstein, religion, war, Rome, philosophy...i think i'm going back to school now!

  7. I don't think I was ever as excited about Team USA Hockey than I was last night. I was cheering like I would be for an NHL game. Or a Mississippi State hockey game (yes we have a team and yes we are good!). But that is what is so great about the Games IMO. We find passion for competition on a world stage we never knew we had.
  8. Get ready to riot I think the US will be on top of the medal table, but hey I am a homer, so my opinion is biased! But there are still 6 days left. Anything can happen. I think this is an excellent chance for Team USA to take the Winter Game world by surprise though, and hopefully will make the best of it.
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