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  1. Thanks @Bear for all the information you gave me. I attended for 3 days and watched 7 events. I also had a lot of fun with the activities on Main Street, and doing the bobsled ride at Mt. Van Hoevenberg and seeing the Olympic Museum. The Closing Ceremonies weren't quite what I expected (no performers dressed up in costumes or nations marching in - I believe they did that for the Opening Ceremonies though). Also I wish they would post all the event videos on FISU.tv, because I'd like to watch one event again, and for another event I was on TV, but so far they have only posted a few videos and I'm doubtful they will post anymore.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am looking into tickets for the events and each event seems to be just one price, but I'm not sure what seat I will get. Anyone have any idea if you can pick where you sit, or do they assign a random seat for you? Also, for some of the events like hockey, ski jump, curling, and speed skating, I know I can see the entire venue and all of the action from my seat. But I've never been a spectator to any mountain events like alpine skiing or cross country skiing. Can you see the whole mountain course from where you are sitting? Or do you just see the skiers as they come close to the finish line?
  3. They're having the 2023 FISU Winter World University Games (also known as the Universiade) in Lake Placid next month. It is an 11-day multi-sport winter games for college athletes from around the world. Has anyone ever been to one of these? I have never attended an Olympics, but I wonder if this World University Games would give you a feel for what the Olympics are like, without having to spend as much money.
  4. Don't know if this has already been mentioned, but that ring that didn't open up was the upper right one - the one that is supposed to be red. The red ring is supposed to represent the Americas, so perhaps it wasn't a "malfunction"? Perhaps Putin was sending a message?
  5. I thought having Le May Doan back to light the 4th column was good, I felt bad for her during the OC. And yeah, when I heard Furlong try to speak French, it was so bad that I thought he might have been doing it intentionally, LOL. I also thought O'Hara's whole "I'm sorry" thing was weird, and too much. I guess I just didn't get it (I'm an American). And when Michael J Fox said something about the "new medal count", they showed the big screen as if something was going to happen, but then nothing happened on the big screen. Another malfunction? And I also thought it was strange that the athletes entered pretty much as separate countries, and then sat down pretty much as separate countries too. I'll have to go back and watch the recording... I don't remember seeing Avril Lavigne on the NBC broadcast. BTW, who was the stunning woman next to Ben Agosto? She did not look like Tanith Belbin. And who was the stunning blonde woman waving the magic wand during the Sochi presentation?
  6. I saw a guy in the 50km cross country race drop his pole, and his coach actually picked it up and ran up to the guy and handed it to him. Seems like cheating. If he drops it, he should go back and get it himself!
  7. Oh OK, so that was the official result. But he DID miss that last gate, right? If they don't get DQ'ed for missing a gate in the PGS, then somebody should just go STRAIGHT down the course and not bother with the gates, and they will win gold for sure.
  8. Why did Karl get the silver? NBC said that Karl was disqualified for missing the last gate, so shouldn't the Silver have gone to the winner of the bronze-medal race, and the Bronze gone to the loser of the bronze-medal race? That's what they do in the short track speed skating, if you DQ, you don't get a medal.
  9. Wonder if the fact that the cross-country skiers have a "different appearance" than Usain Bolt has anything to do with it?
  10. Yeah, and I thought that Usain Bolt had a big enough lead in the 100m that he didn't need to worry about being passed.
  11. I've seen quite a few cross-country, biathlon, and nordic combined skiers start celebrating before they cross the finish line. I even saw one guy who went over to the crowd, grabbed a flag, and celebrated before he crossed the line. Why hasn't Rogge complained about this?
  12. Well 6 events, since you have 3 events for each gender. But maybe they should have also have larger luges and skeletons, so that they can have 4-man luge and 4-man skeleton events! Just seems unnecessary, otherwise the 1-man bobsled would be in trouble if the pilot couldn't brake himself. BTW, I find the uniforms for bobsled to be way too revealing, for the men at least. I guess they might be aerodynamic for luge and skeleton, but if you're in the bobsled then the uniform shouldn't matter much.
  13. Can someone tell me what the point of 2-man (and 4-man) bobsled is? Watching it tonight, they said the guy in the back is the breaker. But the guy in the back has his head down the whole time. How can he break if he can't see? Also, is breaking even necessary? The 1-man bobsled either doesn't need a breaker, or the pilot controls the breaks. Not sure what the point of 2-man and 4-man bobsled is.
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