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  1. wow you're good! how many do you predict we'll win tomorrow?
  2. Congratulations Joannie! I am so proud of her courage and strength. She is the champion here tonight. Yu-Na had a fabulous skate as well, and she deserved the bronze medal. oops. I mean she deserved the Gold!
  3. It's unfortuante, but it happens. Ask Julia Mancuso what she thinks about these kind of things.
  4. Sounds like Canada's luck so far. I will actually be suprised if we get 2.
  5. Agreed!! So far, I would say Tessa and Scott, or Joannie Rochette.
  6. I don't care if she wins a medal. She can finish last, for all I am concerned about the marks. She is a brave, and incredible young woman. I admire her courage, and I pray that she will have the strength to skate well in the free skate on Thursday for her Mom. For that reason alone, she is a champion. Its got nothing to do with results.
  7. It was a truely inspiring skate by Joannie. It was so courageous. I am so proud of her, for coming out and skating through the pain. Joannie is a true champion of these olympics, regardless of what the results may be. Her skate was not one I will soon forget.
  8. Tough breaks for Canada. At this rate things are not looking good. I think the problem with own the podium is the expectations were set too high, so there was really only disappointment that could come when Canada didn't reach the OTP Standard. Unfortunate, because there have been a lot of excellent stories so far in these games that I feel are being overlooked because of the focus on medal count and results.
  9. Interesting Statistics from CTV: The USA has 31 top 5 finishes so far in these games, while Canada has 24 top 5 finishes. The USA has 24/31 top 5 finishes resulting in medals, while Canada has 8/24 top 5 finishes resulting in medals.
  10. Today was an extremely tough day! Here are my thoughts. Own the Podium has pretty much given Canadians the mindset that Canada is not here to just participate in these Olympics, but to win medals, win a lot of medals, win the most medals of every country at the Olympics. In my opinion, the result has been a lot of focus on winning, and on feeling let down, or disappointed when Canada doesn't come up with medals. In past Olympics, both in Turin and Salt Lake, most notably, it wasn't until later in the games when Canada's medal haul really started, and we started to accumulate medals. In both 2006 and 2002, we were much behind the pace we are on now, medals wise. Along those lines, everyone keeps saying that Canada will again finish strong and win a lot of medals toward the end. That being said, I've tried to be patient all this week - when Americans had a 6 medal day, including several events in which they won 2 medals, I've tried to keep my cool. But today, given the events and our strengths, I honestly thought we were in for our first multiple medal day of the events, and instead we came up empty, ending our medals streak. Disappointing. I am honestly worried now. Our Alpine Mens and Womens teams have come up short. Our speed skating teams, both long and short track have hugely underperformed. Our sliders have seemed to choke, with a few exceptions. To me, the greatest disappointment is not that Canadians lack the ability to compete, lack the ability to win medals, in fact quite the opposite. To be, the greatest devastation comes from knowing that our athletes DO havet the ability to perform on the world stage, and are instead succuming to pressure, choking, getting caught in unlucky breaks, or simply being beaten by better athletes from other countries. I have serious doubts that Canada will finish first in the medal haul, but I am still hoping for a strong second week. We'll see how it goes. I completely agree - Canada has shown a lot of depth in several sports, but simply failed to convert these top 10 finishes into double medals in events as the Americans, Koreans, Germans, etc. What do you think is the reason for this? On another note, why have some noteable American star athletes performed to expectations and won gold, such as Shaun White, and Lindsey Vonn to name a couple - whereas star Canadian athletes have failed to convert potential shown in world cup events to the Olympic stage (Hollingsworth, Leuders, Morrison, the list goes on and on) Unfortunately, a lot of Canadian athletes thus far were thought to "at least get a medal," take Hollingsworth for example. The unforeseeable happens at the Olympics, and unfortunately it seems to happen to Canadian athletes a lot as of late!
  11. Yes, and I've heard broadcasters refer to athletes getting upgraded or downgraded on particular elements, so these are available - I do realize though that is simply isn't practical to release all of it to the outside world.
  12. I agree - I wish we could see how different elements were upgraded or downgraded, and how different judges votes. I suppose that would take too long, but it would provide some justification for the results, rather then just watching someone skating, and then seeing a number on the screen.
  13. Thanks for the welcome, I think I'll like it here. I should clarify though, I didn't mean to imply that Evgeni is unfair, but to say that perhaps Evgeni's attitude is a reminant from the old 6.0 judging system, which had its flaws, and was somewhat biased and unfair at time. It was more a knock (perhaps a cheap shot) at the old judging system, rather then Evgeni himself! But you are right, Evgeni does know the figure skating world very well, and I definitely see his point with regards to the quad jump. Should be interesting going into 2014, that is for sure.
  14. Assuming Canada makes it to the Men's Hockey final, I think that will be the Olympic-defining event. I have heard so many people say that these olympics will be classified as a success or not, depending on how Canada does in Men's Hockey. Hockey, being the sport most woven into our culture, if a success for team Canada, would undeniably unite our country like no other event can. If Canada doesn't make it to the Men's hockey final, I think Alex Bilodeau's Gold in Men's Moguls will be the defining event, our first at home.
  15. It is fair that Evan won - perhaps fairness in figure skating is something Evgeni is not used to, with the new scoring system and all?
  16. I think the quad is good to have, but its not the most important thing. As Evan proved, with the new scoring system, everything is rewarded in your routine, use of your edges, transitions, etc - and that is why Evan won. He presented the best overall routine to the judges and he was rewarded for that. With the old scoring system I think the quad was more of a prestige thing, and the judging was a lot more subjective then, so without a quad the judges wouldn't even give you a second look or even consider giving you top marks, if you didn't have that 4 rotation jump. That being said there are some excellent skaters in the world that are still young. After these Olympics, I would like to see skaters like Patrick Chan (Canada) start to work on a quad, because as Evgeni pointed out it is the future of the sport, and some people need to push the envelope for the sport to grow. 4 years, is a good amount of time to work on developping a new skill, without neglecting artistry, footwork or any of the other skills that the top skaters need to have. I would be disappointed if Patrick Chan, Evan Lysachek, etc who have proven they can be at the top of the world without the quad, chose not to work on the skill, because then it would appear that they are being complacent. Once you do have excellent skating skills, jumps do play a role and just like skaters should strive to earn level 4s for their footwork sequences, they should also develop their jumping skills. Good point, about having a separate event for jumping if that is what people want to see. It's like in freestyle skiing. In the areils event, you only really have to be a good jumper, whereas in moguls you have to be a good, fast skier, and a good jumper as well. The figure skater needs to train to have the entire package.
  17. That sound you hear, is what happens when a whole nation stands up and cheers together, all at the same time. Congratulations Canada on winning another GOLD MEDAL!

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