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  1. I think Petra Majdič (3rd in cross-country skiing) is gonna be remembered better than most of winners. After all it's not common to gain medal with four broken ribs Many winners are forgotten after short time, but stories like that are not.
  2. First of all, I don't know where did he get that information about 4 doubles. Actually it happened only twice that one skier gets the double and both times it was Simon Amman. And please don't compare ski jumping to any throws. It's quite simple there: you're the strongest, thus you throw furthest and nothing can be done about that. However in ski jumping, as I already said, it's extremely uncommon to keep high form for 8 years. There's usually short 1-2 season boom and then wandering between 10-30th place for the rest of career. And even if you're the best for a moment, you can never be sure about anything. For example 50 four hills tournaments had to take part before someone finally managed to win all four competitions at once. It's unpredictable sport and details may change everything. If you were more interested in ski jumping, you would surely admire what Amman did.
  3. Yes, ski jumping is specific sport, where it's extremely hard to keep high form for a long time. Most of world cup or olympic games winners had one or two good seasons and then they disappeared. So keeping counting in such a discipline for many years defines highest class of sportsman.
  4. Great! Historical event. 4th gold for Simmon Amman. No one's achieved this before. He's just written a great card in history of sport. Just like Adam Małysz, who signed fantastic career and proved to be big personality of this sport along with people like Nykänen or Weißflog. Austrians must be definitely disappointed. They have such a strong team (places 3-6) and all of them lost with sportsmen from countries which are poor with good ski jumpers but have some big individuals.
  5. Large hill ski jumping (my favorite winter sport ) competition takes part tommorow. Simon Amman seems to be the main candidate for gold. 8 years ago in Salt Lake City as rather unknown ski jumper he suprisingly won both gold medals (and still is the only one who managed to do it) and now, already being world cup leader and last week's normal hill competition winner, he's most likely to repeat it. Then we have two veterans, both being currently the most successful competitors and being among the best ski jumpers in history. One of them is Adam Malysz. He won silver last week, which is four time world cup winner's third olympic medal. It's going to be his last olympic games (only japaneses jump till their late 30's ;]), so one another podium would be good sum up of fantastic career. Another veteran is Janne Ahonen. Standing on podium more than 100 times, but never on the olympic podium (only 3 team silvers). Ended his career year ago, but couldn't live without sport and this season he returned. 4th on the normal hill. Just like for Malysz, olympic medal would make a good sum up of fantastic career. Gregor Schlierenzauer Big talent and many victories on account despite his young age. Second in world cup and third in his olympic debut, but definitely desires more... Thomas Morgenstern Another one from very stron austrian team. Golden in Turin, one of the best ski jumpers of last few years. Michael Uhrmann Expierienced, but without bigger achievements. However, he was really close to podium last week and ended 5th. Will count tomorrow. Noriaki Kasai Yes, only japaneses can jump till their late 30's. Noriaki is now 38 and is still able to jump far. My predictions: 1. Amman 2. Malysz 3. Ahonen Sorry for my english.
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