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  1. The Russian is so obnoxious and his jumps looked like hell in the long.....not to mention his sleazy excruciatingly unappealing gyrations. ewwwww.

    p.s. please hit my negative reputation button, I want to accumulate as many negatives points as possible.

    (those Russians are a nightmare, Sochi is going to be about as friendly as a concentration camp.)

    I don't like his appearence too. But in terms of skating...

    I do not think that Sochi olympic games somehow connected with the results of Vancouver. At least judgement is problem of IOC not Canada, canadiens, the USA and americans. Russians are equal to another europeans...

    I tell ya....wehn I worked at the UN, they were the most paranoid, unfriendly bunch. Oy! And some of them smelled of vodka showing up at work!!

    I skate corrected!!

    Have they played balalaika in office? If not they were nor russians))

  2. Each elements are given points. Plushenko got more points for his jumping elements because they were more difficult. Lycasek's elements were executed better, so he got more points for the quality of execution. At the end of the day, quality > difficulty, but only barely.

    There's nothing "russophobic" about that.

    And I can't believe I'm actually defending Lycasek :o

    It wasn't adressed to u.

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