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  1. I don't like his appearence too. But in terms of skating... I do not think that Sochi olympic games somehow connected with the results of Vancouver. At least judgement is problem of IOC not Canada, canadiens, the USA and americans. Russians are equal to another europeans... Have they played balalaika in office? If not they were nor russians))
  2. I know how to count up to 10 and you know how to count up to 8, and you counting faster than me! But it is faster only because you are counting less numbers, ok?
  3. hey, guys...now answer to me how person with weaker skill (he possibly can't jump quad) can be the champion? "shaking" isn't "failing", right? Or let's have a look at short programme...or we count shaking only in second programme? huh...your comment just politisized russophobia
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