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  1. Thought the closing ceremonies were overall excellent: - nice bit in the beginning lifting the remaining piece of cauldron - less than stellar rendition of oh canada - sochi handover was meh - the performance of russian anthem = goose bumps - neil young, shatner "canada the final frontier!", michael j fox!, buble and the entire satire bit = awesome - liked everything up to nickleback - k-os live performance = awesome - crappy fireworks around bc place didn't show much of main fireworks, but summer fireworks "celebration of light" much better
  2. apparently the bottom half of the fence has been replaced with plexi-glass hosea24hours - http://twitpic.com/14cqkj
  3. Waterfront refers to the area around Waterfront Station. (SkyTrain/Seabus/West Coast Express) The bay between BC Place / Olympic Village is called False Creek. The cauldron is at Jack Poole Plaza west of the Vancouver Convention Center Expansion which happens to be the International Broadcast Center, while you're there if you have a few hours I would suggest heading west along the seawall into Stanley Park. I marked it with the B.
  4. Same f--cking idiots at any event, why waste tax money? there are better and quicker solutions. http://www.shotinvancouver.com/vancouver/olympics/vancouver-olympics-protests-turn-violent-and-destructive-multiple-arrests-made/
  5. 2 shots I took at the Pro-Olympic rally, fun little event.
  6. Just got back from the Pro-Olympic "protest"... I totally forgot about the event but caught them while I was walking down Robson, we eventually walked towards the front lawn. The anti-olympic protesters definitely lost the media/publics attention as soon as we showed up on the front-lawn.
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