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  1. ^ To answer some of your questions...

    2010 - still on the waterfront, where I assume it will always be. Now part of a fountain and re-lit from time to time. And still a popular tourist attraction.

    2008 - now on display on the grounds near the Birds Nest.

    2004 - still part of the stadium.

    1996 - the cauldron and tower are in a parking lot just off Turner Field (the former Olympic Stadium).

    1992 - the Barcelona cauldron is still attached to the stadium at Montjuic. Albertville's is in a park where the stadium used to be.

    1988 - I believe that Calgary's is inside the stadium just to the side of where it was originally positioned.

    1984 (and 1932) - LA's is still atop the central arch.

    1980 - Lake Placid's is still in place (was restored in 2008), and Moscow's rusting heap was uncovered in some storage lot a few years ago.

    1976 - Innsbruck's are all still in place (with a third added and used for the 2012 WYOGs), Montreal's is just outside the stadium.

    1976 - Munich's is in a corner of the Olympia park.

    1968 - Mexico's is still in the stadium.

    1964 - Tokyo's is still in the stadium.

    1956 - Melbourne's is in a museum, I believe at the MCG.

    1948 - London's is in a museum at Wembley.

    1936 - still in place in Berlin's Olympic Stadium.

    1932 - see 1984 above.

    1928 - still atop the tower at the Amsterdam stadium.

    Some of these, I've seen in person. But with most, you can zoom in on Google Maps and find them in their original positions. One or two may even include a pic of them re-lit.

    2006 - From 2009, Torino's had there's just outside of Stadio Olimpico at Torino Olympic Park.


    As for 1988, another thread posted pictures showing the "cauldron" lit a top of Calgary Tower for either Canada Day or the Calgary Stampede.

  2. Has any of the 2010 Parade of Nations music shown up on iTunes at all?

    There was more to it than the "Parade of Athletes" and "Canadian Athletes" tracks that ended up on the official release CD.

    This is my first post on here, but a constant lurker. DAE had posted on YouTube 2 vids that had the Parade of Athletes mixed with the in between stuff and what was used for the medals ceremony. Wish they had included at least the Medals Ceremony music on iTunes and the CDs.

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