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  1. Howdy Y'all! The Lone Star State calling! Here are the votes from the Houston jury: 1pt - Poland 2pt - Norway 3pt - Slovenia 4pt - Romania 5pt - Ireland 6pt - Malta 7pt - Greece 8pt - Switzerland 10pt - Austria 12pt - Israel Tusen tak!
  2. Howdy Y'all! The Lone Star State calling! Here are the votes from the Houston jury: 1pt - Portugal 2pt - Belgium 3pt - Azerbaijan 4pt - Armenia 5pt - Estonia 6pt - Netherlands 7pt - Iceland 8pt - San Marino 10pt - Hungary 12pt - Sweden Thank you and good night!
  3. Reminds me of Torino when Giorgio di Centa won on home snow and was given the medal by his sister.
  4. The mascots haven't been involved in a Opening Ceremonies since Lillehammer, it seems.
  5. Hey Olympian, It sounds like they're using the guy who does the announcements for Miss World.
  6. It sounds like they're using the bilingual lady that did the announcements in Vancouver to do the English announcements in Sochi.
  7. Netherlands and Norway have some SEXY Opening Ceremonies. The US is just tacky! They need to drop Ralph Lauren.
  8. The "pi" portion of the box represents the letter "P" in hangul, while the asterisk represents the sound "CH" also in Hangul. Basically, the logo is the initials of the city. Meh ...
  9. Wasn't there a website that had a collection of them? I had submitted a few pdf versions of bid books to them.
  10. 2006 - From 2009, Torino's had there's just outside of Stadio Olimpico at Torino Olympic Park. As for 1988, another thread posted pictures showing the "cauldron" lit a top of Calgary Tower for either Canada Day or the Calgary Stampede.
  11. That's the second half of "Isle of Wonder" list, from Galvanize (Beginning) and Galvanize (End) minus Adele, Bee Gees, and a few others. Every time I listen to Galvanize I am reminded of the Budwiser commercial during Vancouver 2010.
  12. This is my first post on here, but a constant lurker. DAE had posted on YouTube 2 vids that had the Parade of Athletes mixed with the in between stuff and what was used for the medals ceremony. Wish they had included at least the Medals Ceremony music on iTunes and the CDs.
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