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  1. I agree completely....and not just because I live here in Vancouver....blocks away from BC Place I am getting tired of all the freaking security helicopters flying overhead my condo though. The security is way over-the-top, imo!
  2. Uh, I may be a newbie to this board, but is, or is not, this a "spoiler" thread? It say's spoiler, and assume we arn't talking about spoiled meet, etc, rather we are talking about spoilers regarding the opening ceremonies....at least that is what the thread say's. So WHAT am I missing? I would think if one does not want to read spoilers....they would not be reading this thread?
  3. That's his dad, Walter. Wayne is lighting the cauldron, you can take it to the bank. I'm not pleased, would have preferred Betty Fox with a hologram of Terry....which, by the way, was seriously considered, and how the rumour started!
  4. ****MAJOR SPOILER****cauldron***** ---------- ---------------------- ----------------------------- ---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Gretzky will light the cauldron. No surpize here I guess. Oh, and the "new" Canadian anthem really sucks, imo!
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