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  1. I'm sure it will come from a hole in the centre of the stadium. Does anyone remember some webcam images from last year which showed a zorb like ball, on a ramp that led to the centre of the stadium. It was so long ago I can't fine any links On a lighter note, I've been testing my mini cauldron in the garden for my OC party on Friday night. Remember #savethesecret
  2. It's a building that's part of the sewage system, and has two big pink tanks in it called Pinky and Perky http://www.thameswater.co.uk/cps/rde/xchg/corp/hs.xsl/14584.htm
  3. Just wish Google Earth would update their photo!
  4. I hate myself for looking, however from what I've seen, it's quite amazing! Can't wait to watch it here in the UK in HD Good luck and Bon Chance! I'm now worrying that London 2012 won't compare. OMG!!!
  5. She's just been on Oprah this week, and also just announced a new residency in Vegas (so the timing is right). As, arguably, the most succesful worldwide singer that Canada has ever produced, I'd be amazed if she doesn't have a part to play in the opening When it comes to an Olympic Opening ceremony, you can't be too famous to play a part in it, can you?
  6. Celine was flawless when she sang at Atlanta's opening. I just think it's strange that she wouldn't be involved when we're talking about an Olympic ceremony, be it opening or closing, in her "home" country Anyhow, not wanting to turn this into a Dion topic, I'm looking forward to Vancouver. Just a shame I'll have to record the opening and then time-shift it to Saturday morning (as it starts about 01:30 Saturday morning UK time) :-(
  7. "A source inside the dome spotted a large, white stage in the centre of the floor and heard, several times, a recording of Bryan Adams singing a duet with an unknown female voice. The chorus was “sing something louder so the whole world can hear” and it included aboriginal drumming and chanting" Are we expecting to see / hear Canadian born Ms Celine Dion perhaps? I hope so :-)
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