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  1. getting psyched for sochi 2014... only 2 more years to wait! i guess london will do until then :)

  2. youve got a new horizon its ephemeral style, a melancholy town where we never smile

  3. flame towers = amazing!

  4. Baku crystal hall shaping up to be a fabulous venue!!!

  5. cool looking stadiums at least on universal sports site
  6. Qas it losing grip? I can't remember. OMG:) just youtube it, it was 'happy ending' 'my happy ending'
  7. Well, Toronto is so going to take this thing to the next level.
  8. I couldn't see the link, but that is cool. A dolphin is a cool mascot.
  9. I also think I saw somewhere, where a dolphin might become a symbol? But would not make as awesome a stuffed animal
  10. What are thoughts on a mascot for sochi? I personally like the woolly mammoth idea, because that would make a funny stuffed animal.
  11. I hope it is Toronto 2030. Toronto should have more big events, after pan ams.
  12. I took 2 years of Spanish. I heard Portuguese was spoken really fast? I think it is cool that is spoken in some parts of Africa. Maputo looks huge! I would not go there though if it is like Luanda during cup of nations:( Do you know if Portuguese is still spoken in part of India?

  13. It could be worse, if they were holographic I hope Sochi's medals are shaped like Ilanaaq's red leg
  14. Is Portuguese hard to learn? Looks like fun language!

  15. 127th---Plovdiv or Vilnius would be a good choice?
  16. The rail from Orlando to Tampa, even is getting some nat./fed. money from Washington. I kind of hope it goes broke before it gets to Disney, and then Disney would have to pay for it's stop.
  17. I saw where there was an incline railway in Chile. I think in that city Valparaiso. I'm going to Chattanooga, TN in March and am planning on riding the lookout mountain incline railway.
  18. I hope NBC covers some at least online. 'The Float' has to be one of the coolest venues ever!!!
  19. Wouldn't Qatar have to build like a bunch of stadiums?
  20. I just realized my last 2 comments were meant for the YOGs topic.
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