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  1. Caroline is a victim---lmao

  2. drop med aid not weapons

  3. loves the endangered armadillo Bra2014 chose:)

  4. seriously IOC.... wushu?

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    2. intoronto


      Yea but China has Diving Table tennis and Badminton dominance.

    3. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      And the West has everything else.

    4. intoronto


      To split amongst itself. China dominates those sports by itself.

  5. tampa for sommit of the emericas

  6. the exception being the advent of the crazies

  7. in an american election there is always 2 choices, but do they ever end up to be that different?

  8. thinks paddle boarding at world games

  9. lets have a kiki,--- and GO team China!!!

  10. listening to hungry like the wolf

  11. Universtal studios in Moscow...woohoo!

  12. visit the gun show... i mean RNC

  13. getting pumped for sochi 2014... only 2 more years to wait! i guess london will do until then :)

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