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  1. THANK YOU seattle something to finally talk about up in here, its been a while

  2. THANK YOU seattle something to finally talk about up in here

  3. thinks madrid already has a lot built

  4. montenegro is a small country

  5. montenegro is small

  6. that's the night the lights went out in Georgia...lmao--must see

  7. rather see RSA games than London again

  8. thinks US debt worse

  9. thinks budapest, frankfurt, milan or bari for next euro games after baku

  10. feels bad for cyprus

  11. starting to like tokyo more and more for its environmental features

  12. istanbul getting huge new business centre not sure if that has effect on bid

  13. Guru josh proj-infinity

  14. feeling old at 25

    1. krow


      time to start lying

    2. deawebo


      Naaa I feel to young, so congrats lol

  15. argentina is the new france

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Argentines are are a nation of Italians who speak Spanish and think they're British living in Paris!

    2. DannyelBrazil


      Spectator12, in terms of what?

      Rols, perfect description!!! LOL

  16. phil collins--against all odds

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