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    1. stir.ts


      I don't know much about Boston but people there love it especially if they are from there.

  2. feeling sadness for france :(

  3. I think Erdogan's statements (regarding women) are ridiclous...as usual

    1. Alexjc


      And they wondered why the Olympic dream faded away...

    2. Pixie_Victoria


      Erdogan is a sad clown

  4. Interstellar looks like fun movie :)

  5. sochi arenas look great on tv!

  6. sochi venues look amazing! especially arenas

  7. Shanghai bid?... yes, please! :)

    1. deawebo


      Chill out... First let's wait with Beijing's bizarre bid lol

  8. way to go Buenos Aires! At least it is in South America, Medellin.

  9. WTF- World Taekwondo Federation :)

  10. check out SPLASHH band

  11. free colleges in demark or norway... yes please

  12. until the ribbon breaks-pressure

  13. hopes Aarhus bids for next eurovision too

  14. thinks there are way too many tv shows being made

  15. thinks there are way too many tv shows coming out

  16. GA-no good advice

  17. boom boom pow dem chickenz jockin my style--world poetry

  18. philadelphia-wilmington

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