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  1. *clears throat* http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/doping-rampant-amongst-dutch-cyclists-earlier-report-says
  2. I haven't seen a link to this anywhere else, and I'm sure this is of interest here: 538 Day 6 Projections Read about Nate Silver here. He's made a living predicting things like baseball performance and US elections (538 refers to the number of electoral college votes in US elections). Now he's trying his hand at Olympic medals. His methodology is described in his Day 3 post here. As a Canadian, and given how reliable and accurate he was in Nov 08, I must admit I find his projections encouraging, especially given that he predicts we'll win the most Gold. Jaegen
  3. Anyone think it's possible they could light cauldrons in major cities all across Canada tomorrow night? I just had this though (and it would be amazing!), but wondered whether that would be too much of a violation of protocol. It would be an incredible way to unite the whole country - they could have easily "stored" flames in each city during the relay. Thoughts? Jaegen
  4. http://2010vanfan.ca/2010/02/08/4-days-5-hours-to-go-some-celebrity-torchbearers/
  5. CTV Viewers' Guide now live: http://www.ctvolympics.ca/tv-online-listings/index.html Jaegen
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