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  1. Thank you Twitter. quinnbest: Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado, Sara Mclaugan, Joni Mitchell, Shane Koyzan performed at the #olympics. Great dress rehersal. Go Canada!
  2. Is there another "open" dress rehearsal tonight? Can we expect more info?
  3. Also, thrilled to hear that both Joni and Leonard Cohen music may be part of the show. As for Nikki Yanofsky, that kid has a bright future if she keeps her head on her shoulders. I saw at the Montreal Jazz Fest when she was just 12 and absolutely blew everyone away - mini Ella Fitzgerald is alive and well and living in Montreal.
  4. I for one am hoping for plenty of aboriginal content - love Haida art in particular. There are beautiful things about that culture which I think we need to genuinely celebrate, and I think there are ways of doing it which don't feel forced or obligatory. (Oh, and I'm a Torontonian, though currently living in UK, and wishing I were in Tofino or Ucluelet instead...)
  5. Well, given that California's economy alone is larger (by about half a trillion $, if I'm not mistaken) than the GDP of the entire country of Canada, I don't think they have much choice...plus who wants to mess with the Governator?!
  6. Um...Vancouver's where all those Hollywood pics are actually shot? That's the best I can come up with. Though I thought his recent legislation was aimed precisely at bringing all that British Columbian production back to California - so I don't get it.
  7. God, I hope not. I don't want the world to think that's all we have to offer. Diana Krall I'd love to see. Sarah McLachlan would be nice. Or Nelly Furtado. Feist. Arcade Fire. Michael Buble. I'll even settle for Bryan. Just no more Celine, please. Just saw this article on the CTV page: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Buble and Walter Gretzky are among the big names who will run with the Olympic torch when it arrives in Vancouver later this week. Mr. Schwarzenegger - a former movie star who is now Governor of California - will run with the torch just after 7:00 am Friday morning in Stanley Park. He will be followed later in the morning by Mr. Gretzky, whose son Wayne Gretzky is among the top contenders to light the Olympic cauldron at the opening ceremony on Friday; and Rolly Fox, father of Terry Fox. Betty Fox, Terry's mother, is also a favourite to light the Olympic cauldron. Other torchbearers announced Monday morning include astronaut Julie Payette, singer/songwriter Jann Arden, former B.C. Lions player Luis Passaglia, former Canucks players Richard Brodeur and Stan Smyl, and former Vancouver Whitecaps player and current team president Bob Lenarduzzi.
  8. My one hope is they keep Celine out of it. Really, I respect the woman, but Canada has so much more to offer. Plus Celine had her chance in Atlanta. I hope Nikki Yanofsky is involved in some way. "I Believe" is a bit on the cheesy side, but then what Olympic song isn't. I remember seeing Nikki at the Montreal Jazz Festival when she was 11 or 12 and she absolutely blew everyone away. It was like watching Ella Fitzgerald in the body of a kid. She's a tremendously talented jazz singer. Diana Krall or Micheal Buble would do, too. They both call Vancouver home, so it would be appropriate. As for cauldron lighting, I just hope that Gretzy is not the one. He may have been a great hockey player, but is less than deserving of the national hero status - I just don't get why my country is fawning over him like they do. Frankly, he just doesn't deserve the honour.
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