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  1. Loved the opening cauldron lighting. From there, it generally went downhill, with few exceptions. The musical acts, for the most part, were a huge disappointment. An embarrassment, really. I'm sad Vanoc didn't seize this opportunity to showcase some of the fabulous musical talent we have in Canada. Simple Plan? Hedley? Really? A string of Idol-style performances from people only CTV's eTalk audience would have heard of? Very, very disappointing. After the high of the hockey gold, this was a very anti-climactic and shameful ending.
  2. Couldn't agree more. With all the amazing musical talent that's come out of this country, that's the best they could come up with. Embarrassing. That concert was a huge let-down.
  3. It's official. Joannie Rochette. Excellent choice. http://www.ctvolympics.ca/news-centre/newsid=54368.html#joannie+rochette+will+carry+canadian+flag
  4. The plot thickens: "Canadian Olympic officials have denied reports that double Olympic champion Charles Hamelin will carry the flag into tonight's closing ceremony for the Winter Games. "He was never offered the position of flag-bearer," said Canadian Olympic Committee spokesman Steve Keogh. The denial comes just hours after the 25-year-old short-track speedskater from Ste-Julie, Que., accepted congratulations at a party that drew many of the Canadian medallists. Two federal government sources also confirmed Hamelin as flag-bearer prior to the COC's denial. Asked about carrying the flag,
  5. I'm almost certain it'll be either Bilodeau or Rochette.
  6. According to a piece on EurovisionSportsTV, the ceremony is divided into 3 parts. One, named "I Am Canadian" I think, is a humorous take on Canada featuring 4 of the country's major comedy exports (my guess is perhaps Russell Peters? Maybe Jim Carrey? Samantha Bee and Jason Jones from the Daily Show?) He stressed the ceremony is quite funny, and features "3 of Canada's top exports - innovation, talent, and comedy".
  7. CBC's Jian Ghomeshi on Twitter Perhaps some acts will only be involved in the pre-televised (audience rehearsal) portion of the program? (a la Jully Black, Canadian Tenors in the OCs)
  8. Word has it K-os, Nickelback, Eva Avila are involved. K-os = fab choice. But the other two?! Ew...
  9. :lol: The baby better cry in French though, or the Official Languages Commissioner will have a fit again.
  10. For those still wondering about the lack of Celine - she had this to say: "Some people claimed she was unhappy with the placement she was being offered on the program. Others claimed she refused to go along with VANOC's "no live performance, all lip-synch" edict, while a third group insisted she was displeased with the choice of songs she was asked to perform. But Dion is eager to lay all those rumours to rest. "I was invited, it was true, but I couldn't come because that was the exact day they had set for my in-vitro surgery. When you engage yourself clinically to have a baby, the body deci
  11. I think the medals are beautiful. Simple, flowing, connected with nature. And I've always loved Haida art, so am loving the native motif.
  12. Wholeheartedly agree. I thought Measha was fabulous. But then she always is.
  13. Is there an “open” dress rehearsal for the closing ceremony like the one for the opening? If so, do we know when that’s scheduled to take place?
  14. That's too bad for Nikki. She's a talented kid. Here she is at age 13 doing the Ella Fitzgerald classic, Airmail Special:
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