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  1. I still contend that this song sounds like some mid-scoring Eurovision Song Contest finalist.
  2. CBC aired a viewer advisory for the possibility of coarse language. This is probably the first time in the history of events that are part of or are inspired by the Olympic Movement that a broadcast of a ceremony has ever carried such a warning. I find this hilarious
  3. CBC's stream of the baseball final has ESPN's MLB scoreboard in Spanish for some reason. This is odd. Reminds me of that time during London 2012 when CTV seemed to be taking right from NBC's feed (since it had some of their graphics)
  4. I'm just going to say this; look at this ceremony with an open mind. Cirque is simply playing to their strengths; they're used to doing shows within enclosed arenas like this. Yes, it may not be fully Olympic-level (but thenagain, neither are the Pan-Am Games), and some aspects could have been executed better, but it's still a good showing.
  5. CBC, outside of live programs, does individual feeds for every time zone, and I don't think they wanted to disrupt their daytime children's programming (they pre-empted it enough for the Olympics proper). At least we only needed to wait 2-3 hours rather than 8 if we wanted to see it on TV The irony is apparent...
  6. As expected, CBC's using the same studio/intro/graphics/etc. for the Paralympics, just amended with Paralympic logos where needed, mostly the Canadian Paralympic Committee logo. (though, they missed a spot and are still using their Olympic rings bug...) Nothing wrong with that. CBC did tape delay the ceremony to 2:00 pm ET/1:00 pm CT. Close enough, because I don't think they wanted to interrupt their morning schedule.
  7. Random time to do so, but CBC randomly decided to make like NBC and the old CTV coverage and make their opaque and coloured... in between intermissions at a hockey game. (SN and TSN are still using their translucent ones; specifically, ones they used on regular programming on the lead-up to London) You begin to wonder why they didn't do that, uhh, 7 days ago? Sorry for the double-post (why is there not an edit button?), but I meant bugs, sorry.
  8. Okay, actually I did notice something different; they animate in differently, and there's a snow effect on them too (but the font is still quite cheap looking in my opinion). And also, CBC's graphics are also pretty cool, a lot of red, white, gold, and diamonds; they've got that Russian avant-garde look quite well. But another curious thing I've noticed is that they're using the OBS lower-thirds for the studio segments (which kinda clash with it a bit). I don't think CTV, NBC, or CBC on the previous coverage have ever done that before (CBC just used a red recolor of their previous graphics for
  9. I kinda expected this to happen, but your world feed graphics are pretty much a re-skin of the London ones. Only thing I've noticed so far is that its a slightly deeper blue and they got rid of the London "line" pattern. Surprisingly they kept those tacky angled flags, even though they felt like they were to go with London's overall look. Meanwhile, as you heard, CBC's first web stream kinda crashed out of the gate. Let's hope this isn't a sign of things to come...
  10. I saw a daily show hosted by Catriona Le May Doan on Rogers Sportsnet
  11. You gonna upgrade to IPB 3.1? The UI hasn't really changed alot, but they did add a ton of enhancements, native Twitter/Facebook/OpenID login support, and a lot more stuff.
  12. Technically, one of them WAS from Canadian Idol, Jacob Hoggard, lead singer of Hedley, finished 3rd.
  13. Lead singer was a Canadian Idol third place finisher a few years back. Of course we were rooting for Kalan Porter.
  14. Well, the networks in Canada can do this easier, since even though they have structures similar to U.S. networks, Canadian networks lately have evolved into the British style "Private affiliates? What the hell is that?" sort of vibe where the network's owner pretty much owns all the affiliates too, and reduce their amount of regional output to just about zero (except for news of course).
  15. Well, NBC's getting things right right now ... sorta. They'll shun Canada vs. USA to a cable network, yet we're getting USA vs. Swissy, on NBC afternoon, with "limited commercial interruption" too.
  16. All the cable systems here in Canada carry the major US broadcast networks. Also, the "simsub" rules you hear of only apply to direct simulcasts, which means that for example, while CTV can force their own feed with their own ads over CBS's coverage of the Super Bowl if they are simulcasting it, they can't force cable systems/such to black out NBC's network coverage and replace it with their own since within the eyes of the laws, they are two distinct programs. Plus ironically, I actually do live within the range of the Detroit stations, we're a bit frugal right now and don't get our service
  17. Evidence CTV is taking this too seriously: Their consortium has its own legal entity as 7048467 Canada Inc. A numbered company. As the shell for the joint ownership of their coverage. Amazing...it would help if you had some good coverage to go with it. Although I applaud your marathon efforts, NBC for the first time, is doing relatively well in comparison. Note the word, "relatively", which means although this year as usual, they've found ways to screw it up already, but at least they're trying to be good. And please, CTV, you stole the Hockey Theme away from NBC, and you promised you'd use
  18. Here's something new, CTV is using their own graphics during hockey, it kinda looks like the stock Rogers Sportsnet scorebar, except its got a transparent white glossy background and black glossy pods for the scores, and its got the flags of course. That, is an improvement I must say. Why can't NBC do that with their own stuff? They're clearly editing in their own L3's in the "stock" style at times, but yet I haven't seen this happen before.
  19. Well, in a way. The CBC is technically a Crown Corporation. They are partially government funded, but they also do advertisements.
  20. "Wow, you've become as strict as Major League Baseball?" is all I had to say when CTV ran a copyright disclaimer just a few minutes ago warning that retransmission/rebroadcast/etc of the Olympic coverage is forbidden without expressed written consent of the broadcast consortium. Those 3 words, are something I usually associate with baseball, and you probably know why. Just wondering, has any other broadcaster done anything similar in Beijing or this year? I know they started to crack down on this stuff alot more for Beijing, but I specifically remember only seeing any sort of similar disclaim
  21. So Canada right now is getting live coverage of the final stages of the relay piped in from CIVT-TV simulcast across the entire CTV network it seems. They've also been running a little (and I mean little, pretty small numbers guys D:) countdown clock to the opening ceremony in the top-right. And to those wondering, yes when I say piped in, I mean that it's using standard CTV News graphics and production too, so its clearly not being produced by the sports department. They're basically simulcasting a local newscast nationally.
  22. does not have an exploding roof

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