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  1. The minimum requirements are lower, actually... AFAIK, the opening game just needs 60k, and I don't think the semis have a requirement at all (Qatar plans with just 1 60k+ stadium), plus opening and final stadium can host the semis. So it's Monumental (Buenos Aires) ~80k, Centenario (Montevideo) 60k+ and the rest 40-50k. However I expect a 3rd Uru stadium because the bid is lopsided as it is, and I'm not sure if just including Montevideo would appeal to FIFA that much, and I'd expect the Uruguayans to want more of their World Cup as well. And I think there are too many candidate cities in Ar
  2. The actual bidding process is obviously still years away, but there are at least 2 good reasons to start to make some noise about it already: First, to make sure that no other South American country applys for 2026 (Venezuela, possibly together with Colombia would be an option) and second to gather support within Argentina and Uruguay for some joint infrastructure and economic development projects. Like Danny sais, I doubt Argentina is currently able to pull it off (and Uruguay will be a minor partner). So while there still is plenty of time, they'll need it to get their countries in shape en
  3. Truth to be told, going by Marcas track record with transfers, I actually tend to believe the official rather than the newspaper in this case...
  4. @Bezzi: At least according to wikipedia, Brazil has decided against hosting the 2015 Copa America. Apparently, it's not decided yet what will happen, a likely szenario is that Brazil will swap with Chile (Chile 2015 & Brazil 2019 then). And regarding max attendance: There's a difference between World Cup capacity and regular capacity. At the World Cup, a couple of thousand of seats get turned into an auxilary media tribune, seats with bad sight might not get sold at all and I believe a number of seats get reassigned as VIP seats, which don't count for the World Cup capacity. Which is why
  5. Well, there are plans to connect Sao Paulo and Rio via high-speed rail, but only the first part from Campinas to Sao Paulo is planned to be in operation by 2014. The Sao Paulo - Rio part is planned to be completed for the Olympics. Though it seems to be far from certain that it will be done in time.
  6. Just how realistic is a completely new project in Sao Paulo anyway? I mean, planning started about 3 years ago, host citys were selected last year, the original deadline for construction to start was January... I have trouble to believe that Sao Paulo will be given the chance to start from the scratch, that could only work if they already have a project with finances secured, plans done and construction to start within a month or 2. I'm not too well informed, but I don't think there's any project besides the rejected "Morumbi light" and the Palestra Italia that's far enough to have a chance.
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