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  1. Regardless o who the host is, this is as close as Africa is probably going to get to an Olympics for quite some time.
  2. Just saw where Frank King, the architect of the Calgary 1988 WOGs, passed away at the age of 81. I read up a bit more on him and the guy was a true visionary, reminds me a lot of Billy Payne.
  3. I put the chances of Erzurum being the last one standing at 50/50 right now. All the European bids face either referendums or lack government support while Calgary seems to be dragging things out with the city council voting whether or not to continue the bid next month even before putting it to a referendum. If Erzurum is the only one left standing, as long as the bid fulfills the technical and security requirements, I think the IOC would have no choice but to swallow their pride and give Erzurum the 2026 WOGs. The IOC would have a PR nightmare on their hands if they were left with an Erzurum bid that met all the requirements and then tried to pull Salt Lake City into the mix.
  4. Even if they can muster the 50 plus percent I would imagine that this would then have to go to a full nationwide referendum which is much shakier. If I recall correctly wasn't Innsbruck gaining in the polls for a yes vote only to fall apart?
  5. Looks like the Olympic Stadium is going to add baseball to its list of events when the Yankees and Red Sox play next year. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/23394047/mlb-announce-new-york-yankees-boston-red-sox-games-london Sounds interesting but wouldn't Lord's Cricket Ground or The Oval be a better place for baseball given the shape and dimensions?
  6. I wonder if some the delays are due to the fact that the Tokyo budget is getting out of control and the organizing committee is scrambling to try to cut costs where they can. I find it extremely difficult to believe that Tokyo is going to pull this off with a $12 billion budget. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-olympics-2020-briefing/tokyo-2020-must-address-questions-says-iocs-coates-idUSKBN1HU0B9
  7. This is a bit of a surprise. I always thought Delhi would be first in line for an Indian Olympic bid, Youth or otherwise. Mumbai would entail a massive amount of infrastructure spending. Transportation is a nightmare in terms of gridlock. Their is a rail system which is horribly congested during peak times. There is a metro under construction but it's been beset by cost overruns and political opposition and it currently only has one line out of a planned three. Outside of cricket and hockey, there's little in the way of sports infrastructure that can handle an Olympics. I even question whether it could handle a Youth Olympics. I think had the 2010 CWGs not been such a fiasco then India would be taken much more serious as a candidate for an Olympics.
  8. Renderings of Hayward Field for 2021 IAAF Worlds. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1064142/bowerman-tower-to-rise-over-multi-million-dollar-hayward-field-revamp-ahead-of-2021-iaaf-world-championships
  9. This is an interesting thread. Here's my list. Summer 1. New York 2012 - I admit I'm biased here, but I had been hoping ever since the closing ceremonies in Atlanta that New York would be next on list when the Olympics returned. It would've been cool to finally see a New York football team actually playing in New York City. Then it all fell apart. 2. Tehran 1984 - The 1979 revolution ended this before it got going. There's so much history in Iran and I'm sure the ceremonies would've been a sight to see. 3. Buenos Aires 1956 - They got so close. 4. Cape Town 2004 - Still the closest Africa has ever gotten though I wonder if Cape Town dodged a bullet by not hosting when you consider the legacy or lack thereof that Athens. 5. Toronto 2008 - Still perhaps the best bid plan that never won. Winter 1. Munich 2018 - Always seemed like Munich was destined to be the first city ever to host both editions, then 2022 and Beijing happened. 2. Denver 1976 - No need to rehash this one. 3. Vancouver-Garibaldi 1980 - Would it have looked similar to Vancouver 2010 with Garibaldi standing in for Whistler. I know the bid collapsed before the final vote, but I'm curious as to why. Anyone know? I have to wonder how Canada's bidding history would be different if Vancouver had hosted in 1980, maybe Calgary would've been the 2010 candidate? 4. Helsinki 2006 - A bid that applied the concepts of Agenda 2020 before Agenda 2020 was even a thought. I think you would've seen a much livelier spectator atmosphere compared to Torino. 5. Sarajevo 2010 - Sure it was a long shot and it stood little chance, but it would've been something to see that city come full circle after all that it went through. While the Games are too big for Sarajevo today, it would be graeat to see Sarajevo as part of a bid at some point, maybe sharing venues with Slovenia and Serbia.
  10. Did the plans include an athletics stadium? From my understanding when news about this idea first came out almost all the venues were accounted for except the athletics stadium and the Olympic Village.
  11. If FIFA decides to go to a 48 team WC in Qatar, there's a potentially huge geopolitical crisis that could arise in the form of what happens if Israel qualifies. Given a 48 team tournament, that isn't unlikely (the Israeli team is halfway decent anyway). I know the Qataris stated shortly after winning the 2022 WC hosting rights that Israel would be allowed to compete if they qualified despite the lack of diplomatic ties, however, I think that was lip service to FIFA more than anything else and the prospects of Israel qualifying in the current 32 team format was probably low. Now the chances are higher. Does anyone really think Qatar would follow through on this? I have my doubts especially considering how Qatar has more or less strong-armed FIFA every chance they've gotten (see the rulings on alcohol availability). What if the following scenario were to occur? Israel qualifies and in the weeks leading up to the WC when the teams begin arriving, the Israeli team is suddenly denied entry into Qatar due to "visa issues." What would FIFA's recourse be? It's not like they could strip Qatar of the tournament that close to the start. FIFA woudld lodge a protest maybe even threaten future sanctions on Qatar in terms of participation at future tournaments or take points from Qatar in the 2022 WC. Qatar would likely respond that the issue is a diplomatic dispute and none of FIFA's business. At the end outside of sanction the Qatari team and perhaps suspending Qatar's governing sports body, there would be little FIFA could do to force Qatar's hand and the Qataris know this. More than likely FIFA would issue an apology to Israel and promise the Israelis an automatic qualification slot to the 2026 WC.
  12. How much pull does the CTF have? Is it a formidable lobbying organization?
  13. Sion is planning to use Thialf in the Netherlands for the speed skating events, but yes, I would be inclined to say a Swiss bid, if it survives a referendum which is highly unlikely, would be a slight favorite. I cannot see Graz surviving one either and looking at their venue plans, I would assume if they plan to hold speed skating and sliding events in Germany that there would need to be a referendum there as well and the Germans haven't looked too kindly on Olympic bids in recent years. I don't think it's inconceivable that all four European bids fall apart before the final vote next year.
  14. In many cases the IOC and the respective sports federations have encouraged or outright demanded the construction on shiny new facilities that cannot possibly turn a profit or find a permanent use once the Olympics are over, and when taxpayer money is spent on that, then we see the animosity the citizens of many prospective candidate cities have had in the form of "no" votes in referendums. Even with the talk of reform with Agenda 2020 and now the New Norm, is the IOC and the sports federations ready to completely follow through. Calgary would be a good test of that considering the bid, if it goes forward after a referendum, is not going to include a new stadium or a new arena in Calgary. That robably won't go over well with the IIHF if the majority of games get sent to Edmonton and perhaps a smaller city in Alberta while Calgary hosts the medal games at the Saddledome after the conclusions of the short track and figure skating competitions. Where the IOC has failed is when Tokyo's new governor came in and promised to start slashing the budget by using existing facilities, case in point: volleyball was to be moved to the Yokohama Arena and rowing was to be moved to anisting facility outside of Tokyo. The respective sports federations were furious and eventually the governor relented and agreed to the construction of new facilities which will likely become white elephants after the Olympics are over. I expect the same thing to happen with Paris as there are concerns about the rising rosts of the volleyball and badminton venues in Le Bourget (both of which are projected as temporary as well). It would not surprise me if the organizing committee tries to scrap both of those. Back to Calgary, with regard to Nenshi, I suspect the reason he hasn't made a firm committment is he doesn't know what his message is. He's talked about the need to renovate many of Calgary's existing facilities which are 30+ years old anyway and an Olympics would certainly provide that opportunity. The problem is that's not enough of a message. Then there's the emotional appeal to the memories of 1988 and the desire to promote sports and healthy lifestyles which is certainly popular, but in the end it's going to come down to convincing the citizens of Calgary that spending tax dollars on an Olympics is a beneficial idea for the city. I just don't think he's found the way to channel that yet IMO.
  15. If that's the case then Brisbane is a no go, unless they can somehow convince the IOC to hold the ceremonies in Sydney. The temporary stadium idea is a failed concept when considering the size of a SOG stadium.
  16. Does Brisbane even have a need for an Olympic Stadium? It doesn't appear so. Metricon Stadium hosting athletics with Suncorp Stadium hosting the ceremonies? Seems like that would be there best bet.
  17. This is what makes me think the city council is simply postponing the inevitable. Ultimately the bid's fate is going to be decided by a referendum (uness the council decides to try to end the bid in June) and according to the polls the support for a Calgary Olympics is there, provided no taxpayer money is spent. Add that to the fact that the initial cost estimate has been underestimated. And again how is this city going to pull of funding an Olympics when they can't even get a new arena for the Calgary Flames. I'd go as far to say it could be possible Calgary hosts the 2026 Olympics but the Flames will have relocated. There is apparently a No Calgary Olympics group formed and it looks like they are following the same tactics used by No Boston Olympics. https://globalnews.ca/news/4146130/group-opposing-calgary-olympic-bid-says-games-dont-make-economic-sense/
  18. The Austrian Communist Party is closing in on the number of signatures required for a referendum. Add to that there is still no formal goverment support for the bid along with the fact that it was basically hashed together at almost the last minute without any local citizen input and I'd predict it will probably collapse much like the Innbsruck bid did.
  19. This could work using infrastructure in both Brisbane and Gold Coast. I assume most of the CWG venues would be used for their Olympic counterparts. One area of speculation, the oft-troubled Olympic Stadium. Metricon Stadium was praised for its athletics track during the CWGs and there's already talk that Gold Coast could be a future IAAF World Championship host. In athletics mode the stadium seats maybe 50,000? Would that be acceptable to the IOC in an era where prospective hosts are dropping like flies?
  20. I think the article hits the nail on the head regarding the trust issues with the IOC but it goes beyond that. The support for an Olympics in Calgary is there, with one caveat, no public money being spent. Ever since the 2008 Financial Crisis, citizens in western democracies have suddenly become very cost concious when it comes to spending tax payer money, and the Olympics are seen by many as a wasteful expenditure. Heck Calgary cannot even get a new arena built or the Flames. One thing the article overlooked that was broughta few weeks back is the initial budget for a Calgary Olympics, set at $4.6 billion, would increase. This a problem the IOC has yet to address. Who pays for the cost overruns? Taxpayers certainly don't want to do it. If there was guarantee that an Olympics could be privately funded without the use of taxpayer money, I'd have no doubt Calgary would not be in this position. In addition, the issue is likely to bring down the remaining European bids leaving the 2026 race between Ezurum and Sapporo.
  21. So it sounds like the Canadians are saying "sure an Olympics would be great as long as we don't have to pay for it with taxpayer money."
  22. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1063372/paris-2024-volleyball-and-badminton-abnormally-expensive-french-government-inspectors-warn I thought this would come up eventually especially regarding the temporary venues at Le Bourget. It would surprise me to see one or both of these venues trimmed from the plan. Maybe they could move volleyball and or badminton to the Paris expo Porte de Versailles.
  23. My understanding is the Stampede Corral is set to be demolished as part of an extension of the BMO Centre. If so that takes it out of an part of an Olympics
  24. So a condition of financial support is a referendum has to be held. I'm sure the IOC is thrilled by that prospect. If the city votes no then I could see the IOC reaction to Calgary being even more hostile than their reaction to Oslo in the 2022 race especially if no bid from Europe (not counting Turkey) emerges
  25. The odds of another arena getting built are slim to none with the way negotiations between the city and the Calgary Flames have gone. And the covered field house project was deemed too expensive. This will be a bid on the cheap. Ceremonies probably at Mcmahon Stadium again. Ice hockey will probably be in Edmonton and possibly Vancouver with the finals at the Saddledome. The IIHF will probably complain to the IOC and Calgary about not having a sparkling new arena and having to travel a ways but they have no choice. If it's between a spread out Calgary bid where the only major arena in the city is the Saddledome and going to Asia again or Turkey then I am sure the IOC will be just fine with it.
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