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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/www.latimes.com/sports/clippers/la-sp-clippers-inglewood-arena-20180612-story.html%3foutputType=amp The link is a bit over a month old and there's been some local resistance to a new Clippers arena but I would suspect by 2028 the Clippers will have their own arena in Inglewood. Their lease at the Staples Center ends after 2024 and Steve Ballmer has made it known he wants his own arena. It'd be a plus for the games.
  2. Any word on when the final venue plan and sports schedule will be released?
  3. It's cheaper though to spend just $5 million to upgrade the ski jumping complex at Whistler along with $30 million for operational costs. It's a cheaper option for a bid that has yet to be even put a projected budget together so they are looking for savings, no matter how small, anywhere they can. While upgrading and maintaining the ski jumps at Calgary isn't as costly as pointed out, the question becomes is it necessary? Does Canada really need more than one ski jumping complex?
  4. Interesting that you bring that up because in terms of venues, Vancouver is actually in better shape than Calgary right now. Vancouver would probably have to use Calgary's speed skating oval as I believe the oval in Richmond was repurposed and then there would need to be a new Olympic Village built. Back to Calgary though if they are intent on proposing a bare bones Olympics with a spread out plan that isn't even in the typical ice cluster/outdoor cluster then maybe that sets a model for getting more skeptics on board
  5. Herein lies the IOC's problem, they've only acknowledged part of the problem but even worse they claim Agenda 2020 and the rebranded New Norm have fixed the problem and that's not the case. On the contrary, it's gotten worse and the margins of defeat in referendums are getting larger, not smaller. Heck nearly 60% of Sion itself voted no. It's not just an image problem either. IMO, a lot of the animosity stems from the aftermath of the Great Recession with citizens suddenly waking up to how their taxpayer money is spent and they are demanding accountability with a desire to cut or forgo what might be seen as wasteful spending and unfortunately this how many view the Olympics. It's not just Sochi the precipitated this. I touched in another thread about the financial disaster of Rio, the uncertain future over venues in Pyeongchang not to mention no financial figures have been released (I find PC's claim of a surplus to be very skeptical). Just two years out from Tokyo and their budget is nearing the out-of-control mark. Even Paris is having budget problems with temporary venues which are supposed to keep costs down not increase them. The IOC is going to have to make some difficult choices. Making annoucements like Tokyo has saved $1 billion on costs when the budget is still 12-13$ billion or announcing a contribution of $925 million to the 2026 host is pocket change in the scheme of things. Those are not numbers or meaningful savings when trying to win over skeptical citizens. In terms of the WOGs, I'm in agreement as pointed out in another thread that until more drastic changes are made, the WOGs may never come back to a traditional winter sports power in Europe. For starters the IOC could award the WOGs to a country like Austria with Vienna as the anchor city and the rest of the venues spread out country wide or even go as far as to award them to a city that has no capacity for the skiing and sliding events like London with the outdoor sports held in Lillehammer. And Stockholm-Are has to be accepted as a norm. In terms of a double award, that only kicks the problem further down the road. I am suspecting with the current race that the IOC might actually cut Eruzurum and if they end up with no candidates perhaps they begin discussions with Salt Lake and perhaps Sapporo. For the SOGs, the problems are similar largely in terms with sport specific venues that become white elephants. I've mentioned on multiple occasions about the problem of the athletics stadium which without a permanent tenant afterwards is doomed to become a white elephant along with venues like velodromes, slalom canoe courses, and sports arenas, even temporary ones, that don't fill a need post-Games.
  6. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1067911/dubi-claims-ioc-have-turned-a-page-and-want-true-partnerships-during-visit-to-calgary Somebody in the IOC needs to take the mic away from Dubi. His words are toxic to an Olympic bid. First there were his comments right before the Sion referendum when he talked about how the IOC has learned from its past and moved beyond corruption, then almost immediately allegations of corruption into the 2018 race surfaced. Now in Calgary he more or less says the same but to claim all Olympics since Sydney have had balanced budgets? Depends on his definition I guess. And the IOC keeps harping on Sochi in 2014. They don't mention Rio was pretty much Athens Part 2 in terms of costs and legacy (supposedly they were so overbudget the IOC fears releasing the numbers could put the SOGs in the same dire straits the WOGs are) Pyeongchang has multiple white elephant venues from ice hockey and speed skating. In terms if the IOC not imposing their will on a host city. Well the IOC along with certain sports federations (rowing and volleyball) did to get new venues built for Tokyo when existing venues could've sufficed.
  7. The ski jumping complex is set to be torn down. Costs were too high to renovate it. The Flames are way off on a new arena and there's not likely to be any serious discussions unless the Flames threaten to move. As for the stadium, McMahon Stadium which is hosting the CFL Grey Cup next year, is receiving only minimal upgrades including temporary luxury suites that can be dismantled afterwards. I don't know much about the University of Calgary, but do they even need new housing? I think you'll see some money kicked in for minimal upgrades to McMahon Stadium and the Oval and the sliding track is ready to go. I think when Calgary finally unveils their venue plans you'll see figure skating/short track and the ice hockey finals at the Saddledome. Ice hockey pool games in Edmonton with either the ENMAX Centre in Lethbridge or the ENMAX Centrium in Red Deer as the secondary venue. Ski jumping, nordic combined, and perhaps cross-country skiing will all be done in Vancouver. A venue plan as such would've been unthinkable ten years ago, but today the IOC has no choice unless the IIHF and the IOC want to pay for a new Flames arena.
  8. More talk from the IOC, yet no meaningful concrete action and unless they can provide that then the Calgary bid probably goes down in flames (no pun intended) when the referendum is held. Forget about a SOGs in Toronto or any Canadian city for that matter. That ship has sailed. The only way Toronto would even entertain a SOG bid is if the Olympic Stadium was guaranteed an NFL tenant afterwards and the NFL isn't going to Canada anytime soon.
  9. None of Russia's new stadiums built for the World Cup have an athletics track nor have the ability to put one in. Even Luzhniki had its track permanently removed as part of its renovation. But Putin would have no issue with building a 60,000+ stadium that would become a white elephant afterwards. The Sochi Stadium sat vacant since the WOGS and has only just now gotten a tenant, a second tier Russian football team that won't come close to filling it. And I highly doubt they'd go with the much talked about but unproven temporary stadium either which has shown to largely be a failed concept.
  10. Zenit Stadium in St. Petersburg is a rectangular stadium without the ability to fit an athletics track. The old Kirov stadium which was demolished did have an athletics track. I doubt it would be an issue. They'd build a state-of-the-art Olympic Stadium without regards to any kind of legacy. See Fisht Stadium in Sochi for a good example
  11. Barcelona would require an awful lot to go right before it could be considered viable. It's not just the sliding track they lack. They have no speed skating oval, ski jump, they'd need to build an Olympic Village, not to mention the transport links to the ski resorts. I suppose they could use Albertville's ski jump and the Oval Lingotto in Torino. The political situation is the bigger problem IMO not to mention Spain really isn't in a position financially to pay for an Olympics right now and I suspect there'd be significant local opposition. As for Salt Lake, the USOC had been rather adamant about waiting till 2030. Sapporo? Last anything came out about that bid they were eyeing 2030 based on public opinion. I don't see a double award right now and a lot is going to be told if Erzurum is included on the candidate list this fall. If it is, the IOC will have a PR nightmare on their hands if Erdogan's bid is the last one standing and they try to bring SLC or someone else into the mix.
  12. The IOC has to admit it has a problem first and despite over 60% of Sion voting against the bid the IOC simply said it was a misunderstanding of their reforms. Now I expected the Graz bid to fold but not until the proposed referendum so this should set off alarm bells but I doubt it. And unless changes are made I doubt we see another WOGs in a traditional European winter sports power at all. I expect both Italy and Sweden's bids will also fold due to lack of government support.
  13. This is likely to be a regular feature of WOGs bids if the IOC ever wants a WOGs in the heart of Europe ever again. Sion proposed using Thialf in the Netherlands and Stockholm is proposing using a sliding track in Latvia. Even Calgary is going to have to host nordic combined and ski jumping in Vancouver while most of the ice hockey games are held outside Calgary. The costs and public skepticism have lead to this. The days of the two cluster ice events and snow events are over.
  14. $925 million is a drop in the bucket. That's not going to win over skeptics in the likes of Graz or perhaps Calgary once prospective budgets come out. And someone needs to take the press mic away from Dubi especially after his plea to the Swiss right before Sion's referendum.
  15. Putting on an Olympics for just $1.3 million is a pipe dream. This bid is on borrowed time as I highly doubt it would survive a referendum. They can say it's non-binding all they want. Going against the will of the people is political suicide.
  16. The Southern Hemisphere WOGs saga has been discussed before and besides the obvious problem of hosting a WOGs outside the normal timeframe, a city like Santiago or somewhere in New Zealand has even far greater problems in terms of the huge costs that would be involved. Take Santiago, they have the required vertical drop for the Alpine events, that's it. Virtually all the sporting venues plus an Olympic Village would need to be constructed from scratch. Beyond that, Santiago really doesn't have an established winter sports culture so venues for events like ice hockey, bobsleigh, and speed skating would be destined to become white elephants. The same goes for New Zealand.
  17. The city government took some public opinion polls and while no numbers were released, they indicated that the public's preference was towards a 2030 bid instead of a 2026 bid. If that's the case I can't see how Japan moves forward with a 2026 bid. Going against public opinion as an elected official these days is political suicide.
  18. Less than 500 signatures needed the referendum is all but a done deal and much like Sion, I don't give much chance of it passing once the No Olympics crowd shows up.
  19. The shortlist set to be announced in October is going to be interesting if for no other reason, will Erzurum be included? If it is and the rest of the European bids and Calgary all drop due to either no votes in referendums or lack of government funding, then I don't think the IOC would have any choice but to give the games to Erdogan and co. Failure to do so after including the city on the shortlist would be a PR nightmare. If Erzurum doesn't make the short list, then the IOC is in uncharted waters. I suspect they'd first try to convince Sapporo to reconsider as they seem to be preferring a 2030 bid at the moment. If there's no "reserve parachute" I shudder to think what the IOC might do. I could actually see Putin coming out of the woodwork and offering up Sochi on short notice while at the same time touting the "legacy line."
  20. The demise of the Sion bid was no surprise. Graz will probably soon follow (the KPO is close to 100% in terms of signatures needed to force a referendum). What is particularly concerning in the aftermath of this is the IOC's reaction. The IOC blames it on "outdated information." Rather than say we have more work to do in the eyes of the IOC they have fixed the problems with bidding with Agenda 2020 and the New Norm. The reality is further from the truth. Nick Butler over at insidethegames.biz has a good editorial that sums up the IOC's delusions. The IOC claims Pyeongchang is an example of Agenda 2020 and New Norm success and claim Pyeongchang has a budget surplus. Yet they have given no figures and this comes after not long ago Pyeongchang was running a deficit, had a budget that was higher than expected, now they all of a sudden have a surplus? Highly doubtful. They still have legacy issues with multiple venues, more than the IOC is stating. To my knowledge, the ceremonies stadium is still standing. Looking back, the Koreans would've likely saved money if they bid with Seoul using the existing venues from the 1988 SOGs. Speaking of repurposing SOG venues, the IOC highlights Beijing yet ignores the fact that Beijing has to build virtually all the ski, sliding, and snowboarding venues from scratch not to mention actually manufacture enough snow to hold the events in the first place. The legacy of Rio is turning into Athens Part 2 in terms of venues being left to decay with no viable plan for them. Rio's final budget numbers have yet to be released. About a week ago I was listening to a sports talk radio segment and they discussed this saying there's speculation that Rio's final tally in terms of spending is second only to Sochi with a huge operating loss and the IOC fears if this information comes to light it would drive off bidders for SOGs the way Sochi did for the WOGs. Then there's all the talk about the savings Tokyo has had, Well, when you have a Games budget of say $13 million, and the IOC says hey we can save you $1 billion, that's still a drop in the bucket. The IOC's claims of savings in Pyeongchang and Tokyo more or less is equivalent to buying a 100,000 car and the dealer telling you he'll take $5,000 off the price. It's not enough and it isn't going to be enough to get skeptical populaces back on board with future bids. And let's not forget Tokyo could've cut costs even more buy using existing venues for volleyball and rowing until their respective federations put up a huge fight. In regards to Almaty not bidding for 2026, I have a colleague from Astana and I asked him about this. He said the idea was considered but ultimately scrapped because they did not think it would be possible for a 4th consecutive Olympics in Asia.
  21. It's probably not economically feasible. Budapest would have a ton of venues to build from scratch that would likely become white elephants afterwards. For starters they lack an athletics stadium and a velodrome, two of the most problematic venues in a SOGs.
  22. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1066434/venue-shifts-the-only-cloud-in-paris-2024-sky-on-a-bright-first-day-for-ioc-coordination-commission-visit Looks like the venue plan isn't finalized/ No surprise as they often change. What is surprising though is the basketball venue is penciled in as the article says. Seems like of all the venues that basketball would be one of the sure things with Bercy Arena and a smaller arena (Marcel Cerdan) and a new Bercy Arena (basketball and judo). It's not like Paris has another 15,000+ arena to spare unless they plan on reconfiguring the U Arena in the same manner Atlanta did with the Georgia Dome (half for basketball half for gymnastics). Maybe then they move volleyball to Accorhotels Arena (Bercy I) to fill the void left by basketball and then save money by cancelling out the two temporary arenas in Le Borget and scrap plans to build the smaller Bercey II arena? I assume then you could move judo to perhaps the Paris Expo. Just speculating here.
  23. Now this is an interesting concept. Not sure a stadium like this could host much outside of rugby sevens or if it will even host anything at all in 2024. https://www.dezeen.com/2018/05/02/clamart-stadium-paris-scau-olympic/
  24. I had read an rticle a couple days back that the sliding track was set to get some upgrades but the news about the ski jump complex is a surprise. I can't see the FIS being too happy about the prospect of moving the nordic combined and ski jumping events to Vancouver. Any chance that cross-country skiing would be moved out to Vancouver as well or would Calgary likely propose keeping cross-country at Canmore?
  25. There's one key number missing. $0, in the amount of taxpayer dollars funding this thing. Could this possibly be a model to get sports facilities built without the use of taxpaper funds? Too early to tell.
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