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  1. Interesting. I would like perfer to see Rogers Centre used in a similar way to what Atlanta did with the Georgia Dome, close the roof and divide it into two seperate arenas for gymnastics, handball, and basketball. I would move preliminary rounds for volleyball to the Hershey Centre in Mississauga and use the Air Canada Centre for basketball and the volleyball finals. I think BMO Field would be a natural venue for rugby sevens and while it would increase travel time, it would be nice to see either Calgary, Vancouver, or Montreal host some football prelims as a nod to Canada's Olympic past. Just my opinion.
  2. Reno will more than likely use Mackay Stadium (expanded to 50,000) on the campus of the University of Nevada for its Olympic Stadium. I was out in Reno a couple of years ago to watch a Texas Tech vs. Nevada football game. Nice place for a game. Reno will need to construct a downtown arena for some of the ice events. I cannot find the link but I read an article that stated renovating the Lawlor Events Center is not feasible for any of the ice events. The Reno Events Center probably gets used for the curling events. With the Sacramento Kings now looking like they may stick around, I'd say the probability for a new downtown arena to replace the aging ARCO Arena is more likely.
  3. Istanbul is probably the darkhorse candidate at this point. With Tokyo looking like they're going to pass on 2020 and the status of South Africa's intentions still unclear, the race for 2020 is shaping up as an all-European affair. Istanbul's chances are as good as ever.
  4. I'm a bit disappointed to see cricket not among those sports considered. I spent part of my July 4th vacation in St. Kitts and Nevis. The locals gave me a nice education on cricket and I got to visit Warners Park.
  5. Actually it looks like an ICBM.
  6. You can cross Denver and Quebec off the list. The fact that the FIS has ruled that La Massif is not suitable for the alpine events more or less eliminates any shot for Quebec. Everybody already knows what happened with Denver in 1976. If the USOC throws their hat in the ring, it's likely to be Reno. If Munich falls short in Jul y, I see them giving 2022 a shot and they'd probably go in as the favorite especially if Pyeongchang wins 2018 as I suspect.
  7. Any word on whether Barack Obama will attend? I would assume so although he's going to be in the heat of his re-election campaign.
  8. U.S. government has a travel warning for parts of Jalisco. Don't know how this might affect U.S. participation at the Pan Am Games.
  9. How strong is Brazil in rugby? I know their Argentine neighbors to the south are pretty good. Seems like a sport that has a tremendous opportunity to grow in Brazil.
  10. Interesting comment by the FIFA president though I'm inclined to think that his comments regarding England and Russia are nothing more than an attempt to distract from the fact that England appears to be a heavy favorite for the 2018 Tournament. If England is awarded 2018 as I expect would FIFA consider giving 2022 to the Russians if they are truly that impressed with their bid?
  11. So is it official that Bolt will not be in Delhi?
  12. Why have a seperate venue for water polo? Why not hold all the aquatics events in the new aquatic center?
  13. ARCO Arena? Surely I'd hope not. Wouldn't a Reno bid bet better off building a new 15,000 seat downtown arena for hockey and using the Lawlor Events Center or figure skating and the Reno Events Center as its other hockey venue? Not only is ARCO far, it is a dump.
  14. So will the seating in the upper tier of the Olympic Stadium be chair-back or bleacher seating?
  15. If Tiger and Phil Mickelson are going at it in 2016, I see no reason why golf will not be sticking around.
  16. There seems to be a rumor every year that the Buffalo Bills will eventually relocate to Toronto. If I'm not mistaken, the Bills are scheduled to play at least a few exhibition games in Toronto in the coming years.
  17. The lakefront setting was the best Chicago could go with. Spreading the venues out over the neighborhoods would've actually been a detriment. The IOC wants a compact games as has been the recent trend. I do like the idea of a San Francisco games set against the bay. Regarding NYC, I wouldn't mind seeing them give it another go. Don't knoiw where they'd put the Olympic Stadium though.
  18. The sub-par or second and third tier city idea would probaby set a summer games in the U.S. back even further. The last two summer games elections were filled with mega cities and that's not likely to change anytime soon. Just because Chicago and NYC came up short doesn't mean the USOC should start looking down the line at a city like Pittsburgh for example. It would be the equivalent of Germany putting forth Leipzig in the 2012 race. If the USOC really wants another summer games, it will have to be one of the big guns. As for Reno, well, I also would prefer Denver but for reasons already mentioned I doubt the USOC would be crazy enough to offer up the Mile High City again. Reno certainly seems to be the front runner based on organization right now. Could any other candidates step up if the USOC indeed decides to go the winter route? We'll have to wait and see. i really would like to see Albuquerque give it a shot.
  19. WIth the U.S. out of the running for 2020, the time for Toronto to give it a another go around would be now.
  20. Bush owned MLB's Texas Rangers for a while in Arlington which is just outside Dallas city limits. If memory serves me correctly, San Antonio's bid for the Pan Ams was nothing short of a disaster. I don't think the U.S. is too keen on an Pan Am Games right now.
  21. Sounds to me like the IOC is scared of any bid out of the Middle East. Not sure if this has been discussed yet, but I'd say, after Rio, the next South American city to be in line for an Olympics is Buenos Aires. Granted that's probably a ways off.
  22. The Aquatics Center looks impressive. I didn't like the design originally but I admit it's growing on me. With regards to the MPC, would it have not been easier and more cost effective to have both the MPC and IBC at ExCEL?
  23. If Tokyo decides to go through with another bid, I cannot see how Japan would choose any other candidate.
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