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  1. Bela Karolyi even says the Chinese team was underage.
  2. The U.S. mailed it in after Sacramone lost it on the floor exercise.
  3. Passports were most likely forged.
  4. U.S. women having to battle not just the Chinese and Russians but the judges also. Very biased against the Americans. And there's noooooooooooooo way all of the members of the Chinese team are 16.
  5. What a waste. If they wanted to demolish it, why not wait until after the Olympics.
  6. Why was the London Arena not included as a venue? I know is a hockey rink, but it seems like it would've cut back on costs to convert it to an arena for use during the games.
  7. In that case, why not use bleachers or is that not allowed?
  8. Regarding the temporary seating at the Olympic Stadium, will they use bleachers or individual seating?
  9. Hmmm. . . so JAS was brom Barcelona so he twisted the arms of Spain's NOC. Makes me wonder why Avery Brundage never pushed for Detroit and got his way as his successor did. Given today's climate in the IOC, could a city like Barcelona even host the games again?
  10. So why did Spain choose Barcelona over Madrid?
  11. Any chance the government will name the stadium after Mao following the Olympics?
  12. Rugby and golf and I'm going to take some heat for this next one . . . skateboarding. Heck, if the IOC is going to include snowboarding you might as well include skateboarding.
  13. Interesting. I always thought JAS was from Madrid. Never knew Barcelona was his hometown.
  14. Why was Barcelona such a heavy favorite to host the 92 Games?
  15. I remember Calgary. I was nine at the time and I remember the U.S. didn't fare too well in the final medal talley. What sticks out in my mind has always been Calgary's Olympic logo. It's the best Winter Olympics one IMHO.
  16. When it comes to South Africa, why is all the focus on Cape Town. What about Johannesburg or Pretoria?
  17. I think it's time for an Olympics in Africa. Here's who I think is most capable of hosting. South Africa - Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria Morocco - Casablanca, Rabat Egypt - Cairo Tunisia - Tunis Libya - Tripoli
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