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  1. Where did the window flags come from? Anyone have pics?
  2. Anyone know where I might be able to lay my hands on some of the sold out Vancouver 2010 (from Canada post/NPC) stamps/first day covers? Missed them by that much, and would really love for my collection! Selling? Reasonable prices! On another note, any other countries issue Vancouver philatelistuff?
  3. Just came across this on the CTV Olympics store - http://store.ctvolympics.ca/Pages/product.aspx?category=AllProducts&cat=CTVOlympicsCatalog&pid=CTVBPP001&rank=59 The answer to all my "no" responses
  4. OK guys, quick question: Anyone know what happened to Pincollectorssite.com? Tried emailing him, no response, and no updates for almost 2 months! Any deets?
  5. Well, just got one from the Mint today. Called Deloitte, Omni TV, Getty Images (nice folk), and they're all out. Left my # with SleepCountry. Also, pretty curious with Bell, G-CP. Can you please DM me the #? I can let you know wheee to get the Canadian Press....thx!
  6. Nice catch! Who did you contact at GE for their pin? BTW, I got a few from the city of Surrey, BC today!
  7. On another note, maybe I'll start a topic of definitive lists for 2010 pins instead of searching thru the 73 (!) pages on this thread…
  8. Under comments, there are various categories, so that's what I was wondering. Anyways, anyone know who to contact for GE? There are also a couple of Samsungs Im trying to get my hands on.... One week to go!
  9. Do you remember which category did you send it to? Customer Service, Ambassadors, Press Office, Sales, Webmaster.....?
  10. sorry, the quoting got a bit funky. I was referring to the Omega pins, how long was the wait time from requesting to recieving?
  11. [quote name='German-Canadian Pinhead' date='03 February 2010 - 05:26 PM' timestamp='1265236014' post='249048 Received two nice pins from Omega today. I already have their mountains one, but they sent me two gold ones with the Olympic rings in nice boxes. This is the link: http://www.omega.ch/index.php?id=337 Yeesh! I requested a month ago, and nothing has come. How long ago did u request them?
  12. Skifreak, I beat you to it. My first attempt was emailing iCoke, to which the response was that they didn't know. I then tweeted CokePinTrader, who went to check but hasn't replied. I think i might have called them too.... Best guess is that they've given up on it. They even changed the description on icoke, deleting the part with pin 1/5 . My guess is as good as yours! Maybe the card will be a collectors item?
  13. yeah, gotta write, they're up in Bolton.
  14. Yes, there are 4 M&M, and one Snickers Believe. Really cool!
  15. Can you please PM me as well for Bell Aliant and Nk'Mip? I have room! Thanks a bunch!
  16. 73cents!!! Would u plz PM me the link??
  17. I tried a couple of times, with the same canned response: "Thank you for your message. In order to retain their value and promotional uniqueness, Visa Inc. doesn’t make Olympic pins available through the mail. Please be on the lookout for marketing programs in your local area which may offer the pins as part of a promotion. Thank you for your interest. Visa Webmaster" If you remember, don't hesitate to PM me! I believe the guy (you mentioned earlier)'s name was Brad Kane....
  18. @SkiFreak, would you be able to PM me how to contact where you got the Visa pins from? Appreciate it! quote name='SkiFreak' date='20 January 2010 - 08:05 PM' timestamp='1264035904' post='246769'] Here's what one of the Petro Canada Coke pins looks like, the one you get for free if you purchase a glass and two Coke products: At Value Village, I managed to find this Calgary '88 RCMP pin:
  19. Hi! Can you please PM me Brad Kane (Visa) email for pins? Your inbox is full....


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