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  1. On a slightly related matter, has anyone seen how badly burnt some of the torches look to be once they've been used? In TV footage of the relay shown here I've seen several scorched or blackened torch 'heads'. Is this a design issue or just a little superficial marking. If other relays are considered, torch bearers were offered the chance to purchase their torch. If so I wonder if any are a bit cheesed off that theirs looks like a burnt offering...

    It's not burnt, it's just a bit of soot that is normal when burning anything. I think it's more obvious with Vancouver's torch because the flame goes down the side rather than just on top. In any case, it wipes off easily with a cloth, but most people I've seen leave it there, makes it more authentic I suppose.

  2. Anyone taking West Coast Express? We're staying in Chilliwack and are looking at taking the train from Mission. I'm guessing that transport isn't included in our ticket price...but I thought I'd ask. Also, coming home, will it be pretty tough to catch a return train? Also, is it pretty similar to Canada Line in that the stops aren't too long? It says on the website that it should take 72 min or so to get from Mission to Waterfront...will that change during the games?

    Thanks for any help you can give us :)

    All Translink services, including the West Coast Express, are free if you have a ticket, which is actually a pretty great deal. I know they're adding extra trains with late night service etc. but at this point I think it's hard to say how busy it will be during the games.

  3. Does anyone know if there will be rigging to allow people to 'float' and travel across the stadium (not sure what the specific rigging is called) on the roof? Just wondering... kind of curious to see how much weight that roof can take.

    I've been told that there is about 70 tonnes of lighting, rigging etc. suspended from the roof for the ceremonies. So yes, it would be safe to assume it could support a few people.

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