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  1. Here are my comments for the predictions. ALPINE SKIING Men Downhill ADVERTISEMENT GOLD— Manuel Osborne-Paradis, Canada SILVER— Michael Walchhofer, Austria BRONZE— Didier Cuche, Switzerland I agree for Osborne-Paradis and Cuche. Not sure Walchhofer will make it though! Super-G GOLD— Aksel Lund Svindal, Norway SILVER— Bode Miller, United States BRONZE— Didier Defago, Switzerland Lund Svindal, Miller and Defago are all big question marks. Carlo Janka and Didier Cuche still are my favourites. Would like to see Erik Guay taking the bronze! Slalom GOLD— Ivica Kostelic, Croatia SILVER— Reinfried Herbst, Austria BRONZE— Giuliano Razzoli, Italy Kostelic only has one win this season. For me, Herbst is the favourite. Marcel Hirscher, from Austria, is also to be watched. Finally, don't forget Julien Lizeroux (France) and Michael Janyk on his home land. Giant Slalom GOLD— Benjamin Raich, Austria SILVER— Max Blardone, Italy BRONZE— Aksel Lund Svindal, Norway For me, it will be a big surprise to see Raich on the top of the podium. I'd rather see Ted Ligety (US) or Blardone. Marcel Hirschner is also one of my big favourites. Kjetil Jansrud (Norway) is also a good option. Super-Combi GOLD— Carlo Janka, Switzerland SILVER— Aksel Lund Svindal, Norway BRONZE— Julien Lizeroux, France I think here is the real chance for Bode Miller. It is the only event where I can see him taking a medal. Lizeroux is a good pick. Not sure about Lund Svindal. Women Downhill GOLD— Lindsey Vonn, United States SILVER— Maria Riesch, Germany BRONZE— Anja Paerson, Sweden I agree for gold and silver. However, for the bronze, I see more Ingrid Jacquemod (France) or Fabienne Suter (Switzerland). Super-G GOLD— Lindsey Vonn, United States SILVER— Anja Paerson, Sweden BRONZE— Elisabeth Goergl, Austria Okay, good picks! Slalom GOLD— Marlies Schild, Austria SILVER— Maria Riesch, Germany. BRONZE— Sarka Zahrobska, Czech Republic. Zahrobska does not have a good season. Would like to see Susanne Riesch on that podium. However, I think Kathrin Zettel (Austria) and Sandrine Aubert (France) will beat her. Zettel-Riesch-Schild for gold, silver and bronze! Giant Slalom GOLD— Kathrin Zettel, Germany SILVER— Tina Maze, Slovenia BRONZE— Tanja Poutiainen, Finland Don't forget Kathrin Hoelzl from Germany! Super-Combi GOLD— Maria Riesch, Germany SILVER— Elisabeth Goergl, Austria BRONZE— Lindsey Vonn, United States I think Vonn will win this, but Riesch is also a good possibility. BIATHLON Women 7.5K sprint GOLD— Svetlana Sleptsova, Russia SILVER— Helena Jonsson, Sweden BRONZE— Olga Medvedtseva, Russia Sleptsova is not at her best in the sprint, Jonsson or Olofsson Zidek should win. 10K pursuit GOLD— Helena Jonsson, Sweden SILVER— Magdalena Neuner, Germany BRONZE— Anna Carin Olofsson-Zidek, Sweden Sleptsova should win here instead! Jonsson is a big pick however. Andrea Henkel and Simone Hauswald, from Germany, will also be to watch. 15K individual GOLD— Helena Jonsson, Sweden SILVER— Olga Medvedtseva, Russia BRONZE— Anastasiya Kuzmina, Slovakia I see Olofsson Zidek on that podium instead of Kuzmina. Okay for silver to Russia, but I would take Olga Zaitseva instead! 12.5K mass start GOLD— Kati Wilhelm, Germany SILVER— Anna Carin Olofsson-Zidek, Sweden BRONZE— Tora Berger, Norway Oh no! This will be a enormous surprise if it happens! Henkel, Hauswald or Neuner could win for Germany, but Wilhelm I am not sure at all! Jonsson again could be on that podium and the Russians. Darya Domracheva (Belarus), for me, is really strong but struggled this season to prove it while making a lot of stupid mistakes! Relay GOLD— Russia SILVER— Sweden BRONZE— Germany Interesting pick! However, I think Germany will beat Sweden. Men 10K sprint GOLD— Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, Norway SILVER— Emil Hegle Svendsen, Norway BRONZE— Simon Fourcade, France Okay, I agree! 12.5K pursuit GOLD— Evgeny Ustyugov, Russia SILVER— Tim Burke, United States BRONZE— Simon Eder, Austria Well, this is also a good pick! 20K individual GOLD— Simon Fourcade, France SILVER— Christoph Sumann, Austria BRONZE— Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, Norway I think Svendsen or Bjoerndalen will win this event. Michael Greis (Germany) should also be on the podium. Tomasz Sikora would also be a good pick por Poland. 15K mass start GOLD— Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, Norway SILVER— Tomasz Sikora, Poland BRONZE— Nikolay Kruglov, Russia Agree! Relay GOLD— Norway SILVER— Russia BRONZE— France No, I think Russia will win gold (I am fool? Yeah, I think it will beat Norway) and Austria will certainly take the bronze BOBSLED Two-man GOLD— Andre Lange and Kevin Kuske, Germany SILVER— Ivo Rueegg and Cedric Grand, Switzerland BRONZE— Beat Hefti and Thomas Lamparter, Switzerland I think a Canadian team will be on the podium and maybe at the top of it, even though Canadians got huge troubles this year in men's bobsleigh. Four-man GOLD— Steven Holcomb, Justin Olsen, Steve Mesler and Curt Tomasevicz, United States SILVER— Andre Lange, Rene Hoppe, Kevin Kuske and Martin Putze, Germany BRONZE— Thomas Florschuetz, Ronny Listner, Richard Adjei and Andreas Barucha, Germany I would like to see Lyndon Rush taking a medal here. I think Germany will win and Latvia should win something. Women GOLD— Sandra Kiriasis and Berit Wiacker, Germany SILVER— Shauna Rohbock and Michelle Rzepka, United States BRONZE— Helen Upperton and Jennifer Ciochetti, Canada Okay, I strongly disagree! Helen Upperton will go to the Games with Shelley-Ann Brown...lol...My pick is Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse for gold. Cathleen Martini should also be on that podium. CROSS COUNTRY Women 10K freestyle GOLD— Justyna Kowalczyk, Poland SILVER— Marit Bjoergen, Norway BRONZE— Charlotte Kalla, Sweden Charlotte Kalla should win this event. I think Marianna Longa or Arianna Follis will be on the podium for Italy. Kowalczyk will be better in the pursuit, but she stil is a huge favourite! Individual sprint, classical GOLD— Petra Majdic, Slovenia SILVER— Justyna Kowalczyk, Poland BRONZE— Alena Prochazkova, Russia Prochazkova is from Slovakia! I think she will win because she won last year in Whistler! Agree for Majdic and Kowaczyk on the podium. 15K pursuit GOLD— Justyna Kowalczyk, Poland SILVER— Evgenia Medvedeva, Russia BRONZE— Kristin Stoermer Steira, Norway Kowalczyk is a lock for gold. I can't see her having a real opponent! Team sprint, freestyle GOLD— Russia SILVER— Slovenia Bronze—Sweden I stronly disagree. My pick is Italy, Finland and Sweden! 30K classical GOLD— Virpi Kuitunen, Finland SILVER— Petra Majdic, Slovenia BRONZE— Aino-Kaisa Saarinen, Finland Agree! Relay GOLD— Norway SILVER— Finland BRONZE— Russia Oh, I don't think Finland will loose here. Sweden will be very strong though. I don't see Russia on the podium. Norway should take silver or bronze. Men 15K freestyle GOLD— Lukas Bauer, Czech Republic SILVER— Petter Northug, Norway BRONZE— Vincent Vittoz, France Vittoz will not be on the podium. Matti Heikkinen (Finland) and Markus Hellner (Sweden) are my favourites, just ahead of Bauer and Northug. Individual sprint, classical GOLD— Ola Vigen Hattestad, Norway SILVER— Emil Joensson, Sweden BRONZE— John Kristian Dahl, Norway Joensson is my favourite. 30K pursuit GOLD— Petter Northug, Norway SILVER— Dario Cologna, Switzerland Bronze—Lukas Bauer, Czech Republic Don't think Cologna will win a silver, I give it to Maxim Vylegzhanin! Team sprint GOLD— Norway SILVER— Sweden BRONZE— Russia Okay, same pick for me! 50K classical GOLD— Maxim Vylegzhanin, Russia SILVER— Tobias Angerer, Germany BRONZE— Jens Arne Svartedal, Norway I would like to see Alex Harvey taking gold here and I think it is a possibility. Sami Jauhojaervi (Finland) and Petter Northug (Norway) are the favourites however! Vylegzhanin is really strong too. Svartedal, I don't agree and Angerer will be a biggest surprise than Harvey in my opinion. Relay GOLD— Norway SILVER— Russia BRONZE— Germany Well, I see Sweden, Finland or Canada taking the bronze. I don't know why! CURLING Men GOLD— Canada SILVER— Great Britain BRONZE— Norway My pick : Sweden, Canada, Great Britain Women GOLD— Canada SILVER— Sweden BRONZE— Switzerland My pick : Canada, China, Switzerland FREESTYLE SKIING Men Aerials GOLD— Jia Zongyang, China SILVER— Anton Kushnir, Belarus BRONZE— Qi Guangpu, China Kushnir will win it. He won almost every competition this season. Moguls GOLD— Alexandre Bilodeau, Canada SILVER— Dale Begg-Smith, Australia BRONZE— Alexandr Smyshlyaev, Russia Begg-Smith or Guilbault Colas (France) will win! I can't see Bilodeau on the top of the podium, maybe Jesper Bjoernlund (Sweden). I don't even know why Smyshlyaev has been taken here? Someone has to explain it to me... SkiCross GOLD— Tomas Kraus, Czech Republic SILVER— Chris Del Bosco, Canada BRONZE— Michael Schmid, Switzerland Okay, impossible basically! Kraus is not dominant as he was before. Del Bosco, Schmid or David Duncan (Canada) will win I think. Kraus shoud be happy with a top 5. Women Aerials GOLD— Li Nina, China SILVER— Evelyne Leu, Switzerland BRONZE— Guo Xinxin, China Leu is very inconsistent. Lydia Lassila (Australia) would be my pick for silver though. The two other Chinese could also win. Moguls GOLD— Jennifer Heil, Canada SILVER— Hannah Kearney, United States BRONZE— Heather McPhie, United States Same pick as mine! SkiCross GOLD— Ashleigh McIvor, Canada SILVER— Ophelie David, France BRONZE— Anna Holmlund, Sweden I see Kelsey Serwa (Canada) for the bronze, not Holmlund! FIGURE SKATING Pairs GOLD— Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, China SILVER— Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy, Germany BRONZE— Pang Qing and Tong Jian, China Okay, with the major upsets this year, this is hard to predict! If all goes well, Shen and Zhao should win. However, if they struggle, Savchenko and Szolkowy or the European champions, Kavaguti and Smirnov, could win! Men GOLD— Evgeni Plushenko, Russia SILVER— Evan Lysacek, United States BRONZE— Patrick Chan, Canada I just hope Plushenko will be beaten. Lysacek is out of the top 5 for me. He struggled at the US Nationals and a great performance like last year Worlds would be a big surprise for me. Jeremy Abbott (US) is a real candidate for gold after having delivered a outstanding performance at US Nationals! Although Plushenko will be unbeatable in the short, Abbott, Chan and Daisuke Takahashi (Japan) have the talent the make him out of the podium in the long! Ice Dance GOLD— Meryl Davis and Charlie White, United States SILVER— Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin, Russia BRONZE— Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Canada Ah ah ah! Domninina and Shabalin on the podium is really a strange pick. They didn't deserve their last year world title neither their European title. Faiella and Scali should have win. If they delivered the performance they did at Europeans, they will likely finish 5th or 6th. Davis and White are the favourites among with Virtue and Moir. David and White beat them in December. However, there was no compulsory dance at the ISU Grand Prix Final. It will be a real battle between the two couples! If Virtue and Moir delivered the type of performance they did in London, I think they will win (David and White made a mistake in the Original Dance). Belbin and Agosto should get the bronze, although Delobel and Schoenfelder (France) are the big question mark. I hope ISU judges won't give them a gold medal just to maintain the domination of Europe in ice dancing! That would be a shame. North America sweep, this is my prediction! Women GOLD— Kim Yu-na, South Korea SILVER— Mao Asada, Japan BRONZE— Miki Ando, Japan I hope both Joannie Rochette (Canada) and Rachael Flatt (United States) will be on the podium. Rochette can win if Kim falters. Asada, even with two triple axels (and she struggled with them), would be a big surprise if she wins. Here are my predictions: 1-Kim 2-Rochette 3-Asada 4-Flatt 5-Suzuki (Japan) HOCKEY Men GOLD— Russia SILVER— Canada BRONZE— Sweden LOL, same pick as mine! Women GOLD— Canada SILVER— United States BRONZE— Sweden AGAIN! LUGE Men GOLD— Armin Zoeggeler, Italy SILVER— David Moeller, Germany (I would take Felix Loch instead) BRONZE— Albert Demtschenko, Russia Women GOLD— Tatjana Huefner, Germany SILVER— Natalie Geisenberger, Germany BRONZE— Erin Hamlin, United States (Anke Wieschnweski is my pick for bronze, would equal Germany sweep) Doubles GOLD— Andre Florschuetz and Torsten Wustlich, Germany SILVER— Christian Oberstolz and Patrick Gruber, Italy BRONZE— Andreas Linger and Wolfgang Linger, Austria Very unpredictable! I would like to see Italy taking gold. Three german teams, two italians teams and one austrian team could win! NORDIC COMBINED Individual normal hill GOLD— Jason Lamy Chappuis, France SILVER— Magnus Moan, Norway BRONZE— Felix Gottwald, Austria (not sure, maybe Hannu Manninen of Finland) Individual large hill GOLD— Billy Demong, United States SILVER— Jason Lamy Chappuis, France BRONZE— Eric Frenzel, Germany Team event GOLD— United States SILVER— Germany BRONZE— Norway SHORT TRACK Men 500 GOLD— Charles Hamelin, Canada SILVER— Sung Si-Bak, South Korea (Ohno will take the silver I think) BRONZE— Francois-Louis Tremblay, Canada 1,000 GOLD— Lee Jung-Su, South Korea (Well, my pick is Ho-Suk Lee) SILVER— Apolo Anton Ohno, United States (J.R. Celski is my pick) BRONZE— Sung Si-Bak, South Korea (Kwak is my pick) 1,500 GOLD— Lee Jung-Su, South Korea (Lee is my pick) SILVER— Charles Hamelin, Canada BRONZE— Lee Ho-Suk, South Korea (Ohno is my pick) 5,000 Relay GOLD— South Korea SILVER— Canada BRONZE— United States Women 500 GOLD— Wang Meng, China SILVER— Kalyna Roberge, Canada BRONZE— Zhao Nannan, China (Marianna St-Gelais is my piok) 1,000 GOLD— Wang Meng, China SILVER— Katherine Reutter, United States BRONZE— Zhou Yang, China 1,500 GOLD— Zhou Yang, China SILVER— Lee Eun-Byul, South Korea BRONZE— Sun LinLin, China (Katherine Reutter is my pick) 3,000 Relay GOLD— China SILVER— South Korea BRONZE— Canada SKELETON Men GOLD— Jon Montgomery, Canada SILVER— Frank Rommel, Germany BRONZE— Martins Dukurs, Latvia Women GOLD— Mellisa Hollingsworth, Canada SILVER— Shelley Rudman, Great Britain BRONZE— Marion Trott, Germany SKI JUMPING Normal Hill Gold—Thomas Morgenstern, Austria Silver—Wolfgang Loitzl, Austria Bronze—Adam Malysz, Poland Large Hill Gold—Gregor Schlierenzauer, Austria Silver—Janne Ahonen, Finland Bronze—Wolfgang Loitzl, Austria Team event Gold—Austria Silver—Finland (Norway in my opinion) Bronze—Switzerland (Finland) SNOWBOARDING Men Halfpipe GOLD— Shaun White, United States SILVER— Iouri Podladtchikov, Switzerland BRONZE— Kazuhiro Kokubo, Japan Same pick as mine! Snowboardcross GOLD— Pierre Vaultier, France (HUGE FAVOURITE) SILVER— Nate Holland, United States BRONZE— Alberto Schiavon, Italy I take any Canadian for bronze. They are all great, so... Parallel Giant Slalom GOLD— Jasey Jay Anderson, Canada SILVER— Simon Schoch, Switzerland (What??? Matthew Morrison and Michael Lambert, and Austrians Karl and Prommegger are my picks) BRONZE— Andreas Prommegger, Austria (nice pick) Women GOLD— Gretchen Bleiler, United States SILVER— Kelly Clark, United States BRONZE— Torah Bright, Australia I think Hannah Teter will take the bronze! Snowboardcross GOLD— Dominique Maltais, Canada (Oh, it would so great! One of my favourite athletes!) SILVER— Lindsey Jacobellis, United States BRONZE— Maelle Ricker, Canada I think Helene Olafsen (Norway) will take the silver and Jacobellis will be out of the podium! Parallel Giant Slalom GOLD— Fraenzi Maegert-Kohli, Switzerland (Nicolien Sauerbreij (NED) is my favourite) SILVER— Alena Zavarzina, Russia (Alexa Loo or Kimiko Zakreski) BRONZE— Doris Guenther, Austria (or Marion Kreiner) SPEEDSKATING Men 500 GOLD— Lee Kyou-Hyuk, South Korea SILVER— Joji Kato, Japan BRONZE— Tucker Fredricks, United States (Kang-Seok Lee is my pick) 1,000 GOLD— Shani Davis, United States SILVER— Mark Tuitert, Netherlands (Lee) BRONZE— Lee Kyou-Hyuk, South Korea (Wotherspoon for the bronze) 1,500 GOLD— Shani Davis, United States SILVER— Denny Morrison, Canada (Enrico Fabris instead) BRONZE— Chad Hedrick, United States 5,000 GOLD— Sven Kramer, Netherlands SILVER— Enrico Fabris, Italy BRONZE— Ivan Skobrev, Russia 10,000 GOLD— Sven Kramer, Netherlands SILVER— Bob de Jong, Netherlands BRONZE— Havard Bokko, Norway (maybe Alexis Contin will will the bronze for France, I would like if he could win the gold and beat Kramer, it will bo so interesting) Team Pursuit GOLD— Netherlands SILVER— Italy (no, it won't happen again I think - they won gold in Turin - Canada is my pick) BRONZE— Canada (Norway) Women 500 GOLD— Jenny Wolf, Germany SILVER— Wang Beixing, China BRONZE— Annette Gerritsen, Netherlands (Sang-Hwa Lee (KOR) is my pick) 1,000 GOLD— Christine Nesbitt, Canada SILVER— Annette Gerritsen, Netherlands BRONZE— Monique Angermueller, Germany Anni Friesinger-Postma will be on the podium I think! 1,500 GOLD— Christine Nesbitt, Canada SILVER— Kristina Groves, Canada BRONZE— Ireen Wust, Netherlands Agree! 3,000 GOLD— Martina Sablikova, Czech Republic SILVER— Stephanie Beckert, Germany BRONZE— Ireen Wust, Netherlands Agree again, but Groves could win a medal! 5,000 GOLD— Martina Sablikova, Czech Republic SILVER— Kristina Groves, Canada (my pick is Clara Hughes) BRONZE— Stephanie Beckert, Germany Team Pursuit GOLD— Canada SILVER— Germany (Netherlands) BRONZE— Netherlands (Germany)
  2. I don't think Joubert will be on the podium. I think he got only 148 for his long program at the Europeans. Did you know that Abbott and Chan both scored more than 175 at their Nationals? I know their scores maybe have been a bit inflated, but both performances deserved more than 160. Joubert got 88 for his short. Chan with errors can mark 85 ... artistically, he improved so much! He is definitely the best in the world with Abbott, just before Takahashi!Well, Lambiel is very good too. Will he be ready technically... Plushenko and Joubert are only jumpers and europeans inflated the PCS for Plushenko yesterday... 83 is a lot for a guy who struggles greatly will originality and choreography! My pics are : Plushenko, Abbott, Chan and Oda
  3. I think Canada should win approximately forty medals, maybe 35 or 45. I think that they will capture between 14 and 18 gold medals. I think Canada could win medals in the following events : Hockey - Canada won't get the gold on the men's side according to me. Russia is my favourite, while Sweden, Finland, Canada and the US should battle for silver and bronze. On the women's side, I think we will get the gold. Prediction : 2 medals, 1 gold Curling - Canada has to redeem his fourth-place finish at the last World's Championships on the women's side. I'm going with Canada for gold, China for silver and Switzerland for bronze. Anette Norberg, from Sweden, the reigning Olympic champion, finished fifth this year at the Europeans. On the men's side, I think Swedes and Norwegians will be strong. Great Britain, China and Switzerland will also be to watch. Of course, Canada's Kevin Martin team will do everything to get the gold and forget his silver medal at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake. Prediction : 2 medals, 1 gold Figure Skating : Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are currently seen by many as the favourites for the Vancouver Olympic Games even though they never won a big title. Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White are expected to be their main opponents. Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder could also be to watch, but there is doubt concerning the skating of Delobel currently. Concerning Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin, even the very inflated score they got in the Free Dance at the Russian Nationals do not beat the scores Virtue and Scott and Davis and White got this season on the ISU circuit, as Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto seem to have been caught by their teamates Davis and White. On the men's side, if Patrick Chan is in shape, he will battle with Evgeni Plushenko (Russia), Stephane Lambiel (Switzerland), Evan Lysacek and Jeremy Abbott (United States), Nobunari Oda and Daisuke Takahashi (Japan) for gold. In the women's competition, Joannie Rochette is a big contender. She is the word-silver medallist. However, she got difficulties this season. If she performs well in Vancouver, she will be on the podium. Only Yu-Na Kim (South Korea) is superior to her artistically presently. Finally, in couples, Jessica Dubé and Bryce Davison will probably not reach the podium. They lack consistency since they suffered from injuries. Chinese, German and Russian should dominate the event. Prediction : 3 medals, 1 gold Long-track Speedskating : Once again, this sould give Canada a lot of medals. The women's team is strong. Christine Nesbitt is the favourite on the 1000 meters, while Kristina Groves should join her on the podium for the 1500 meters, and maybe the 1000 meters. In a perfect day, Britanny Schussler could join them and they could sweep the podium. On the women's 3000 meters, a bronze medal won by Kristina Groves would be good, while Clara Hughes should struggle to defend her title on the 5000 meters. Bronze would be good. However, Canadiens are the huge favourites to win the women's pursuit. On the men's side, the men's team pursuit is the best threat for a medal as Jeremy Wotherspoon and Denny Morrison could get a medal at the 500, 1000 or 1500 meters. Prediction : 7 medals, 3 gold Short-track Speedskating : We can expect more medals than four years ago. Charles Hamelin, François Hamelin, François-Louis Tremblay and Olivier Jean all have the talent to reach the podium on individual distances and could get the gold medal in the relay event. C.Hamelin is contender for the three individual distances, Tremblay for the 500 meters, as well as Jean and F. Hamelin for the 1000 meters. On the women's side, Kalyna Roberge, Marianne Saint-Gelais and Jessica Gregg are all medal contenders in the 500 meters, while Roberge could also reach the podium on the 1000 meters or the 1500 meters. The relay is also good enough to be on the podium, maybe not for the gold however. Prediction : 9 medals, 3 gold Freestyle Skiing : Canada will be the country to beat in Vancouver. Alexandre Bilodeau and Vincent Marquis are contenders for the moguls title on the men's side, while Jen Heil and Kristy Richards are going for the gold medal in the women's side. In the new ski-cross event, Ashley McIvor, the defending World champion, will be hard to beat on her home-soil. Julia Murray could also be on the podium. On the men's side, one Canadian should be on the podium, but results are very inconsistent this season and it is very difficult to predict who will be the one. Finally, Steve Omischl will be among the favourites in the aerials event on the men's side, while Veronika Bauer will be the best chance for a medal on the women's side. Will be a big surprise tough ... Prediction : 6 medals, 3 gold Snowboarding : Canada will maybe send his stronger team ever in Vancouver. Jasey Jay Anderson and Matthew Morrison should both be on the podium in the parallel giant slalom, while Alexa Loo and Kimiko Zakreski could also be on the women's side. In the snowboardcross events, Maelle Ricker and Dominique Maltais could win the gold on the women's side, while Rob Fagan is expected for the podium on the men's side. In the halfpipe events, a medal will be a big surprise even though Jeff Batchelor was second at the last year World's Championships. The best Americains were absent from this competition. Prediction : 6 medals, 2 gold Alpine Skiing : Canada will have to deal with injuries. Medal contenders Kelly Vanderbeek and John Kucera are out of the Games. Manuel Osborne-Paradis won a super-G and a downhill this season. Skiing at home could be a huge advantage. Robbie Dixon could also get a medal. Emily Brydon and Britt Janyk could get a medal in the downhill or the super-G. Michael Janyk is also a medal possibility in the men's slalom. Prediction : 3 medals, 1 gold Bobsleigh - Pierre Lueders and Jesse Lumsden could get a medal in the two-men competition, while Lyndon Rush has possibilities to get a medal in the four-men competition. The best hope for a medal is Kaillie Humphries in the two-women competition. Prediction : 1 medal, no gold Skeleton - Jon Montgomery and Jeff Pain won gold and bronze at the World Cup in Whistler last year. I think they will have a home-advantage. On the women's side, Melissa Hollingsworth is on fire, she will be the one to beat. Last weekend, Germans have been defeated by her on their home track. Prediction : 3 medals, 2 gold Cross-Country Skiing : If Canada won medals in the women's side in Salt Lake and Torino, this time the best hopes are on the men's side. Ivan Babikov, Alex Harvey and Devon Kershaw all could win a medal in individual events. However, Alex Harvey is the one to watch. He won the bronze at the last 50 classical kilometers on the World Cup in Trondheim (Norway) last wnter. Plus, Harvey and Kershaw finished third last year in Whistler in the Team Sprint event. The relay could also get a bronze medal in Vancouver. Prediction : 3 medals, no gold Luge - Alex Gough is the only hope for Canada. She already finished 4th in World Cups and maybe could manage to be the podium on her home-track. Prediction : no medal Biathlon - Zina Kocher finished 4th in a World Cup in December. If she does the same type of performance she delivered that day, she could medal at Vancouver. However, she will have a lot of opponents. Jean-Philippe Le Guellec already finished in the top-10 in World Cups but a medal will be a enormous surprise. Prediction : no medal Canada will not win any medal in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined events.
  4. I began this new topic. Here you can post your predictions concerning the winners of the 86 events which will be held in Vancouver next month.
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