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  1. Jamen god aften, alting går rigtig godt her. Denmark is really nice except for all the snow we've had for the last month is getting a little annoying now. Are you going to Vancouver in February?
  2. Nope, but I got those 10 things from Independent.ie. I'm from Denmark by the way
  3. Thank you Of course I see how that post would seem like spam, it just went so fast. Here is the "10 things you didn't know about the Winter Olympics": Well, most of you guys probably do know them - anyway.
  4. I'm sorry about the link screw up, something went wrong - and there is no edit button anymore? It's just my blog, no worries. I've been reading along here for quite some time now, and I just thought this would interested some people here.
  5. 10 things you didn't know about the Winter Olympics and the Winter Olympics logo history: http://bit.ly/85JLhuhttp://isingers.info/winter-olympics-history-logos/
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