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  1. Exactly! No offence taken though! We are funny in our own right Guys, we have just got our new website started too at http://www.hobart2020.org
  2. I can assure you mate that no I am not Kim nor Dave, more so Ben from The Brink on Edge Radio!
  3. We have contacted the AOC and are constantly trying to get a reply or some sort of recognition, but we are still working on this in attempt to be taken seriously. And yes, Commonwealth Games are an objective too, we will push for those if our first Olympic bid fails and then with the success of the Commonwealth Games we will show the world what we're made of!
  4. hey guys, I'm one of 'those crazy Radio DJs' who started the bid, and although it did start off as a bit off a joke, the support and momentum we have received for it has mad us take it as more of a serious bid! Do we have a massive struggle and campaign on our hands? Yes. Will we succeed? More than likely no. Will we try our asses off and get Hobart recognised for more than a backwater town we are perceived as? Absolutely! Laugh and scoff all you want, because we are going all the way with this you can count on that! And FYI: Yes we 'borrowed' the design for the stadium but we are getting original ones drawn up... AND for others references, we haven't made up the quotes on the website, we do have the full support of the people mentioned
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