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  1. yeah! so much has changed on these forums, but good to see all the old members still hanging out over here! I shall try to keep up!
  2. Can't wait for the Olympics in Korea! The Koreans know how to put on a good show! PS: my first post on Gamesbids in the last...4-5 years? lol
  3. i don't think anybody will know the answer to this until near the 2018 date... As we all know, the North Korean government likes to pout a lot... lol
  4. Rob, I love your site. I feel like I grew up with it.. lol

  5. I think we'll see a little bit of both...... There is a lot of political issues with China at the domestic and international scale... I guess we'll just have to wait and see... I'm personally really curious how the whole China and Taiwan issue will work out..... But nevertheless, I'm reallly looking foward to the Chinese Olympics!
  6. OOOOOO~~ Ilike this picture~ I want this as my background but too small (even when I try enlargening)
  7. in the international bid section, since we have a forum for the Commonwealth Bid section, is it possible by chance to have a section on Asian Games Bid section? Or is it not exciting enough maybe? I could give it a try though to make it interesting~ haha~ At first I wasn't really sure if ppl would be interested in the Asian Games, but based on the Doha 2006 Asian Games topic thread, there seems to be a good response for this event.... But newho~ there is currently a 2014 Asian Games bid going on that's gonna be decided soon (APRIL 2007).... So, I thought it may be interesting to have a spec
  8. But the athlete picking process is really complicated.... North Korea wants an equal amount of athletes from both side, but South Korea wants athletes to be picked based on merit... So, if we do it the South Korean way, it is likely to have more South Koreans represented at the Olympic games because.... well, South Koreans do better than the North Koreans at the Olympics... So, of course, North Korea feels like this unified team would overshadow the North's athlete by the overwhelming presence of the South Koreans.... But I believe the BEST should go to the Olympics..... I mean, that's the
  9. I guess... but really... she's just stupid..... immature and.... stupid...
  10. Dear Doctor Puppy I basically live with an obnoxious bitch who screams when she laughs, and whines when she's trying to act all cute in front of my roommate (they are in a relationship)... In addition to her obnoxious screaming, she is also basically deaf.... she freakin turns on the TV volume up to the point where it's basically a frat party (but with fudgin cartoon voices)... because of these things, she freakin wakes me up at 2 in the morning and I freakin tell her to like SHUTTUP... but she's not getting it through her thick head (she repeats being annoying)... what must i do to get th
  11. Sounds like a computer problem to me....... I think it needs to be checked by someone.....
  12. just add these codes... [ img]the url to your image [/img] Also.... Signature images may not exceed the dimensions of 240x468 pixels in aggregate But GB Mod is pretty lenient ... It doesn't need to be exact but As long as it is not EXCESSIVE.... He is fine. I mean, I think it's hard to exactly calculate these things.
  13. Their Sins~ :: (warnings on GB for misconduct)
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