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  1. I wouldn't use the word "pack" but they've been doing an ok job by me. I'm enjoying Stephen Colbert's segments on during the half hour between the late news and before Olympic Late-night or whatever they're calling it starts.
  2. Hmm with all the hub-bub, I wonder if they'll introduce a new regulation that says you can't have bumps or grooves on your helmet, even if they are integrated? Seems to me it would quell any protests in the future.
  3. http://publiceditor.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/17/the-olympics-dont-tell-me/?src=tptw Interesting, but in the end the news "value" of the results will always take importance over the entertainment "value" of viewing the event. The idea that in this connected world in which we live is one where you can block out information you don't want to know is quaint, yes you can shut off your computer, your television, your cell phone, not read newspapers, not talk to anyone, and be "pristine" to view an event, but we're far away from the days when not being "spoiled" was possible. I like NBC's coverage, although I do have an issue with events taking place, and NBC is busy showing talk shows. But I also think that people like to bitch, and this guy would be complaining the same way if NBC showed all the events live, and he was unavailable during the event, and they still announced the results on the news.
  4. I think he means he doesn't like tape delay for prime-time, when they're reporting the results during NBC Nightly News. I agree, but I think the only other thing they could do is push the Organizers to move events to 5:00-8:00pm Pacific Time, and the light isn't the best in the afternoon/evening during the winter, as long as prime-time is the money maker, I think we'll have to deal with NBC delaying events to show in the most lucrative time slot.
  5. My brother has a few video's of Nagana 1998 from CBS, and that was pretty good. I agree NBC is good for Summer, as it's the only broadcaster I can remember or know of. But the stuff from CBS for Winter Games looked pretty good, I think a change up could be nice for Winter coverage.
  6. NBC wastes too much time with the humanitarian side, but they've cut that back for these games. The thing that's impressed me tremendously, is when I turned on Curling today and see Colleen Jones. OMG, that's a major plus for NBC Colleen Jones is a curling rock-star! I'm totally positive and impressed by NBC's coverage so far, supplemented of course by their internet video.
  7. Nice abs wish mine looked that good. Interesting photo, he sued a girl for simply insinuating he was gay, Hmmm, hehehe...
  8. I really like the horn pieces they play during the medal ceremonies are these tracks on the CD, or will they be released?
  9. So I just tried using the search, but are those hats the US Athletes are wearing available for sale? I really like them, and I'd love to find one, and buy it!
  10. It's Russia Today, so not too many people are watching it. I didn't know The Nation had a sports editor haha. I thought it was a political publication.
  11. That's a whole lot of not good :-( dude that sucks. Meanwhile, here we've been ok not too bad with that last storm like an inch maybe two, but now we're expecting 5-6 inches and up by Toledo they're getting 8-12inches, they've got a Winter Storm Warning, haha come on Vancouver spare us, and take this weather off our hands!
  12. Don't you just walk up to the counter and ask to buy the toy? I think they do that, I know you can do that at BK.
  13. The protest I was at, I knew the laws and rules, what I could do and what not to do, and luckily I wasn't arrested or maced, or had police bash my skull in. I think most of these protesters will do just that, and yeah it's a pain dealing with traffic anyway, but it'll pass, and you'll be able to enjoy your time watching the US kick butt!
  14. What's a career protester? I've protested before and violence was the farthest thing from my mind. If we take what Mr Shaw says as fact, then they're just trying to converge and be a mass, that's what a protest does. It has nothing to do with your rights vs. their rights, it's a public street. If you want to avoid it, plan ahead an go early. If the protests move into gray/less than legal areas than police should use the least physical force possible to apprehend the violating protesters and take them to the station give them their citations blah blah blah. I don't know how you can be too lenient with something as fundamental as free speech. If protesters are breaking the law (and not gerry rigged laws that are designed to be punitive to one group of protesters whom you choose not to like), then those protesters should face consequences.
  15. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/02/04/bc-olympic-protest-plans.html The leader seems to be on the up and up to me, just leading a protest against something he disagrees with. http://olympicresistance.net/content/about
  16. Wow you guys are something else. You know Olympics are special and pretty cool, it's an awesome party. But nothing is more awesome and sacred than Freedom of speech, and Freedom of assembly. Condoning violence on someone because they don't think the party is as cool as you do, is pretty wicked. I don't entirely know the story behind the protesters but I stick up for anyone anywhere who is protesting anything. That's our rights and freedom you're talking about. If we strip away the rights of the people that you all don't agree with, what's to say next week someone else disagrees with you, and your opinions and wants to strip away your rights and freedoms. So chill on the "bash their brains in", "police brutality" talk. You know I'm kinda new here, and I'm getting red minus marks, but if this is the kind of people you guys are, I really don't think I'd fit in, or want to be around here.
  17. Ohio's age of consent is 16 LOL. I have no doubt that any of these girls could kick my butt. Especially the hockey players!
  18. Interesting. Watched a lot of figure skating with one of my ex's, she used to teach little kids how to skate. http://www.teamusa.org/multimedia/photo_gallery/1195?photo=25805#gallery-header This girl Keauna McLaughlin has that kinda hot exotic look, definitely one I like to watch.
  19. More minus, I give up. Well at least the protesters aren't even close to the main story. The snow or lack thereof is now the big news.
  20. The story is lame, but shouldn't Vanoc PR/Marketing be quashing this stuff before it happens, instead of spending all the time talking about the lack of snow, and pointing out how they're bringing dump trucks full of snow from 2 hours away, when they should be doing puff pieces talking about just how great everything will be.
  21. Wow -3 really? You can't make Vancouverites disappear, you can't condone beating someone's skull in because they're expressing an opinion. Vanoc's PR on all faces not just in regards to legal or illegal demonstrations is abysmal. Why aren't they spending some of that $6 billion on damage control. Silence is a bad response to negativity. So while the normal standard-operating-procedures for large events in Vancouver and BC is to ignore them, the rest of the world, is noticing the vacuum, and this guy from the Guardian is the first, but if the PR force of Vanoc doesn't do something I can't see the story going away. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2010/jan/31/vancouver-winter-olympics-police http://www.kelowna.com/2010/02/03/what-theyre-saying-about-us-no-money-no-snow-media-around-the-world-have-started-writing-about-the-2010-games-in-vancouver-which-start-in-fewer-than-two-weeks/
  22. You know I used to agree and think these protesters are harmful, but after reading and watching some of the stories CBC has been posting, Vanoc's not winning any friends. And it seems like they have almost no public relations skills, and are sending out a tyrannical vibe. The City of Vancouver doesn't seem like it's winning any friends with the residents in the "Parking Restricted" areas either. If the protesters do something illegal the police should use the necessary force to quell it, nothing more nothing less. Condoning "brutality" on someone that disagrees with you is downright evil. I feel for the man on the story from CTV who won't be able to have his grand daughter visit his home for 2 months because his daughter is unable to park close to his home.
  23. So I know this topic was started about security, but this is interesting. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/...in-no-snow.html I guess it's been warm and wet in Vancouver, and there's no snow on Cypress Mountain's trails and runs, they're helicoptering in snow! Wow, I can't wait to see how all this looks when it comes to watch! Fascinating, isn't it? They've been storing snow under tarps.
  24. Wow, she looks like she could beat me up, on the other hand, I didn't know they had wheelchair curling, that looks fascinating! Creepy lady, cool sports pic, and strange little tug boat!
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