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  1. We initiated ESTA (de facto Visa) only after Australia introduced their de jure ETA Visa for Americans. Then some congressmen added the fees to "enhance" and encourage tourism (bizzare way of thinking, charging for entry to encourage more people to come,) honestly it should only apply to countrys as a retaliatory fee like Australia.
  2. I joke around as a C-bus guy, but really the Buckeye state is where it's at. If Cleveland could make a solid bid I'd be behind it. Ohio is not glitzy like NY or LA, it's not tropical like Florida, or exotic like Alaska, but we are a pretty big state. We don't get a lot of attention but really Ohio is kind of a big deal. Three cities in the top 35 markets (Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincy) of the US another two in the top 75 (Dayton, and Toledo) right in the heart of the Great Lakes Megalopolis. Yeah we're not flashy, and yeah we'll probably never host a games, but don't put us down, like a jerk.
  3. Hmm I'd side with Toronto over Cleveland. That city sucks hahaha I might be saying that as a resident of a rival C city, but no for real Cleveland uhh...
  4. That is absolutely digsusting, the Olympic's have lost any credibility they ever had, do you think Pierre de Coubertin, was rubbing his hands together thinking about how much money he'd be able to rake in by re-establishing Olympic Games, I have nothing but contempt for IOC, and the USOC. You konw you'd expect something like that from the NFL they are a business but from an organization that is supposed to transcend all the pettiness, I find the more I read about any Olympic Committee national or International, the more I dislike them. I don't expect that any of you all share my feelings you're all shills for anything Olympic, I just find it disgusting and over commercialized to the extreme.
  5. At what point does the US become entitled to hosting more or for getting more representation in and on the IOC and the Executive Board? Considering that a huge portion of the entire IOC budget comes from us. How long are we going to pay massive sums to let the European's make fools of us? Black Sheep's attitude it all too common among Europeans they hate us, they have no reason (sometimes they try to dream up one, but it's never anything substantive) they just hate.
  6. Probably most likely scenario's, but I also think it pushes the Olympic brand in the US in to obscurity being outshone/outmarketed by the professional sporting leagues, and other domestic forms of entertainment. American's are fickle, and get distracted, along side the fact that they have almost no interest in the Olympic sports outside of the actual Olympic games. Hosting games on every other continent while pushing the US to end of the line, only hurts the Olympic brand in the US, they got lucky with the NBC contract this round, if NBC doesn't shape up and makes losses in the hundreds of millions continuously is Comcast going to keep investing in a loss leader like that?
  7. So many excuses, it's a dying model digitally border's are disappearing, in some place's governments are actively working to erase borders. Alas I have no faith in the bonehead's running the media company's of the world, so I agree and fully expect more "authentication" systems in the future, I can predict alongside that 100's maybe even thousand's of illicit free stream's will pop up more than they can shutdown definitely. People don't want logging in, password's, account number's, they want easy click and watch, when they want where they want and whatever they want, eventually we'll get it, but first we'll have to go through this BS with useless "authentication" signing in over and over again for stuff that should be broadcast OTA. In 20 years, maybe even 10 years we will look back and laugh at how stupid it all was.
  8. Well last time DirecTV wasn't part of their authentication system. The thing is it shouldn't be an issue anyway, they can tell what my IP address is and if someone is in the US or not, if you can get NBC over the air (excluding Canadian and Mexican side border areas) why shouldn't you just be able to click and view?
  9. NBC's "authentication" sucks, at least this time they did a deal with DirecTV, thankfully. I agree with Durban it's good but it's not enough, although I guess NBC has to recoup some of the billions they idiotically massively overpaid for the contract.
  10. They report on the events American's win, and do medal counts, maybe send a reporter but other than that they ignore it mostly. No witholding results till primetime even if NBC withold the event coverage till primetime, even with that NBC will sometimes edit down events to only show the American and maybe the couple that are favored to place highly in the event.
  11. Gosh I really want the IOC to get taken down a rung or 3. Are they really so rich and powerful they just buy off all their enemies? I can't imagine that each and every member is innocent and pure as the driven snow. Where are the scandals, the cheaters, and the scoundrels. Come on World, you can do it, give the IOC a black eye! :-)
  12. I agree. I think USOC should wait until the 2030's at the least. After Comcast experience's the huge losses from overbidding for the games located in stupid places like Russia and Brazil, then South Africa, they'll bid more reasonably. The US public will have moved onto the upcoming college super-conference's and their respective basic cable networks to get their fill of swimming and track sports. Then they'll be begging for a back-to-back Summer-Winter or Winter-Summer US games.
  13. So what's the general opinion here on the lapse of domestic games, combined with the ever increasing (or seemingly ever increasing, as other teams grow) loss of prominence of Team USA athletes on the general American viewer's interest and perception of the Olympic games as a whole? NBC through it's dramatization has either tapped into or trained us to only want to see USA athlete's competing and winning gold, and with the loss of prominence as the dominating team and the extended lapse of domestic hosting is this a long-term negative outlook of Olympic Games on the American consciousness? I feel like the city's they have chosen are mostly boring to me, but I don't claim to be a bellwether of the American consciousness, but what do you all think?
  14. Too small? It's not an entire Theme Park, it's a section of the amazing Island's of Adventure Theme Park, which is one park at Universal Orlando. Of course they'll probably expand, but I just don't get the too small complaint?
  15. Wow you guys are intense! Hahaha!! Congratulations Canada! We know you're all very proud in your igloo's and with your sled dogs! jk jk jk :-) I know not all Canadians live in igloo's just most of them! Again just kidding! Haha I like your theory though, we'll give you back money if you tell everyone we're the effing best ;-) very nice! But in reality I don't know if it's more to do with how we view competition in the United States, how the "Millennials" 18-29ers view competition, but I do know that I wouldn't call someone a loser because they got a Silver, I would never dream of saying to a silver or even a bronze, heck anyone who's been a participant in an Olympic competition, "man you sucked out there, where's the gold?" I can't ski-jump, I can't luge, I can barely figure skate, I can't jump, I can't even go backwards, any of these athletes deserves a certain level of appreciation and congratulations for being the best there is. That being said, I don't think or know if there was a big conspiracy to sort medal tables by total, any table of any kind I've ever seen has been sorted by total, so if the big conspiracy was to put the USA at the top, why not just break it out into a separate list as the top row no matter how many medals we get? I don't get the controversy. Ohh and again CONGRATULATIONS CANADA! That hockey game was legit, you guys rocked it!
  16. Exactly, but the attitude that if you didn't come first you "lost" is the attitude they have. I'd wager to say that your total haul of medals is far more important than your golds considering that the difference between Gold, Silver, and Bronze, are many times fractions of a second. I'm not sure how people feel in other countries but here at least among my peers a Silver medal is awesome, I'd be impressed with someone who had any medals.
  17. That's not just a mix up. "My Country tis of Thee" is an alias of "God Save the Queen" Hahaha
  18. Lambiel looks like a Jonas. Liukin looks like my friend Kaycee who has strong polish roots. I agree with Faster there are some attractive men out there but that curler is not one of them.
  19. Poor Scott Lago, that's so stupid I've seen worse photos on Facebook. I think his tattoo looks cool though, it's a shame he couldn't stay and celebrate.
  20. Are the announcers in the Pacific Coliseum live, or some recording or a computer? Watching the figure skating and the ice dancing, and the way she says "Scores please?", and "currently in...First place" sounds very mechanical and exactly the same each time. Me and my roommate had about a 10 minute debate.
  21. I wouldn't use the word "pack" but they've been doing an ok job by me. I'm enjoying Stephen Colbert's segments on during the half hour between the late news and before Olympic Late-night or whatever they're calling it starts.
  22. Hmm with all the hub-bub, I wonder if they'll introduce a new regulation that says you can't have bumps or grooves on your helmet, even if they are integrated? Seems to me it would quell any protests in the future.
  23. http://publiceditor.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/17/the-olympics-dont-tell-me/?src=tptw Interesting, but in the end the news "value" of the results will always take importance over the entertainment "value" of viewing the event. The idea that in this connected world in which we live is one where you can block out information you don't want to know is quaint, yes you can shut off your computer, your television, your cell phone, not read newspapers, not talk to anyone, and be "pristine" to view an event, but we're far away from the days when not being "spoiled" was possible. I like NBC's coverage, although I do have an issue with events taking place, and NBC is busy showing talk shows. But I also think that people like to bitch, and this guy would be complaining the same way if NBC showed all the events live, and he was unavailable during the event, and they still announced the results on the news.
  24. I think he means he doesn't like tape delay for prime-time, when they're reporting the results during NBC Nightly News. I agree, but I think the only other thing they could do is push the Organizers to move events to 5:00-8:00pm Pacific Time, and the light isn't the best in the afternoon/evening during the winter, as long as prime-time is the money maker, I think we'll have to deal with NBC delaying events to show in the most lucrative time slot.
  25. My brother has a few video's of Nagana 1998 from CBS, and that was pretty good. I agree NBC is good for Summer, as it's the only broadcaster I can remember or know of. But the stuff from CBS for Winter Games looked pretty good, I think a change up could be nice for Winter coverage.
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