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  1. If the IOC thinks this is a good path, then good for them. But it will absolutely lessen the power of the Olympics worldwide, not only is NBC losing or "almost breaking even" on their Olympic coverage even when it's places Americans think positively of like London. Then the contract comes up for negotiation in and around 2020, which coincides with when the NFL contracts come up for renegotiation. And while NFL is decidedly trending upwards, the Olympics while enjoyable contain many sports Americans couldn't care less about, and are only interested in when the Olympic games are being televised. So which do you think Comcast would be willing to splurge more on NFL or Olympics? While the committee has their own proclivities and politics they better tread carefully as they endanger their largest revenue source by crapping on the US.
  2. Maybe if Russia could keep Donald Trump, and maybe we'd be a little more forgiving. ;-)
  3. So all that smoke Russia was blowing up IOC's butt, just faded away. http://en.ria.ru/russia/20130812/182723811/Russia-Confirms-Anti-Gay-Law-Will-Be-Enforced-at-Olympics.html What will they do now? The US government needs to issue warnings in general but especially to our athletes and tourists that this is a serious issue, and for all those saying they'd never dare do it, it seems like they're going to take you up on your dare, so what's the next move?
  4. That's actually kind of cool, I love reading that kind of stuff, you should turn your experiences into a manuscript and self-publish.
  5. I have no faith that they will do anything of the sort, they've already shown successively that they don't give a F about their ideals, and only use them as window dressing in their further pursuit of the bottom line. If it's not now, then it certainly will be after this sham Sochi 2014 is over for them (the IOC and NOCs) to lose their non-profit status worldwide and start ponying up some tax payments on their rather large finances.
  6. In my opinion moving to a recent previous host would be the best choice, canceling the 2nd best, anything about the laws not being enforced, or getting "high up" reassurances is BS, I'm guessing probably neither of my 2 choices will happen. And the only thing that will come of this is the "world" (or at least our part of it "the West") will have its eyes opened to the kind of people and organization the IOC actually is. They have this charter that has a lot of good stuff in it, that they don't enforce or care about, they play up a big game about fairness, equality, and all kinds of nonsense with their whole WADA not to mention its butting in to sports that have nothing to do with the Olympics, but when it all comes down to it their only real concern is the cash.
  7. I think what she's trying to convey is that according to her and probably actually the IOC themselves too, they are beyond reproach. But I find that attitude distasteful, and in actuality there are plenty of other things vying for my attention and that will keep me entertained beyond the 2 weeks in February, and 2 weeks in July every 4 years that actually do or will make an effort to care about the things that I care about, and not just offer meaningless reassurances and brusque communiques about how they've "taken care of it" with high ranking government officials.
  8. The only thing Berlin 1936 accomplished was further legitimizing the Nazis, a boycott then would have angered and dismayed Hitler but even had the world balked at Hitler's regime and policies and not showed up en masse it would have done little to prevent the atrocities as Hitler and his SS had long before purged from his ranks or jailed anyone outside the party he felt was able to oust him from power. The whole Jesse Owens thing while nice warm and fuzzy thing, (hey I've even been to Jesse Owens Stadium, and messed around and worked out in his Rec Center,) but it did nothing more than present a nice opportunity to take some photos. This however is much different as the Russians are banking on this event to the tune of $50 billion (more than ever spent before) as their grand re-entrance to the world, a large enough protest or IOC action like canceling or moving the event would actually mean something given the circumstances.
  9. This issue is really pushing to the forefront, except for the IOC who seem to think mehh it's NBD. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/07/sports/games-officials-tiptoeing-around-russias-antigay-law.html?smid=re-share&_r=0 So just in case it doesn't blow over, they've decided that now athletes who speak out or voice their concern or discontent will just be banished. Way to go IOC, just showing what kind of people you actually are!
  10. State run RT says "Russian 'anti-gay propaganda law' won't be enforced at Sochi 2014 Olympics" http://rt.com/news/russia-olympics-gay-law-948/ then the article goes on to say "but if he goes onto the street and starts propagandizing it, then of course he will be held accountable" Which kind of refutes the title of the article and is the line I'm more inclined to believe. Either way now that RT is involved it means that the Russian government is hearing and paying attention to all the noise.
  11. I'm underwelmhed by NBC's stance, their words "We, as a company, obviously believe in equality and opportunity for all..." ring hollow to me as if it's just something they're saying because they have to. http://www.tvguide.com/news/nbc-sochi-olympics-russia-anti-gay-law-1068345.aspx you'd think being the underdog, and the network that made that terrible New Normal show, they'd be trying to get all gay viewers they could.
  12. No you're right, but maybe enough noise and threats of boycott will cajole the IOC to do at least something about it. Most people think it is "too late" to change venue, but is it? It would be expensive, it would be haphazard, but isn't ensuring everyone's safety worth the relative drawbacks. One thing is certain Russia is not safe at the best of times, and now it seems downright dangerous especially for LGBT people, is that really the place you think should be hosting this event?
  13. They will jail and deport people probably tourists, maybe some athletes, and the backlash will be lots of hot air but nothing stronger than that, no government is going to set a precedent for international condemnation for enforcing domestic laws. Remember the US once refused entry and deported two British people for tweeting about digging up Marilyn Monroe.
  14. How does that work? Maybe I'm just really slow but I don't see how logically you get from point a to b?
  15. So http://www.towleroad.com/2013/07/police-in-sochi-brutalize-and-sodomize-olympic-construction-worker.html#.UfPyJLRckdY.twitter this is the city that will be "welcoming" to all including LGBT spectators and athletes...hmm.
  16. I can really feel some of you guys' sympathy for the plight of the Russian gays. I mean you know of course these athletes have trained so hard and all, and spent so much time getting ready, even Johnny Weir is talking about how hard he trained for his special day in the spotlight, I guess it makes it ok that people are getting jailed just for being themselves, or getting their brains bashed in for absolutely no reason, as long as we get to see our events everything will be a-ok.
  17. Well it will be hard for the gay ones to do that from in jail, don't you think?
  18. http://planetransgender.blogspot.com/2013/07/three-dutch-tourists-detained-in.html The first arrests, three innocent Dutch tourists. Athensfan is probably right no boycotts will be occur. And we know that the IOC is more interested in cash than humans, so no action on there part. It's just so sad and shameful.
  19. I know dude, it's ok I know it's not happening. I still think it's shameful that it won't happen, in an age of equality and in a world where we are forging new territory for equal rights, now we have the IOC and giant corporations who are just behaving like, *whistles* maybe no one will notice, and hey as long as the money is flowing who the hell cares about human rights and discrimination. How hypocritical is it going to be when Russia issues entry visas for openly gay athletes, I hope at least some people in Russia protest and make a huge deal out of this. It's sad that the only thing the IOC has said about these egregious laws being passed is how they value non-discrimination and equality, really?
  20. Probably, it's too bad though just based on the recent homophobic stuff that's been going on in Russia in general. Anyone and everyone who cares about equality should boycott Russia just in general.
  21. It's easy to make the case against though, just say all the resources and money were thrown in the trash, and there's no guarantee running even a 2nd time would be any more fruitful than the first, it would be even easier to say that the IOC hates the US, and are laughing at us, so bidding for a 2nd time would just be playing their stupid elitist games. It would also be a huge struggle to keep public support up after a loss which would be seen as a black eye to the community. It's probably not impossible, however going off of recent US bids, the cities that were rejected come away with disdain and disgust for the IOC and don't appear likely to bid again in the near future. We only have so many cities that are deemed large enough and "attractive" enough to even warrant a bid to host an Olympic Games. How many times do you think they can reject our cities before there really are no cities left besides Tulsa, or Bozeman?
  22. I understand what you're trying to say but I don't think separatist is the word you're looking for, maybe far-flung would be better?
  23. The attitude which is what? That it's a waste of time to deal with people who obviously dislike the United States, and the attitude that it's a huge waste of resources and money to bid for something you have no actual shot at winning? How many more times are cities going to dump money in to a black hole before they realize these "kingmakers" are basically underhanded who reward their friends and whoever gives them the biggest gifts. What else would you conclude based upon their recent dealings with the US? It is entirely conceivable that they will thumb their noses again. Had I been alive and seen 8 consecutive losses I would have said the same thing.
  24. So, when the US city is eliminated in the 1st round this time, do you think there will be any real repercussions? I'd hope so, getting punched in the face with NY and then the sucker punch with Chicago, should have taught us something but apparently we're like a battered wife, who keeps going back for more and more IOC "beatings."
  25. We initiated ESTA (de facto Visa) only after Australia introduced their de jure ETA Visa for Americans. Then some congressmen added the fees to "enhance" and encourage tourism (bizzare way of thinking, charging for entry to encourage more people to come,) honestly it should only apply to countrys as a retaliatory fee like Australia.
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