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  1. I'm watching the Ski Jumping on NBCSN right now and they have the LIVE flag next to the logo. It's not in the listings but they are showing it.
  2. For all the bad, at least I think I love Johnny Weir he's pretty funny, and insightful, and I really like him as a commentator. MORE JOHNNY WEIR!!
  3. I didn't see it on there, sorry I called you a douche.
  4. Possibly there will come a time, possibly the US never hosts again. Would it really matter? I don't really think so. The Olympic Games only really have their great history, and tradition left, the rest has been commercialized and commoditized and is now slapped on products just like any other brand. It's like comparing the BBC or PBS, with Sky or FOX, the Olympics used to be like BBC, now they're more like Sky, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just not a thing that I think is such a highly coveted product as it used to be. They're still a great show, and entertaining, just maybe not really worth all the hype and consternation.
  5. Ahh I must have skipped right over it, but I did see it now.
  6. That's way too expensive, the US should pass for a while. As long as NBC can get the prime events scheduled at least somewhat convenient for EST, the USOC should pass until they come back around to a better situation. It will happen, there are only so many megalomaniacs and one party states trying to justify themselves and "enter" the World stage. Besides that, the whole Russia gay thing is really showing how the IOC operates and thinks, so let them come crawling to the US rather than stooping and acquiescing to their whims, if they want the US they'll make it clear, until then I think the US and the USOC should distance ourselves from those people.
  7. I didn't see the top 5 anywhere? Of course I don't expect someone to type out the whole thing, but if you're going to make a point of saying how something is more true than something else, I would think you'd want to point to it.
  8. Care to elaborate? Or are you just going to be a douchebag, I mean if they're not online why wouldn't you summarize?
  9. I like to look at the Infostrada http://vmt.infostradasports.com/ predictions too. Pretty similar except they have Norway topping overall with 36, and the US getting 30, both getting 14 golds.
  10. Watching the 30 for 30 doc about this on ESPN right now it's pretty good, such a crazy story.
  11. Haha where is an Imax movie only $12 around here movies start at $12 and Imax is $15 or higher. Anyway this is a dumb argument, ok so you guys all support NBC and their anti-consumer ways that's fine. In the long run broadcasting the way the networks and cable is doing it now even live sporting events is dead. TW just lost over 200,000 subscribers in the 4th quarter. Nevertheless I'm not interested in being piled on, so I'm conceding, ok
  12. NBC's streams are locked behind an authentication wall, that can only be accessed by paying for a cable subscription, something I have no need for (I have Netflix and Hulu, I can't even think of one of my closest friends who has cable or Directv either, so for us, if we want to watch the streams it's no dice for us.) And really? I'm pretty sure I watch NFL on my iPad, and I could get basketball on there too, but if you say we will always and forever be watching sports via the old fashioned rights holder television model, I guess you're right.
  13. Lol, are you an NBC spokesperson or a shareholder. Who defends a terrible model and strategy? It's no longer feasible for a network executive to say I decide what you'll watch, when you'll watch, and you'll be happy with it. The US media and television landscape is fragmented and vast, the Olympic Games used to be a huge special hallmark event in a world with only 4 channels, sure. But, maybe they really are a niche product and when people have a choice of hundreds of other programs and channels and aren't forced to watch, they'd rather choose to consume something else. ESPN is the most successful sports television property in the world, they know what they're doing, saying they'd be an abject failure is really underestimating their competence, when they've only shown that they excel in every other instance. The whole concept of "rights holder" is what is wrong with media and entertainment today, in today's world the whole idea that you can divide up the world into separate little blocks is antiquated and becoming impossible. You can't go back, you can't force a past paradigm on a world that has already moved beyond it, it won't work. It's trivially easy to torrent, stream, or utilize a proxy server, and circumvent any measures that these corporations are using to try and impose their archaic model on the people of the world.
  14. Uh oh, maybe the time of increasing ratings for Olympics in the US is winding down. This could end up being pretty good for the viewer, maybe? Like, Comcast in the long run isn't willing to open the purse, another bidder gets in like ESPN, and their strategies revolutionize American coverage? Geo-location IP blocking is one of the worst things ever. While I feel fortunate to live in the US, seeing stupid blocks for stupid stuff in other countries gives me a tiny taste of the frustration others must feel when approaching American content. It's not hard to see why "other" options thrive, with such a terribly fractured and totally crappy marketplace out there.
  15. Well, when NHL is off, I'd guess most of the Canadian sports networks really are at a loss for programming, I'm not aware of much interest in NCAA sports up there, I know NBA is known but I don't know how much popularity it has.
  16. I don't know why you guys get so upset about the ceremonies. It's unpopular around here but I actually enjoy the commentary, it's kitschy and goofy, and reminds me of being a kid.
  17. Are you being serious? Or just trollin'?
  18. Brian Boitano has officially come out. Not a shocker, but I'm loving that we're only sending gay people to Russia! http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/sochi/2013/12/19/brian-boitano-announces-he-is-gay-sochi-delegation/4125427/
  19. I've lost so much respect for those athletes. I've given up, the cause is lost. The Olympic Games as a massive corporate exercise focused on the bottom line, rather than a purely athletic and extra-political event has been cemented. The IOC doesn't care, and by not making a big deal out of this or doing something about it, they condone the torture and death of innocent homosexuals in Russia, and around the world, and that's what is the saddest part.
  20. :-) Maybe we could make a case for Anglo-American bias too, eh? ;-)
  21. I'm not sure why this matters? Europe's geographic size roughly equals Contiguous US size, the only thing I can see being the difference is Euro snobbery and Old World elitism. Fair enough, I'll believe it when I see it.
  22. But the required Europe every other games is de rigueur?
  23. Haha no I don't think the IOC membership is posting comments to YouTube, but there are two ways of viewing it. On one side you have the idea that it's just trivial internet crap and isn't real, just a bunch of attention seeking morons posting things to see if they can make other people angry. On the other hand the cyberspace barrier that protects anonymity allows true feelings to surface because there is no one there to punch you in the face if you're being a jerk, and you can seek out and live in your own community of likeminded individuals, and if this is the case then it's most likely that a majority of the world does really hate the US. I do take to heart the poll results, but I don't think being the least of three bad options is a nice place to be. I'm not just wallowing in self pity though I am just being pragmatic. The thing is the US only looks out for its own interests and has the power, technology, aptitude, and willingness to almost guarantee what it wants it gets. So with that in mind, I don't think it's really going out on a limb to say that the IOC's (very Euro-centric, not really Western hemispheric at all) disfavor of the US is based on some kind of anti-American bias.
  24. Could have been, but I mean have you been on the internet before? The world is mostly anti-US even our friends and closest allies hate us, the British, Canadians, even Australians all hate us. So, it might have been a nice coincidence that they were the "best" bids but the bottom line was probably more along the lines of we hate those fat, stupid, Americans, combined with the USOC is being "greedy" so we'll show them!
  25. I attempted to read your novel and got this far and abandoned you, obviously you have no idea what you're talking about. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1956_Summer_Olympics
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