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  1. The Lochte thing is strange, good thing he's back home already. Passport confiscation sounds pretty draconian if all they want to do is question him, then again it could have been an actual police office that took his cash.
  2. Just to add a dose of positivity to this thread. Gold Zone is amazing, and should be made one of those pop-up channels on cable/satellite lineups.
  3. Is it this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khZhpsJ1wLo
  4. Mehh it is what it is, NBC pays a lot of money if you look at the numbers IOC's revenue for 2013-16 was $1.375 billion a year ($5.5 billion total,) NBC's portion was $775 million for 2014, and $1.23 billion for 2016, so over $2 billion that's quite a sum and enables them to ask for and receive a lot of things. But ratings are down, could be because the Olympics, at least the summer edition, is past it's peak in US audience mind share, or could be unique reasons to these particular games like dates, location, Russia doping, IOC corruption and bad public relations, we'll have to see what happens. If the trend continues the rights will be less valuable leading to less interest from American networks and less clout surrounding event times (good for you I guess, but bad for the whole endeavor.)
  5. Possibly, in my opinion it's a combination of a few things. The Olympic games just aren't as important to most as they have been in the past, add in NBC's insistence on putting everything in prime-time and requiring cable during a period when people are watching less TV, moving to on-demand and streaming. Second the Olympic organizations have really bad PR, the IOC is an elitist corrupt cabal, Russia was able to get away with state sponsored doping and the IOC did nothing about it. The weather is nice, summer is winding down, school starts in like 2 weeks, all adds up to NBC paying huge sums and hooking up with something that has past its peak.
  6. I don't know, I feel like a green jacket beats a gold Olympic medal in many of their eyes, that and what someone else said the fact that they get paid when they win a major.
  7. I work in Glendale though, lol. so I'd have to drive right through the middle of it, that's if I still live in this apartment, and still working in the same office in 8 years. I'm mostly supportive of LA2024 though!
  8. Mehh I agree partially. I don't want carpool lanes to become "olympic" lanes, and shitty guerrilla marketing laws to come in, but I'm open to them coming. I live near USC so if I could score tickets I could walk there, other than that I'm kinda iffy.
  9. 1998 were the first ones I really remember seeing, didn't pay attention to 2000 or 2004, 2002 are the first ones I cared about enough to pay attention to and watch, and 2008 are the first Summer ones I really kept my eye on. Got interested in the bids around 2002-2003 because the logos were cool, and eye catching with cities that always sounded exotic. Since then learning more got really disappointed and disillusioned with what the Olympics have become, at this point I think I get more joy from paying attention to the NCAA, the iHeartRadio Festival and stuff, and the X Games.
  10. Does anyone think the US has a real shot with any bid? I feel like this is flushing $50 million (yeah it's private money so no big loss) down the drain.
  11. Alcohol control was relaxed to an extent in 2002, but the real change came in 2009. Now Utah has regulation a lot like other controlled states. So no alcohol is not illegal in much of Utah the same way it's illegal in Islamic states.
  12. Didn't we go through the whole NY Olympics things before? And it ended without a win. I don't think they want them.
  13. No no no, I didn't mean you were being hostile. I was agreeing with you, professional sports are for the most part isolated here in the US and Canada, and compared to soccer they are odd. I should have added a winky to the last part, because I was being kind of a smart ass.
  14. Wow this got hostile fast. Isolated, sort of, odd, maybe, profitable, you better believe it. For being isolated and odd, the NFL at least knows how to make lots of money.
  15. Hmm but it doesn't appear that Bach and the IOC believe they're in a crisis situation. My question then is, is this officially a "crisis" whether they think it is or not, or better put are they basically still sniffing their own farts and calling it Chanel No. 5 believing that they are right and that we're all just stupid peasants?
  16. Ohh I meant ranked by gold medal, and it's just a bar graph to show gold? That's pointless.
  17. So I know that Canada and other countries rank the tables by total medal, but can someone tell me what the little progress bar means or is supposed to mean? Because it looks like it's meaningless to me?
  18. How can you be mad when the scores are anonymous, randomized, and some are just randomly removed? They made it so complex and absurd that it would be pretty hard to manipulate nefariously. I think it's just sour grapes.
  19. Scott Hamilton is still pretty awesome and he's from Ohio so there's that, haha, but Lipinski/Weir are my favorites by far! I DVR the NBCSN version and watch that, then while the primetime stuff is on I usually have the iPad in my hand and barely pay attention to the TV. I do think they should keep Hamilton around, but put Tara and Johnny in the booth because they're much better in my opinion.
  20. Uhh what lesson? And it's not only NBC, US media usually ranks by total, I don't think I've come across any that don't. But, I don't understand why this causes so much conflict on the internet? What is the big deal? Like for real most sites allow you to sort however you feel like now, even the Sochi site allows you to sort by total if you want.
  21. I know I'd also commend their work. It's handy, because the stupid app every time I open it, wants to load like a thousand updates, before it lets me see anything.
  22. Just watching the interview on NBC's coverage Iouri is so humble, and gracious. He's a good winner, the hug he shared with Shaun was really touching. It sucks for Shaun White, but this guy seems like a really good guy.
  23. Well the Today Show is on from 7:00am to 11:00am now, and the noon news starts at well, noon. So that 1 whole hour of Olympic coverage would be enough to please you?
  24. I'm watching the Ski Jumping on NBCSN right now and they have the LIVE flag next to the logo. It's not in the listings but they are showing it.
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