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  1. Staying at one of my friends places. But I’m going solely for the first two days then fly back. Will fill you in on that later. Just wanted to be in the atmosphere. So the question now is do we meet at a bar or are we going to head down to odaiba where the second cauldron will be?
  2. I’ll be there by then. Do you want to meet up somewhere to view the opening ceremony or do you have plans for that?
  3. Hey everyone. I didn’t know if this is something you all have done in the past but I just thought I’d throw it out there to see who’s interested? For those of us headed to Tokyo for the games do you all feel like actually meeting up in person maybe at a bar to watch an event or at the cauldron in Odaiba? I was in Tokyo during the Rugby WC and though I didn’t go to any of the matches it was still excellently fun watching the matches at some of the viewing spots. I’m finalizing my trip now but for those of you who have already done so what are your thoughts on a meet up?
  4. Who's going to Tokyo 2020 and is there going to be a Gamesbids meet up? I'm trying to finalize my plans now.
  5. Maybe instead of doing a host city just simply do a hoist country like the World Cup. That way it maximizes a country’s ability to use existing facilities in different regions so they don’t need to build things. Sure the parade of nations might need to be reworked due to the fact that the athletes would have been spread out in preparations for their event but it sounds like the games have gotten to large for just one city to host. I haven’t been here in awhile so forgive me if that suggestion was already made
  6. To be honest with the state of the race as it is and as much of an LA supporter as I am to me it doesn't matter which one gets it first. I have always believed that the two bids are equally as strong and that arguments working for one works for the other. So I look at it more from the standpoint of what the IOC might need. Do they go with LA that can basically host the games tomorrow first or do they go with Paris which covers the European games part? That's a toss up. Bach already said that Europe is the focus But here a thought though. The issues the IOC faces in when it comes to Europe is not the fact that Europe is begging to have the games there it's the opposite no? Why are they trying so desperately to get the games back to Europe when cities are turning away from them? But back to your question I would like LA to get it first but I just want them to get it so 2024 or 28 doesn't personally matter and I think either would be great I just would hate for the runner up to have to do all this crap again when they both have already proven to be strong.
  7. FYI and Quaker You all have valid points but you're forgetting something this is an American city and American cities seldom take losing well...and thats from the public stand point up to investors. So you can assume all you want that they're just doing this till they win but judging from the American track record once their city gets to the candidate stage they pretty much are their to win or go home. 2) All of the things you all said are true but you all are ignoring that the situation now in 2017 is not the same as it was back in 96 and even 2010. You both have written prior to this that LA has been trying to bid since Atlanta and yes of course LA was trying to bid again, the world was a different place then and the Olympics was at one of it's peaks. You all have to admit that a potentially Massive corruption scandal, the fact that 8 cities have dropped out of the race in the last 3 bids due to public backlash, and growing terroristic concerns are going to make any city think twice about bidding in the 2020 years. Back in 96 9/11 didn't happen, the hardship of Athens didn't happen, sochi and beijing didn't happen trump didn't happen, and 8 referendums didn't happen. All I am saying is if I am someone who has been deeply enthused about something but then I realize the landscape has drastically changed since I set out on this journey I am going to think twice before I jump in again. One messed up cycle can be dismissed but 3 is a pattern that can't be ignored and when you take that into account plus this hole bizarre concept of "American Exceptionalism" (I'm not from the US), that is ingrained in the minds of people here, losing this time does not equate to a return for 2028 ESPECIALLY seeing 2028 isn't even a guaranteed win. No American city in these times will put themselves up to lose twice in a row.
  8. I see your point but you have to admit times are changing. Yes LA loves the idea of bidding for the Olympics but you have to remember the enthusiasm in LA over the last 30 years was to get them to be the USOC candidate city. That's was the stage they were repeatedly trying to get too for the last like 20 something years. Hence the idea of LA bidding over and over again for the Games that most people here have is actually LA bidding over and over again to be the USOC's candidate city. Now that that has been accomplished and they are now the candidate city, we can't just assume that they will be as enthused to do the same process over again in 2028. Public fatigue will set in and support will dwindle and in a social media world where online frustrations are easily vented and dispersed that has spelt doom for many returning cities in the last couple of cycles. Yes Paris has bid repeatedly and lost the games but the USOC has also had some embarrassing losses and may say "Hey lets wait this out" It's hard to get any major city behind a second go around at an Olympic bid in these post Beijing / Sochi and city wide referendum times. Public support for bidding again will go down cause the average joe doesn't understand the politics behind these bids, they just say we were told no and go pout in a corner and where as before government officials would just up and bid again, the general public has become extremely well organized to push referendums through. No public official wants to go through that so I truly do say most likely neither Paris nor LA will return after a loss based solely on the fact of the possibility of the public losing interest after the loss This latest scandal that is rocking the IOC is sure to turn off a lot of major cities from bidding for 2028. Calling into question the 2016 games the 2022 vote tally mishap the 2020 payments is disastrous for the IOC's image, worse yet if it is proven to be true. So again I have to conclude that the IOC needs to award both games now cause these two strong candidates will not be going through the process for a second time while the IOC's skeletons get flushed into the press.
  9. Yep I agree with this. I feel this is really irresponsible for Bach to say. If you come back you'd have an advantage. For 1 it's not a guarantee that the returner will win and 2 it's now a blatant announcement that the playing field will not be even for new bidders. He needs to over ride these members and simply bite the bullet and and award both games. I agree Paris isn't coming back but I don't think LA will either not so soon at least maybe 2032 but they can't justify it to the local public for a second go around with this. Bach and the IOC can't afford to hedge there bets to the loser returning knowing full well they have a volatile Europe and a short attention span US. Award both games and figure out what to do about 2032's process
  10. Looking at some of your comments to me it isn't even an LA entitlement and arrogance situation. You all have to ask yourself simply what does the IOC need right now? not what they needed before or wanted. cause if that's the case Paris wins hands down. But the IOC needs packed stadiums gushing fans financial assurances no transportation strikes. they just need good PR right now and LA could almost guarantee that. Yes there is the Trump factor working against them but Trump isn't organizing the games and really and truly has nothing to do with it until he (heaven forbid) has to open the games 7 years from now but other than that it's the city ad the people LA's mass development projects that you can actually see taking shape is getting folks ready
  11. Said it from the start before US even selected a candidate city...LA is the safest choice for the IOC to chose right now at this present moment for to fit their needs. I know you could probably find thousands of voters in LA who would sign a NO-LA petition but the support for the games here is too strong to be denied by any onlooker. LA 84 was such an experience here for folks that they're willing and I wasn't even born in this town or even alive when it happened. Calls for a referendum in Paris though unlikely could possibly hold traction. LA not so much folks I get it we have some folks here who've factored out this race as a Paris win not because they support Paris but because they're students of history of these races but this is not a typical year and the IOC is not in the commanding position it usually is in. LA will get 2024 whether they award both games at the same time or not. the city is just too ready to deal with all possible fall outs and though Paris can also do the same, in Europe revolution in one country can often spill into another. German Italy Hungary Switzerland all had referendums on this and lost People in Paris aren't blind to see and ask questions as to why what's going on why should we foot this bill. LA folks saw Boston's referendum and got energized.
  12. Look if we can really be honest here Trump is a jackass but he knows how to pic a winner. When I heard about the travel ban I was like it's over LA is out but Trump supporting the LA2024 bid came out of left field to me. Like I said on the games bids article, don't give me that he's the president he has to support the bid mess. this is Trump he doesn't do anything out of protocol. Especially for a city that hates him, a mayor that dislikes him and works for the other party and an even that is in direct opposition of his policies. I think Trump sees himself opening the games in 2024 in his last year as president if he happened to make 2 terms and let us not kid ourselves that that isn't a possibility no matter how dark and disappointing that would be but he managed to win it this time against the odds and all conventional forms of wisdom, what is to say he doesn't again. I feel nauseous writing that. Back to the point though I just don't see him supporting this if he had a doubt it would lose and that leads me to think there is something the white house and LA2024 knows that we don't. i.e. the back room conversation of the IOC voters.
  13. As someone who is thoroughly against him and stand against everything he says and does, I say this, if he's backing the bid I think it's going to win. That sounds so weird but I am actually really shocked he is publicly supporting the bid. I know some of you might be saying that he has too because he's president but you all need to remember this is Donald Trump a man that flies off the handle at any preconceived slight and Mayor Garcetti has not been one of his closest friends to say the least. the comment that he earlier made about Trump causing concern among Olympic Voters did not go unnoticed. Trump is a man that despite every despicable thing he said and did managed to win the US election not off of emotions of the voters but logistics, for some reason he knows how to pick a winner. If he doesn't get along with the mayor of LA and the bid is going against his travel ban I am left to question what is his motive for supporting the bid since Trump is a 5 year old temper tantrum malice holding individual? And I know it isn't his bid but I sense he's trying to maneuver himself to say that if LA wins it's because of him. (The narcissistic jackass) I just felt uneasy when I found out he was so gleefully supporting the bid even though The city, the Mayor and the bid committee are so against him and his policies The race might be more in reach for LA than even the most ardent LA supporters think
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