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  1. I know half of y'all pissed. Now I know Naomi isn't the most flashy person. and the way they did it was made lackluster. This is going to be an unpopular opinion but the saving grace of all of this is that Beijing will be doing the next opening ceremony in about 7 months and we will definitely be in for a show then. Say what must be said politically but they're the best ones to follow this mess
  2. So Imagine is the unofficial anthem NBC announced and the cauldron will be lit in the Mount Fuji as spoiled by the commentators. It's like NBC has completely given up. no suspense
  3. I implore the IOC please elect a more charismatic leader next time around the last two have been absolutely horrendous when it comes to encouraging athletes!
  4. Man extremely disappointed but I get it, they had to change it up. I doubt with all my ability to doubt that this is what they would have given us if covid wasn't apart of the setting.
  5. Thomas Bach Is out of line for speaking so long. He should have cut this shorter.
  6. I am assuming they are waving to viewers at home due to the fact there are like 50 cameras all around them.
  7. I understand your sentiment but we need to understand that walking in the opening ceremony is the big moment for 90% of the athletes. if you limit the number of athletes permanently you take that away from them. From a viewership perspective yes it takes awhile but give it to them lol
  8. It is kind of sad to see the athletes who have already entered sitting on the floor while the other athletes take their moment to talk in.
  9. Haven't been here in awhile it is So unfortunate that this pandemic occurred in the first place but After Tokyo did such a great job with the Hand Over ceremony in 2016 I knew they would have done an incredible job had they had no limitations placed on it. I was supposed to be there as well which makes watching this on tv even more painful!!!
  10. Lord I feel old. Because they are obviously trying to play to young people and I am just don't like it at all. It doesn't seem grand or Olympic in nature but whatever. I'll still be there to watch the opening ceremonies
  11. Staying at one of my friends places. But I’m going solely for the first two days then fly back. Will fill you in on that later. Just wanted to be in the atmosphere. So the question now is do we meet at a bar or are we going to head down to odaiba where the second cauldron will be?
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