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  1. Cheers Hobart. Did you get any tracking emails from FedEx or did you contact Cosport for an update?
  2. Anyone received any Cosport Australian deliveries yet?
  3. MFC Dertour are totally legit. They did sell most of their good tickets in May but uploaded hundreds more in late July. These have been selling slowly and this is mainly due to their 90 delivery charge to other EU countries and their refusal to combine delivery. I note the USA article posted by Gotosy which says they are paying for tickets in REALs but it seems they are selling at the high fixed REAL/ Euro exchange rate so they are making a killing on exchange. This makes their delivery charges and their policy of not combining delivery even more outrageous.
  4. Baron Pierre, I agree about the HORRIBLE Frankie-June number. I too would have preferred more from Terry & June and feel that Danny Boyle missed an opportunity there.
  5. Apparantly "special tributes" are planned for Bobby which I guess means a significant part of the ground will be named after him
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