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  1. Cheers Hobart. Did you get any tracking emails from FedEx or did you contact Cosport for an update?
  2. Anyone received any Cosport Australian deliveries yet?
  3. MFC Dertour are totally legit. They did sell most of their good tickets in May but uploaded hundreds more in late July. These have been selling slowly and this is mainly due to their 90 delivery charge to other EU countries and their refusal to combine delivery. I note the USA article posted by Gotosy which says they are paying for tickets in REALs but it seems they are selling at the high fixed REAL/ Euro exchange rate so they are making a killing on exchange. This makes their delivery charges and their policy of not combining delivery even more outrageous.
  4. Baron Pierre, I agree about the HORRIBLE Frankie-June number. I too would have preferred more from Terry & June and feel that Danny Boyle missed an opportunity there.
  5. Cosport Australia tickets went on sale 10 minutes ago. No swimming but AT007 and AT015 at $112AUD. Don't get mad - get tickets!!
  6. Also means that my US based friend who attended Sydney 2000 will now be coming to London 2012 as he Twitter lead helped him o get some really good tickets at nice prices from Cosport.
  7. No longer post much on this forum and the main reason is that in the wold of social media, forums can be too slow. Nowhere is this most evident than in the world of 2012 ticket buying. Of the London 2012 tickets that I have bought (from 13 countries) only have of these were from pre-announced sales where you could plan ahead. Even then, as with the Dertour sale in January, the sale started 2 hours before the pre-announced time and you need to react immediately. Therefore, as John says (@volshy), following the right people on Twitter is crucial. I will declare an interest, I'm a part of John'
  8. Big news on remaining LOCOG tickets, Paul Deighton the 2012 CEO reported as saying this in the Guardian. A final 1.2m tickets across all sports will go on sale in small batches between December and March. Deighton reveals that final batch will also be reserved for the 1m original applicants in the first phase who have yet to secure a ticket. "People who made a big effort to get involved in the ballot, they made a big emotional investment. It feels as if we owe them something," he says. "There will be some disappointed people among those who didn't get organised. But hopefully this will be
  9. Nope, they've been sold. There was single ticket availability when I looked but now they are none. This occured before with Eventeam, they are slow to update their drop-downs.
  10. Well anyone who was hoping to pick up Swedish, Austrian etc tickets through Cosport will not be surprised that James Pearce from the BBC has just told his legion of Twitter followers to register before 7th July.
  11. I think that there does need to be a honest/ reliable exchange scheme. I received two more mens 200m finals tickets through the LOCOG ballot to compliment the two I got from Denmark. I'd love to exchange the tickets for some other big draw finals but if I can't, I would obviously pass on to friends who missed out.
  12. So James Pearce from the BBC has spoken to Eventeam this afternoon. Apparently they’ve confirmed that they have many more tickets than those which were listed initially and will put more up tomorrow (general sale so hopefully no password nonsense) and will add more every few days. So kind of total pot luck if you get on when they are selling something you actually might want. He's added that athletics tickets will be available on their own but swimming tickets will only be sold with accomodation.
  13. Unbelievable!! Got 100m heats (plus Jess Ennis) and 200m finals (plus Phillips Idowu) from Sportsworld. Waitlisted for other events too but am more than happy to stick with those. Overjoyed that me and my wife will be in the stadium to see it used for what it was built for.
  14. Sports world (Danish reseller) results being released to some people this evening. A few people tweeting about unexpected success. Unable to log into my account though.
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