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  1. No Budapest thread yet? Seems like they're going to bid. What's the buzz on this one?
  2. More official news about ISU proposals to add synchro and a mass start speed skating event to the 2018 games: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/breaking/chi-synchro-figure-skating-mass-start-speed-race-proposed-for-2018-olympics-20140929-story.html
  3. The ISU is strongly rumored to be applying to add synchronized skating to the 2018 games. Unclear yet, but some are speculating that if this happened they would drop or alter the team event. https://elinapaasonen.squarespace.com/blog/
  4. Based on everything we had heard about Dallas, that is incorrect. Little to nothing had been mentioned about Cowboys Stadium. Rather, the talk was that the Olympic Park would be centered around a renovation/rebuilding of Fair Park. I'm sure it's possible a few events would have been outside Fair Park, but all indications were that it was a unique opportunity for a centralized Olympic Park. Of course, we never got a bid plan, and Dallas wasn't selected to advance, so we may never know the reality of what was proposed.
  5. Here is an interesting interview with Denis Ten where he discusses the development of figure skating in Kazakhstan: http://skateguard1.blogspot.ca/2014/06/interview-with-denis-ten.html
  6. So, for the past two springs, Denis Ten has put together a figure skating show called "Denis Ten and Friends," with stops in Almaty and Astana. It appears to be one of the best casts put together for this type of show in years and years. This year's cast includes: Mao Asada, Mirai Nagasu, Evan Lyscaek, Maxim Trankov & Tatiana Volosozhar, Carolina Kostner, Brian Joubert, Stephane Lambiel, Daisuke Takahashi, Nathalie Pechalat & Fabian Bourzat, and more. It's a charity show and the money is going toward the development of figure skating in Kazakhstan. Not only does the show have a sick cast, they appear to be showing the skaters a really good time and they've all been instagramming beautiful pictures of Kazakhstan. Anyway, it seems like a real PR coup for Kazakhstan in the figure skating world. Apparently they're hoping to commit a lot of money to the development of the sport... I'll add that Denis Ten seems to be pretty savvy with business/PR matters.
  7. To get back to Krakow, I will say I very much enjoyed learning more about the city. It seems like such a lovely place. One of the great things about following the Olympics is the opportunity to learn more about geography and culture! Also it was nice to get some new Polish members on the forums and I hope you will stick around. I have a feeling we could see Krakow bidding again someday...
  8. So in the most recent episode of "Almost Human," a science fiction show set in a semi-dystopic 2048, there was a reference to the 2036 Detroit Olympics.
  9. I don't know much about ice climbing other than they were supposed to do the demonstration in Sochi. So I googled: http://www.iceclimbingworldcup.org/rules-and-regulations.html So there are two disciplines, one based on pure speed, the other is judged as to who performs the most difficult routes. And then they choose a combined winner from the two disciplines as well. I found this article about the ice climbing demonstration at Sochi: http://www.ctvnews.ca/sochi/speed-ice-climbers-at-sochi-games-say-sport-belongs-on-the-olympic-podium-1.1699654 Anyway. I wonder how expensive it is to construct a track. I also looked up this 'ice cross' or 'Red Bull Crashed Ice' that other people mentioned. Man, I gotta say, this sport seems stupid and dangerous. It's what my husband calls the "Taco Bell-ification" of the Olympics, where you have like 5 ingredients and you just keep mixing them up different ways. Not sure I want to see this in the Olympics... Also hard to imagine the crusty ISU taking this under their wing. Anything for a buck, maybe...
  10. You're right about the dominant nations in synchronized figure skating, but there are other countries that have good teams (Russia, Germany). I don't think the ISU hates synchro. I agree that it is highly unlikely it will be added for 2022 but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw it someday. How about ice climbing? LOL. I remember they were supposed to have a house or demonstration or something in Sochi.
  11. Another new article about Almaty's bid: http://aroundtherings.com/site/A__46103/Title__Almaty-2022-Proximity-to-Mountains-Our-Biggest-Asset/292/Articles
  12. I'm not thrilled about it, but I don't see any way that more extreme sports don't join the summer program in future years. The question is, will the IOC actually have the nerve to cut other sports?
  13. Reliant Stadium is the example I know best that Tony cited. Reliant Stadium was built in 2002, has a roof currently, and a seating capacity of 71,000. Tony is proposing to tear down and rebuild it SMALLER. WHAT?!?! That is an example of how crazy some of what he was proposing is. Now granted, there is quite a bit of open space in that area of Houston at the moment, given they're tearing down the Astrodome. The US has a plethora of stadiums. I personally walk by a stadium on my way to and from my office each day that is in pristine condition and seats over 90,000. It's for COLLEGE football. I find it highly unlikely that any proposed US world cup is going to involve building tons of brand new stadiums. Upgrades or renovations to some, sure.
  14. The thing was built in 2002. And Tony is proposing to build it with about 20,000 seats than it has now! LOL, what? ^ 20,000 fewer.
  15. Tony, you are ridiculous. There is so much wrong with what you propose, I don't know where to get started. Oh wait - I do. The United States will never build a "National Stadium." Ugh, maybe I was a bit harsh. But seriously, you're proposing this stuff and you seem to know little about politics/culture in the US.
  16. Well, it's a lot harder to manage that if you have kids and a family you have a lot of responsibilities toward the next morning. And if you can't take any time off work around the Olympics. Et cetera.
  17. Absolutely. We don't have cable in my household, but we subscribe to NBA League Pass. I don't have Ice Network this year but will likely get it next year as I expect television coverage of figure skating to be weaker in non-Olympic years. I would definitely pay to stream, but I have no desire to pay for cable at this point in my life. Maybe a couple of raises down the road, I don't know. Yeah. I toyed with the idea of signing up for cable and then cancelling. I'm still sort of toying with it, because OMG LIVE COMPLETE FIGURE SKATING COVERAGE. WITH JOHNNY WEIR! Would be much better to just give NBC my $60 or whatever.
  18. I hear you. I do believe there could be a way to do it that wouldn't be so shallow and pat, but still help give the American viewer some context. London was particularly bad... Lauer is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.
  19. It's one thing to provide context. I don't even mind that much the idea of NBC having announcers commentate the OC. It's the EXECUTION that is so poor. The most galling part is the Parade of Nations, in which NBC announcers reveal their complete ignorance of other nations and cultures. Plus, they feel the need to emphasize over and over that so many of these small nations won't even have a chance of getting a medal. Which, fine, but a lot of times it seems like they're saying it to almost make fun of the athletes. The context they provide is so shallow and scratches the surface of what actually could be provided. It talks down to the viewer, and in the process, as someone else said, it reveals what provincial boors NBC employees are.
  20. Ugh, and the 'context' is so embarrassing too. Listening to the NBC commentation on the OC makes me feel shame for my country.
  21. No, what does it mean? That was EXACTLY my line of thought, actually. What if the other cities do not hire consultants, and then Kraków ends up the winner? Very similar to the Sochi situation. Of course, maybe everyone but Oslo will end up hiring consultants.
  22. It seems Krakow has hired an outside consultancy to assist with bid preparation: http://www.insidethegames.biz/olympics/winter-olympics/2022/1017679-krakow-hire-mclatchey-s-eks-to-gain-bidding-experience-in-2022-race Will be interesting to see how this plays against Bach's call for bidders to develop their plans in-house. I have to say, at the moment, the Krakow bid is capturing my imagination the most, due to the many interesting posts from our Polish GamesBids members.
  23. I don't see how Lyon is too small. In reality, France will bid for the SOGs with Paris. Lyon is a non-starter. But I don't think it's 'too small.'
  24. Well, if they must do it, at least it will be Fallon and not Leno. Leno is the WORST.
  25. Well, I hope they will push ice dance. We'll see. I'm not sure that we have even a remote shot in pairs or men. Maybe an outside shot at some color medal in women's. As to the jealousy question: yes! Especially as a figure skating fan, anything would be better than listening to Scott Hamilton's screeching. ANYTHING. I agree, you would think that Dancing with the Stars and the like would give American audiences a much better understanding of ice dance. Hopefully you are right that they will be pushing ice dance and the Grand Prix coverage isn't the writing on the wall! Honestly, while I personally I enjoyed the compulsory dance, but I'd have to guess that eliminating the compulsory dance only helps to make ice dancing catch on in the US. That is new since the last WOGs too.
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