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  1. No - it's being held at SFO.

    Yea I feel bad for all the individuals who were supporters and waiting along the route since early this morning. Unfortunately, the city had to take the course they did for everyone’s sake. The situation has just become too volatile. There were some minor skirmishes this morning before even half the crowd had gathered.

  2. I think the whole torch relay for Beijing has been a debacle.

    ..btw - ;)

    That I will buy. Sorry Arwebb if I came across as snippy. ;) I don't want to get in a flame war with the Brits (the Parisians I don't mind :P )

    Yes in the broad picture the protestors won I guess. I never thought I would say I am very impressed with the City of San Francisco and how they handled this. The protestors were able to protest all day - they just didn't get to do it the way they wanted. The city kept one step ahead of them and kept the human rights of the torch bearers in mind.

    I just want to see how many of the "Pro Tibet" demonstrators who were camped out all day to protest the torch are now going to relocate to the Chinese Consulate. But of course I think I can answer that question - few to none. 'Cause there aren't any news cameras over there. <_<

  3. I couldn't beleive the number of protesters in the San Franscesco round of the torch relay. The yellow amoured jeep with red roof will save the day - it is a carefully planned relay this time.

    Believe it or not, that isn't an armoured vehicle (although it looks like it) That is called a "Duck, a vehicle that can drive on land and then boat out on the water.

    Hmmmmmm . . .

  4. This is awesome. SF totally changed the route - it's heading out towards the Golden Gate and then will be taken by bus down to Justin Herman which is good because they will be going down Market and come in the back of the plaza as opposed toin the front where The Embarcadaro is now wall to wall people. :lol:

    Which also means it will now be going by my office building!

    I may have to eat all my words I have said in the past few weeks about San Francisco hosting today!

  5. Now it is way over on Venice and Pine I think - way far away from the published route.

    Ohhhhhhh - what I said yesterday on here may be actually happed - that they are going to take it up Van Ness. I wonder if they also moved the ceremony over to City Hall. The Embarcadaro is a mess now where they were going to hold it

  6. According to CNN...

    The relay route has already been shortened.

    Some torchbearers have already dropped out.

    Protestors have begun to lie on the streets.

    Wow - they brought police in from San Mateo, Contra Costa and Santa Clara counties.

    Route has been shortened big time - everything from Fisherman's Wharf over almost to the Golden Gate.

  7. O.K. these people are freaks! :angry:

    So I get off the ferry this morning at 7:30 and proceed to walk my usual route to work which goes by the Embarcadaro and by Justin Herman Plaza where the final ceremonies are being held today. The place was already busy, mostly with Olympic volunteers handing out U.S., Chinese and Olympic flags to wave along the parade route. I of course grabbed mine even tho I am not going.

    So I proceed to walk up Market Street towards my office and this freak woman with a "Free Tibet" headband on comes up to me and tries to grab the flags out of my hand! :o A minor scuffle fortunatly was averted when I decided fine, you don't want me to have these than I'll take that snappy "Free Tibet" headband of yours. I guess she decided that wasn't a fair trade as she let go of the flags and grabbed her headband out of my hand and walked away muttering.

    Idiots. :angry:

  8. Ohhhh - the protestors are all up in arms today! Apparently the last minute changing of the route is becoming a big deal as the Mayor apparently said he wants to avoid another situation as had occurred in Paris to happen here. :lol:

    Meantime I received an e-mail from the ferry I take to work every day informing us to expect delays tomorrow as the ceremony is happening across from the ferry building. I think I'll buy a canister of pepper spray today to take with me in the event the protestors try and keep us from getting to the ferry building. I have dinner plans tomorrow night and will be on a tite schedule! :angry:

  9. San Francisco is looking at doing another modification to the torch relay tomorrow:

    Clicky Here

    Those poor protestors - after all the hours they spent making their protest banners, would be devastated if all the sudden the route turned off the Marina and headed down Van Ness instead of heading to Fishermans Wharf :lol:

    "Damn dude, what am I going to do with this banner now?"

  10. Protests May Force Cancellation of the Olympic Torch Relay After San Francisco

    Olympic Torch Is Extinguished by Protests in Paris; Will It Stay Lit in California?


    April 8, 2008

    After anti-Chinese protesters wreaked havoc during the Olympic torch relay in Europe the last two days, the head of the International Olympic Committee today raised the possibility that the torch run may have to be canceled.

    The option emerged one day before the torch was scheduled to be run in San Francisco, which is braced for protests. Activists already climbed the Golden Gate bridge on Monday and unfurled pro-Tibet banners.

    IOC President Jacques Rogge told The Associated Press the committee will consider ending the international leg of the torch relay that leads up to this summer's Beijing Olympics.

    Rogge told the AP that he was "deeply saddened" by chaotic protests in London and Paris the last two days and is worried about the upcoming torch relay in San Francisco.

    The decision could come as early as Friday, when the committee's executive panel meets.

    The torch arrived early today at San Francisco's airport a day after pro-Tibetan protests scaled the Golden Gate bridge to unfurl banners ahead of Wednesday's planned torch run.

    ABC News has been told that at least one of the relay runners has pulled out of the event, citing safety concerns.


  11. The Olympic movement will of course go on, but will the "brand" (for want of a better word) be tarnished? Will it be up to London and Vancouver to "save" the Games, or will, as had always been hoped but is looking less and less likely, these cities be saying to themselves "How the hell do we better that?"

    Yes. Once again London will be one of the two (Los Angeles the other) to save the games and Vancouver to give the prelude to it.

    The Canadians know how to host a games, I'm telling you! Montreal was spectacular as was Calgary!

    And the games will go on. .

  12. As I said before, the Olympic movement will go on, even after Beijing. The show is already slated for Vancouver, your Londonium, Medvedev's Sochi, and beyond. If the Olympics survived the Nazis, the massacre at Munich, it will survive China. It's not like they're actually monsters there in China. I mean, why aren't people protesting Cuba or North Korea? I mean these liberal fringes just need the cause of the season to sow their oats. Ay-ya-yay. I tend to look forward to the next season.

    I so look forward to Vancouver and London. And Rio or Tokyo or Chicago 2016 because it will return to a normallacy of what the Olympics are all about.

    I am in the middle of San Francisco right now and it is like WTF - don't these people realize that the torch passing through the one and only place that it is chosen to host it in North America realize this is an honor? Yes, I am totally against what is going on in Tibet but if these protesters were actually that concerned about it wouldn't they be protesting DAILY at the Chinese Consulate up on Geary Street? As it is, they are nothing but attention whores.

    Why did the torch not go through Los Angeles? My dad even asked me back in Illinois that on the phone this morning.

  13. I suppose that I'm the first GB member that has seen the Olympic Flame passing infront of him!

    Your probably the only GB member that has carried the torch but I am sorry to inform that Atlanta's passed right in front of me but not only that, the runner high-fived me. B)

    I appreciate your efforts at giving us all the highlights of what seems every torch carrier in Greece. And I really do hope you continue posting said photos as they are quite enjoyable for all of us. But could you PLEASE downsize them before posting? I was able just now to trim a few Rose bushes, sweep off my front porch, put a load of laundry in and clean the toilets in my two bathrooms before this page finished downloading! And my computer is only two years old!

    Seriously thank you for posting these. Just please downsize them before doing so. B)

  14. I would like to. I emailed Newsom, told him April 9th is my B-day, told him I supported his efforts to make the day as orderly as possibly, even if protestors had to be shot ;) , I would support him if I was able to get an Official place. He replied that he would pass on the request to whomever was in charge.

    If I go and see it in the City, it would be the 6th Torch sighting for me: Lake Placid, LA, Barcelona, Atlanta, Salt Lake, and this one. (God, you'd think I'd have better things to do.) I think the greatest phot opps would be at the Golden Gate Bridge.

    If it works out, wanna try for lunch?

    Ask me after Tuesday, when the Board of Supervisors vote on Daly's resolution. If that passes I want nothing to do with it. All that is is grandstanding and as I said, an embarrassment on the United States and I want nothing to do with it. It will be my personal boycott of San Francisco. B) People can protest all they want but I want nothing to do with a Daly proclamation.

    Otherwise yea I'd love to see it with you. Your right - there is no way it won't go across the Golden Gate but there is no way I can go over there and make it back to work on a lunch hour. I'll have my people call your people ( is Dickie Pound still serving as your personal secretary?) :lol:

  15. Certainly that was a factor. Look, it skipped Vancouver (and NYC) and made us the only North American stop. I'm surprised they didn't start in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood :lol: -- then run up to SF.

    O.K. THAT would have been awesome :lol:

    Are you going to the ceremonies? Frankly, between the Christmas paper wrapped torch and Daly, who IMHO is going beyond protesting and making it an embarrassment on the United States, I am losing interest fast.

    I saw Atlanta's go through Chicago. Maybe I'll just wait hoping Chicago gets '16.

  16. Well, I am very proud of this. Part of the Women's Softball qualifying round is being held in Bloomington, Illinois in June and my sister has been chosen to sing the National Anthem at it. B) She is asked to sing the anthem at a lot of minor league baseball games in Illinois yearly so this a great honor.

    Looks like I will be heading to the midwest in June. B)

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